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MediLOT ICO is a unique hierarchical dual block chain-based EHR ecosystem that incorporates machine learning and data analysis functions on top of control and data layers and builds machine learning API with complex applications on the system I can do it. By having a distribution ledger (Hyperledger ++) that records all transactions, the entire long-term patient data can be searched at any time by a healthcare worker authorized for clinical use. These health records can be accessed with patient approval among different agencies.
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About Medilot

MediLOT is a dual blockchain based EHR ecosystem with a unique layered architecture that incorporates machine learning and data analytics capabilities on top of its control and data layers, allowing machine learning APIs with complex applications to be built on top of the system.

By having a distributed ledger (Hyperledger++) that records all the transactions, the entire longitudinal patient data can be retrieved at any time by authorised healthcare practitioners for clinical use. These health records are then accessible, with permission by patients, across different institutions. For example, a patient who visits a hospital he has never been treated at previously will not be required to repeat investigations, as the doctor or clinician who has been granted access rights can access his entire health record via MediLOT. Furthermore, differential consent choices, such as those involving organ donation, advance medical directives and research, can also be recorded on the blockchain and accessed universally. Specifically, consent choices involving the use of data for research can be captured in a granular manner, allowing researchers to immediately discern if patients consent for their data to be used for research, including the use of their biological material, as well as whether re-identification is allowed should there be a need.

Medilot Roadmap

  • Q1 2019

  • Lite Mainnet up in community clinic setting.
  • Q2 2019

  • Complete ForkBase Integration.
  • Q3 2019

  • Testnet up in hospital setting.
  • Q1 2020

  • Limited Mainnet with core functionality in one geographical cluster.
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  • Q2 2020

  • GEMINI Trial.
  • Q4 2020

  • Mainnet online in Singapore.
  • Q2 2021

  • Asia Mainnet launch.


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Ooi Beng Chin
Ngiam Kee Yuan
Marcus Tan
Zhang Meihui
Zhang Jiangwei
Xiao Xiaokui
Zhang Dongxiang
Cai Qingchao
Dinh Tien Tuan Anh
Andreea Costea
Dumitrel Loghin
Lin Qian
Wang Sheng
Luo Zhaojing
Ruan Pingcheng
Tan Cheng
Xie Zhongle
Zheng Kaiping
Zhou Xuxuan


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James Yip


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Medilot Reviews

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Midgard Research
We believe that MediLOT is one of the exciting upcoming IEO and here are the reasons why:
First of all, the project is formulated and executed by a Singapore-based team with solid experience in medicine, tech and business development. The core members are from the blockchain and healthcare spheres:
- Co-founder Professor Beng Chin Ooi is 1 of the 2 Distinguished Professors and has spent over 30 years at the National University of Singapore's Department of Computer Science
- Co-founder Professor Meihui Zhang is a Professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology and a winner of prestigious China's Young Scholar Thousand Talents Program in 2018
- Co-founder Dr Marcus Tan is an Opthalmologist (Eye Specialist) and a Clinical Lecturer at the National University of Singapore
- CEO Koon Swee Lim has 25 years of senior management experience in healthcare industry, biomedical technology commercialisation and investments
The research done by MediLOT's team of professors has been cited in many reputable publications. 
Backed by equity investor SG Innovate, the Singapore Government Venture Capital Fund, MediLot has a monopoly in Singapore, having already partnered with National University Hospital (the largest medical research institution in Singapore). More contracts with other Singapore hospitals will be announced. The team has also secured a foothold in the fast-growing China healthcare market.  
Secondly, we like the idea of the project because it has a real use-case with seamless adoption of blockchain in our daily life. In summary, MediLOT is a dual blockchain-based Electronic Health Records platform that allows individual patients to grant healthcare providers, research institutions and pharmaceuticals access to their encrypted medical data by indicating the storage location. This is a highly secure solution which adheres to GDPR and other stringent data privacy regulations. Patients will be incentivized and empowered to permit the usage of their data to facilitate research, such as the research to create new drugs and treatments for cancers.
Thirdly, the token metrics is reasonable while the tokenomics is deflationary. IEO hardcap is $1,500,000 (for 8.5% of total token supply) while the initial circulating supply is $2,168,366. LOT Tokens retained by the MediLOT Platform will be burnt.  
Last but not least, Ricky Ng, the founder of Bitsdaq, is one of the advisors, so we will keep an eye on it. Probably it will be an IEO on Bitsdaq Exchange
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Crypto Calibur
Medilot has flown under the radar for many of us not focused on developments in Asia but the project has a number of strong points. These include the fact that Medilot is operating in a lucrative sector and has a very much needed use case and is attempting to disrupt an industry that has been using outdated methods for quite some time. On top of this, the project has already developed an MVP and various aspects of the code are available to be verified. Medilot also has a strong core team with partnerships/collaborations with the National University of Singapore, the National University Health System, Singapore, and Chinese hospitals such as the Shandong Province Hospital, the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Affiliated Jiangnan Hospital, and the Shenzhen Kingcome Hospital.
They have also been backed by SGInnovate, Signum Capital, and two other renowned investors who wish to remain private. which shows they are developing something significant, however, due to the scope of the project Medilot could prove to be a slow burner. There is a long wait until the mainnet with a launch set for Singapore in Q4 2020, and the Asia launch is in Q3 2021. This will leave the LOT token open to pure speculation for quite a while and could even allow the market to grow cold on the project. In addition, in the long term LOT tokens rely on adoption to maintain value and there’s no guarantee this will happen anytime soon. Furthermore, the team do state that in the preliminary stage, organisations who do not wish to stake LOT can deposit fiat which will be treated as a security deposit. This won’t help the token price when the project is getting off the ground, however, the team aim to retain 30% of all LOT Tokens via the platform’s fee structure regarding data sharing. Also LOT tokens held by the Platform will be held to insure against Black Swan events, and may also be burnt by the management as well as locked up by institutions and organisations that choose to stake tokens. The low token sale ratio also increases the importance of the team’s token management; however, with the team getting ready to conduct an IEO, there should be enough positive price action to attract anyone looking for short term returns. Anyone looking to follow the project in the long term should keep an eye on developments and adoption community growth over the next year as the project nears its first mainnet launch.
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