NEST Protocol

NEST Protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The NEST oracle solves the problem of price on-chain through a decentralized incentive solution, that is, the price predictor. The core of Nest Oracle: Quote mining (incentive), verification cycle, price chain, beta coefficient.
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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About NEST Protocol

Take the price of ETH to USDT as an example:

1) Any participant can pass the price that who recognized to the quotation contract, such as 1 ETH = 200 USDT, and then enter these two assets into the quotation contract according to the price ratio, The general scale will be 10-100 ETH and it will charge 1% of the ETH as a handling fee for mining and get NEST incentives.

2) After entering the asset, wait for T0 time (currently 25 blocks, around 5 minutes). During this period, anyone can buy ETH or USDT at the price of the quoter. If there is no transaction in T0, the quote It is hired by the system; if the transaction is completed completely, the price is invalid, and part of the transaction is partially invalid. After this time, the assets can be recovered.

3) If someone is willing to make a deal with the bidder, then at the same time when he deals, he must also report a new price according to the above standard, so that p1, p2 ... price chain is formed after the initial quote P0.

4) The quote size of the trader is beta times the scale of his transaction, where beta> 1 (currently beta=2), which means that the price chain will eventually terminate (downtime) with the expansion of the scale, and the perpetrator’s The cost increases geometrically, thus countering the aggressive behavior.

5) NEST value: mining fees and the use of oracles need to pay a certain ETH fee, unified into the system revenue contract, and distributed to all circulating NEST.


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