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The Global Health Alliance Platform is based on blocking technologies. MDLife ICO is obliged to use the blocking technology to create a global healthcare alliance platform, product tracking, data sharing, chain service and other functions in the field of health care, and provide users with a variety of safe products and services.
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About MDLife

Almost everyone's life is closely related to the big health industry, and everyone will become a consumer in this industry. MDLife is a big health platform based on blockchain technology that brings together many healthcare institutions and is committed to providing users with diverse and secure products and services. The platform relies on the existing industrial foundation. Members of the alliance have covered many fields such as cell biotechnology, biomedical beauty, biological tumor therapy, regenerative medicine research, biomedical manufacturing, and cell storage, etc.

MDLife brings together a large number of service providers with high-tech and high R&D capabilities. Based on their cutting-edge healthcare technology, it can realize multi-domain, multi-faceted and multi-platform technical diagnosis and treatment programs.

MDLife platform has a large number of high-tech research teams centered on Nobel Prize winners and international academicians, including worldwide well-known experts and scholars from medical health industry. In addition, the platform also brings together a group of expert consultants from the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data fields for technical support.

Members of the MDLife Alliance have covered cell biotechnology, biomedical beauty, bio-tumor therapy, regenerative medicine research, cell storage and many other fields. As the platform layout expands and deepens, MDLife will embrace more service providers and institutions.

MDLife is based on the eco-mature Turing completeness Ethereum to develop relatively complex smart contracts that openly and transparently ensure the benefits of all parties in the ecosystem. All of MDLife's ecological applications and data systems are scalable. MDLife firstly run trials at Ethereum, and will develop its own public chain when conditions are mature.

MDLife uses the distributed storage system IPFS, providing reliable encrypted data storage and convenient data sharing mechanisms. Private data will be protected by asymmetric encryption algorithms with authorization from users. In the case of user authorization, the user can allow certain users have access to specific data, and other unauthorized users and unauthorized data will not be accessible.

Users’ health and medical information stored on MDLife will receive a project configuration file (DIP) that specifies a unique number and will be stored in an encrypted blockchain-based database. That will be mapped to Ethereum and its blockchain (sidechain) via the hash in the DIP.

MDLife takes advantage of the blockchain to trace the drug, medical products, and medical patents, making the entire production and sales chain transparent. Fraudulent activity in the biotech industry is greatly mitigated by uploading assets on blockchains and assigning unique identifiers.

The MDLife e-commerce platform provide innovative solution for the e-commerce market to support the development of the MDLife ecosystem by the MDLife development team. The platform brings together biotech producers, distributors, retailers and end consumers. It is a global operating ecosystem based on blockchain solutions.

MDLife will develop its own wallet named MDWallet, providing users with convenient one-click experience for transaction management, locking, consumption, and membership benefits. To enhance UI experience within the MDLife ecosystem, MDWallet will support the MD token and develop rich applications based on the MD.


As an ecosystem token, MD can freely trade and circulate on the crypto exchange, realizing the free exchange between the mainstream cryptocurrency and MD, realizing 24-hour global circulation, transaction, transfer. In addition, any users who hold MD can choose to redeem services on the MDLife platform.

The potential profit in the medical and health field is huge, and the scale of investment and financing has increased year by year. As consumers' health awareness increases, community expands, more products and services join MDLife ecosystem, more users will consume through MDLife platform. Increasing demand will drive the MD token value.

After purchasing the MD, users can choose to lock the MD for a certain period of time before trading. During the lock period, MDLife services and products can redeemed with MD at any time. Even if the price of MD decreases, the services and products can be redeemed per the price at the locked time.

To ensure that user's rights are not damaged, MDLife has set up a service-based bottom mechanism to ensure MD’s value and price. When the MD price drops below the initial offering price, the user can still redeem MDLife services and products at the same price as the initial offering price.



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MDLife Team

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Michael Ma
Nicola Zhou
Director of Business Development
Kirin Song
COO and Chief Medical Information Officer
Nicole Zheng
Asia Pacific Marketing Director of
Nick L.
Chief Technical Consultant


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Mary Ma
Project Advisor
Project Advisor

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