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NYX is a decentralized token and cryptocurrency access recovery solution based on game theory and neural networks. It will generate a new economy of providing users with decentralized identification service where all users of the Ethereum network can participate to solve the problem of restoring access to lost accounts.
Jan, 2018
Mar, 2018
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About NYX

NYX is a decentralized solution to restore access to crypto assets (tokens and cryptocurrency) based on Ethereum Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies with smart contracts support.

By forgetting the password or losing private keys, users lose access to their accounts. Except for centralized solutions that are insecure by definition, there is no solution on the market to withdraw money from an account to which access has been lost.

The same problem exists for physical (cold) wallets like Ledger, Trezor and others, as there is always a possibility that the device will be damaged or stolen.

Storing data for restoration in cloud services is a risky way to ensure access recovery, both at the level of network interaction, and at the level of provision security of servers from hacker attacks. Moreover, almost all major cloud services contain a waiver of liability in the license agreement in the event of data loss or its transfer to third parties.

Our solution provides decentralized storage of data for access to the account, implemented on the basis of the Blockchain and the logics of smart contracts. Blockchain does not have the shortcomings inherent in physical storage devices and cloud services, and cannot be irreversibly damaged or hacked, because it is open by definition.

We have created a concept that provides a perpetual guaranteed opportunity to restore funds using decentralized authentications to access crypto assets.

The core of the solution is a smart contract that is created specifically for each user and on which funds are placed. And we provide the possibility to restore the funds. We call it the NYX account.


NYX ensures that the account holder will get a chance to regain access to money, even if he has lost everything.

Technical Info

Neural network is used in top Russian banks. Besides neural network having several mechanisms to detect fraud, authorizers will have several ways to qualify person as real:

  • in case of twins there will be flags indicating this, which will require, for example, both siblings present;
  • silicon masking fraud is prevented by analysing the iris structure allowing authorizers to compare with original;
  • There are specific 3D-imagery detection features in the neural network. Random gesture movements will be requested.

NYX Roadmap

  • Q3'2017

  • NYX concept developing. Smart-contract implementation and testing. Developing NYX for Android alpha.
  • Q4'2017

  • ICO Launch
  • Q1'2018

  • Decentralized identity validation dAPP, Integration with popular wallets, Marketing.
  • Q2'2018

  • Neural-network based anti-fraud system, Formal verification. Token trade on exchanges.
  • Read More
  • Q3-Q4'2018

  • Altcoins implementation, Full decentralization.


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NYX Team

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Arseniy Lebedev
Co-Founder, visionary
Andrey Nagovitsyn
Co-Founder, CTO
Sergey Pankratov
Smart - contract Developer
Ivan Kukharchuk
DevOps, Security Expert
Fyodor Kozlov
Mobile app Developer, AI

NYX Last News

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