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Opulous is a game-changing platform for the music industry. Creating a brand new financial market with blockchain technology, offering artists the freedom they deserve, alongside incredible opportunities for fans and investors.
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    OPUL/USDT 2 one year ago
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    $ 1.247 M
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About Opulous

Opulous is powered by cryptocurrency, using future-proof blockchain & smart contract technology to connect artists and investors like never before.

Opulous is the first platform to launch music copyright NFTs. Unlike other NFTs, Opulous tokens offer buyers a share in the music copyright. These groundbreaking NFTs will generate monthly royalty revenue and increase in value as an artist’s career progresses.

NFT owners can track this passive income and withdraw their earnings directly from their Opulous account. Plus they’ll be tradable on the upcoming Opulous NFT Exchange.

We’re creating a brand new financial market based on music. Our NFT Exchange is much like the stock market. But instead of acquiring shares in companies, anyone can own a piece of their favourite artist’s music copyright and buy valuable assets previously only available to industry insiders.

Musicians can raise money by freely trading shares of their music copyright as NFTs, while fans can support and form closer connections to their idols by purchasing a real stake in their career. The more an artist succeeds, the more money their fans make.

Opulous Team

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Jay Moore
Chief Investment Officer
Joe Mason
Head of Artist Services
Tom Napper
Head of Social Media
Jenny Wong
Head Of Legal
Isabelle Korman
Head Of Content
Shirlyn Tan
Office Manager
Ivam César Costa
Community Manager
Jesse Hof
Graphic Designer
Lee Parsons
Miles Carroll
Fernando Cruz
Clara Lo
Business Operations

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