Qlear protocol

Qlear protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The QLEAR Protocol turns any Online Gaming platform into a secure, compliant, and trusted environment. Develop better games faster with fair play guaranteed, empowering users to game freely without third-party control.
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About Qlear protocol

Need to shuffle a deck of cards? Determine the next allowed move in a chess game? Select the winning hand at a poker table? Qlear’s platform-agnostic API allows developers to call these functions and many more with a few lines of code. Qlear ensures transparent, compliance-grade game integrity, while developers can focus on what’s really important: a stunning user experience. Qlear offers guaranteed fair-play and payment settlements as an easy-to-integrate service, so developers can focus on what’s important. Qlear guarantees a secure and fair gaming environment, allowing users to control their funds and identityacross multiple  gaming platforms. The Qlear Protocol utilizes a decentralized Multi-Party Computation (MPC) network to perform trust-sensitive gaming functions outside of the control of the house, players, or Qlear itself. Gamers can rest assured that the house won’t manipulate the roll of the dice or the drawing of their hand, while gaming platforms are protected from collusion and defrauding attempts from malicious users and parties. The Qlear Protocol encodes game rules and mechanics in transparent and immutable smart contracts. This allows game developers to draw from an ever-growing library of stress-tested game components, while end users enjoy full transparency and a secure gaming environment.


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