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The first decentralized all-in-one platform for development and publishing of GameFi / Metaverse games and apps.
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About metaENGINE

metaENGINE Redefining the GameFi World. 

Level up your gaming experience with the most advanced game engine in the world. Your game, your rules, one environment.

Your search for the most unified gaming platform ends here. metaENGINE offers the gaming developer community a complete power-packed set of the most advanced features developed over the blockchain.


Why metaENGINE?

The platform brings the most wanted features of the GameFi world to reality. You can sell your art as assets, blueprints, code plugins, and audio recordings made by you on metaENGINE’s marketplace. So what makes us so unique? “A lot of things!”. Not being just another publishing platform (not mentioning the name though *wink*), the platform takes complete care of the integrations that any developer would require while developing a world-class game, reducing your cost by a whopping 75%!


metaEngine offers developers a fully integrated set of all necessary technologies from the only massive multiplayer online (MMO) game engine, core blockchain functionality and decentralized data storage to a decentralized publishing platform, so that developers can focus on content development only. metaEngine delivers three main components: -

Developers from anywhere in the world are able to collaborate on game creation in this unique cloud-based development environment. From the first login screen the 3D world is both multiplayer and multi-developer - a unique feature of metaEngine. Developing together is like collaborating on a Google document, but in a fully immersive 3D environment; switching between developer and player mode with just a click of a button to test your team's work any time. -metaEngine is a blockchain-based platform where developers can choose the blockchain features to fit their games.

metaEngine provides full integration of the following services: game and items purchases, NFT minting, staking to improve liquidity and market place for user generated content. - metaEngine’s decentralized publishing platform enables developers to publish their games on a wide variety of servers located anywhere in the world, without regional or country restrictions. Additional functionality helps Guilds with creation and management of their memberships, games and gamer analytics, custom guild wallets and other DeFi features available 24/7 from any location.


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metaENGINE Team

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Antoine Castel
Valerii Gorban
Head of Game Studio


$47 000 000

Sankalp Shangari
Strategic Investigator
Alex Shalash

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