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The World’s First Private Derivatives Platform
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About Offshift

Value Proposition: Offshift

Offshift dissolves the existing tradeoff between privacy and everything-else-crypto using zero-knowledge (zk) proofs to mint synthetic, asset-pegged tokens that are intrinsically private. On Offshift, users can stake a claim on any asset they like, without dealing with slippage, excessive collateral requirements, or liquidation risk, and all while maintaining personal privacy. Essentially, Offshift enables individuals to anonymize their crypto holdings, so they can invest in the technologies they believe in without the drawbacks related to exposure and public profiling. Privacy is a right - not a crime; as all individuals are innocent until proven guilty, they ought to be treated as such.

zkAssets: Private, On-chain Synthetics for Anonymous Ownership

Offshift’s Private Derivatives Platform enables the minting of zkAssets, a proprietary line of private synthetics. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, Ethereum’s turing-complete smart contracts, and Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network in conjunction, Offshift enables users to mint a wide array of zkAssets using its native token, XFT. Users can Shift from XFT into zkAssets, and from zkAssets back into XFT with ease. Simply put, zkAssets fuse privacy-as-a-service with existing DeFi tools to provision a revolutionary line of derivative instruments that accessorize privacy.

Asset Diversity: Crypto, Fiat, Commodities, and Anything with a Price Feed - All on One Platform, All Private

Offshift does not make privacy a universal, augmentable feature per se, as the platform never interacts directly with any assets beyond XFT and the zk-varieties it generates; zkAssets are synthetic by default. Consequently, there is virtually no limit to the expanse of assets Offshift’s protocol is capable of tokenizing; Offshift is fully capable of supporting any asset as long as there exists a market and a price feed - that means not only all tradeable cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, but gold, silver, other commodities, and virtually anything with a price feed. Offshift stands to offer one of the most versatile and diverse trading environments in the global financial industry, and all while providing complete privacy for each and every one of its users.

Stress-Free Exchange: 1:1 Collateral, Zero Slippage, Zero Margin Calls, Zero Liquidations, & Zero Liquidity Risk

Unlike other DeFi platforms that allow users to mint synthetic assets, Offshift’s Private Derivatives Platform does not impose excessive collateral requirements of any kind; over-collateralization is an outdated mechanism that is not capital-efficient. With Offshift’s proprietary Burn-and-Mint mechanism and corresponding elastic supply model, users are afforded a seamless and stress-free trading experience, completely void of slippage and related liquidity risks. Accordingly, when users mint zkAssets, they never have to worry about margin calls, liquidations, or periodic fees to maintain their positions.

Cross-Chain Strategy: Prioritizing Interoperability & Reducing Costs to Users

The vision that is being laid out by the Web3 Foundation, Parity Technologies, and PureStake in the formation of the Substrate Blockchain Framework, Polkadot ecosystem, and Moonbeam Network resonates with our own at Offshift: the future smart economy will most likely consist of a network of diverse blockchains dedicated to specific functions and communities. As such, the technologies that enable interoperability and promote inclusivity across chains will play integral roles in facilitating seamless economic activity. As a powerful, decentralized application dedicated to privacy-centric exchange, Offshift will best serve users and extend access to its community by catering to multiple blockchain ecosystems - an imperative that will only become increasingly important as blockchain-based technologies mature. Thus, while the Offshift team builds out our Shifting application and releases batches of zkAssets on Ethereum, we will also be advancing development on Moonbeam, Polkadot’s leading EVM-compatible Parachain, in parallel. * Furthermore, as per the enhanced scalability provided by Polkadot’s parachain architecture, we anticipate that users will benefit from
reduced fees on our platform.

Rug-Pull-Proof DeFi: Hardcoding Integrity into Offshift

As a rising project in a nascent, decentralized industry, Offshift acknowledges and respects the challenges prospective users and community members face in vetting projects for dishonest practice, exploitative tokenomic models, and outright deceit. We further acknowledge that, although the choice of our team members to remain anonymous aligns with the broader ethos of our project, we owe it to our community and everyone exploring our technical solution to take all necessary measures to ensure the ethical, high-integrity operation of our Private Derivatives Protocol. In our commitment to integrity, we have employed a Strategic Vesting Model, Lockboxes for On-chain Reserves, and Liquidity Locks.


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