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Pinkvote is the world’s most-innovative website for listing and voting crypto assets. Its mission is to expand crypto adoption, and help new investors find their next potential gem.
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About Pink Vote

Pinkvote is the world's most-innovative website for listing and voting crypto assets. Its mission is to expand crypto adoption, and help new investors find their next potential gem. PinkVote uses unique and game-changing features to be ahead of the 120B low-market cap crypto market. It supports multiple blockchain networks and operates on a large scale throughout the world with a great amount of daily users interacting with the application. PinkVote can help retail investors discover the latest NFTs, community and DeFi projects, see what’s trending and explore active Airdrops through its innovative services like Upvotes, Airdrops and a NFT marketplace.

Price Charts
PinkVote offers real time price charts and useful indicators like the last hour price change, last 24 hours price change, minimum and maximum price in the last 24 hours. It also offers token indicators like the burned, circulating and total supply of the tokens..

The platform manages the organization of crypto airdrops. It provides quality airdrops from the most recent crypto projects. Users can navigate its list of current, upcoming, and closed airdrops. It's a great chance for the users to earn coins without any risk.

PinkVote´s NFT Marketplace brings together artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts on a single platform to buy, sell and discover rare digital items and crypto collectibles. PinkVote contains a unique collection of masterpieces created by artists around the globe.

PinkVote offers real time Voting charts and useful indicators like - Verified contract code - Owner Privileges - StaySAFU scan - Auto rug Check - Bubblemap.

The portfolio tracker allows users to watch profits, losses and portfolio valuation with an easy-to-use platform. This allows retail investors to make more informed decisions about which projects to invest in for a balanced crypto portfolio.

Blog / Newsletter
PinkVote is covering the latest cryptocurrency news, crypto trading, investment and information around the world. Its first priority is to spread the D.Y.O.R. principals, so it provides guides on how to investigate, buy and track cryptocurrency assets. PinkVote aims to stay true to its mission and become the leading website for helping new investors become familiar with new crypto tokens and discover new investment opportunities. PinkVote will be launching its native token [PIT] that will allow users to get access to exclusive NFT launches, exclusive content and early access to new features [PIT] Token holders will receive priority service and purchasing services with [PIT] will be discounted. The tokens used are burned manually by the team in order to intervene in a deflationary manner and thus force an increase in value.

Real Use
NFTs, Voting, Portfolio, Airdrops, Price Charts. PinkVote holders will get benefits and discounts from all of its services.

The Pinkvote token is audited and transparent for everyone.

No Fee´s
There is are no Fee on each transaction of PinkVote tokens.

The rapid rise of active users and website engagement has enabled PinkVote team to deliver multiple features and create a challenging roadmap to add continuous value to its community.

Marketing on Steroids
PinkVote team has created a network with dozens of influencers, promoters from many social channels. It has also amassed a user base of more than half a million subscribers.

PinkVote is the leading early coin listing and voting platform. It has built an ecosystem based on its team’s hard work and trustworthy reputation.

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