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MIMIC is a professional, simple and reliable platform that enables users to take part in the crypto financial markets by automatically copying the trading strategies of experienced traders with a proven track record. It connects to your favorite exchanges through their APIs that will be saved only on your smartphone.
Nov 1, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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Sep 1, 2018
Oct 31, 2018
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MIMIC is a professional application with a simple and user friendly interface that enables users to take part in the financial markets.

MIMIC will allow users to automatically copy the trading strategies of experienced traders with a proven track record. In doing so it will connect to traders’ favorites exchange platforms through their APIs that will be saved locally in the user’s smartphone.

MIMIC provides access to cryptocurrency markets and links professional and new traders, giving them the opportunity to avoid mistakes due to inexperience and immediately gain as experienced traders.

MIMIC overarching objective is to build a platform that allows users to follow experienced traders’ behavior in the market implementing MIMIC tokens as key base assets. MIMIC will enter the market as a platform supporting primarily the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the future, implementing smart contracts and blockchain technology, we aim to integrate many other exchange platforms and the possibility to trade more coins and tokens. MIMIC aims to let users copy the strategies of automated systems and BOT and interact with each other through a chat room.

MIMIC plans to build a fiat gateway and a decentralised multi-currency local wallet parallel to the app, able to keep user assets safe while interacting with exchange platforms. In this way, it will also be possible to participate to ICOs through MIMIC app.

In the broadest vision, the goal will be to create partnerships with funds and implement B2B services, as well as integrate the app with decentralized exchange platforms.

MIMIC Roadmap

  • Jun 2017

  • Mimic idea was born from a necessity personally felt by the Co-Founders. After a quick survey, Damiano understood that there was a common problem among colleagues that were interested in crypto investing, but did not have time and experience to trade properly. In the following weeks, the team started analysing the competition in order to create a viable solution and a strategy to create the best tool to save time and effort while trading.
  • Aug 2017

  • Dashboard development
    The solution was clear, and it was time to start developing the new platform. Our vision was to allow professional traders to can access their MIMIC’s profiles on desktop to keep an eye on the news, graphs and their portfolios. The dashboard development required an understanding of the technical framework to link MIMIC to exchange platforms, keeping the private keys local on the users phones and not stored on MIMIC servers to increase security.
  • Dec 2017

  • App development
    MIMIC’s main goal is to facilitate access to cryptocurrency market. It was necessary to create a tool extremely simple to use and understand. Everyone will be able to use the MIMIC App to perform trades directly from mobile, regardless of where they are. The mobile app development started during November 2017.
  • Jun 2018

  • Company incorporation
    After a deep analysis of the legal framework, MIMIC was incorporated in Switzerland. The founders chose the location because of the clearance of the regulatory framework to operate legally, implemented in the beginning of 2018.
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  • Jul 2018

  • Mimic 1.0
    The first ready to market version of the platform has finally been published! Traders can choose among more than 140 cryptocurrencies and tokens available and they can link their profiles to their Binance accounts. The main feature is the complete decentralization of accesses, that are stored in the user's device. Users can perform trades from mobile and see the list of Influtraders in the special section of the app.
  • Sep 2018

  • Token Sale
    MIMIC is ready to launch the Token Sale. It is compliant with the regulatory framework and has created all the necessary documentation to operate legally. MIMIC starts the marketing and advertising activities for the Token Sale and gain beta testers. The participants are invited to test the product and download MIMIC app. After a period of pre-sale, the Token sale will be available to the public, with a hard cap goal of ca. $20M.
  • Q4 2018

  • Mimic 2.0
    The funds collected during the Token Sales will be used to complete the development of the platform and of MIMIC app. MIMIC will be ready to grow the user base with specific marketing activities that will include a gamification systems. A system of instant coin conversion will be implemented to fill the internal wallet of MIMIC tokens converting other cryptocurrencies.
  • Q1 2019

  • Implementation
    The following development of the app and new functionalities will be implemented. It will be possible to link additional exchange platforms through API keys, increasing also the number of tokens available. A new section of the app will list the activities performed by automatic BOTs. MIMIC will distribute AirDrops to selected users of the app.
  • Q2 2019

  • Growth
    In the second quarter of 2019 it has been forecasted that more than 300 tokens and coins will be available in the app for trading. Every Influtrader will be able to post communication about his trading activity on his personal profile in the app. Users can read and check the experts’ profiles to be updated on the latest trades.
  • Q3 2019

  • New features
    The development of MIMIC service will continue by introducing new features such as a fiat gateway for those who want to fill their MIMIC wallets with fiat or convert tokens. An internal personal decentralized wallet will be integrated, with personal keys to be safely stored locally. MIMIC will support AirDrops of other blockchain companies and partners, for MIMIC traders that hold their coins.
  • Q4 2019

  • New partnerships
    Through the internal wallet, users will be able to participate to ICOs directly from MIMIC app. The ICOs will be selected by MIMIC team and rated by MIMIC Influtraders. This way, the rating system will be safer, as the ratings are weighted on the experience and performances of the influtraders. New partnerships will be created with the introduction of B2B services with funds and investment institutions.


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Matteo Baiardi
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Michele Picozzi
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Blockchain Advisor


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