MCFD Token

MCFD Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
MCFD is a cryptocurrencies staking platform, offering 1,5% Daily Annual Percent Yields (APY)
Staking Duration of 3 months => 380,91%
Staking Duration of 6 months => 1458.43%
Staking Duration of 12 months=> 21270.38%

Future Investors can purchase the token through Pancakeswap :

MCFD will get listed in Exchange Trading Platform by 17th of September 2022
Presales Round 1
Aug 1, 2022
Aug 15, 2022
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 100 000.00 USD
Cap 100 000.00 USD
  • 1 MCFD
    0.0000075 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Circulating Supply - Liquidity 597,766,094.59 million Tokens 26.90%
Staking Supply 849,996,624.00 million Tokens 38.25%
Company’s Holdings 72,237,282.13 million Tokens 3.25%
Blockchain Development 333,333,333.30 million Tokens 15.00% (Locked for 2-5 years)
Partners and Sponsors 168,888,888.00 million Tokens 7.60%
Marketing 111,111,111.10 million Tokens 5%
Trading Experts and Advisers 66,666,666.66 million Tokens 3%
Airdrops 22,222,222.22 million Tokens 1%
Accepted Currencies
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Registered Country
Company Founded
Jun 29, 2022
Bonus Structure

Buy 100,000 MCFD => 1,000 FREE
Buy 500,000 MCFD => 5,000 FREE
Buy 1,000,000 MCFD => 15,000 FREE


Buy 500,000 MCFD => 7,000 FREE
Buy 1,500,000 MCFD => 20,000 FREE
Buy 5,000,000 MCFD => 50,000 FREE


Buy 10,000,000 MCFD => 100,000 FREE
Buy 30,000,000 MCFD => 500,000 FREE
Buy 100,000,000 MCFD => 2,000,000 FREE
Additional Details
Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network, Polygon Network, Avax Network

About MCFD Token

Having been professional financial traders for well over 15 years, we are fully aware of how this landscape has evolved during the past decade.

We are therefore able to adapt to numerous scenarios and regardless of market conditions, we aim to produce quality results for the customers.

We are also experienced in several discrete sectors such as commodities,futures,stocks,cryptocurrencies,securities, equities, annuities, and Forex.

This has enabled us to develop a well-rounded approach to our trade and our past clients have been exceedingly happy with the longitudinal performance of their portfolios.

We are highly confident in our skills and we desire to bring this very same attribute into a team environment.

For the above reasons, we are here today to present you MCFD Token and


ERC20 Multichain Token, deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network, Polygon Network and Avax Network.

ERC721 Staking Smart Contract deployed in BSC Network,Ethereum Network, Polygon Network and Avax Network too.

Technical Info

Multichain Token, deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network, Polygon Network and Avax Network.


MCFD Token Roadmap

  • Presales Round 1 (1st August - 15th August 2022)

  • First Presales Round (Bonuses Available)
  • Launching of Staking Pool (16th August 2022)

  • Official Launch of staking Pool
  • Presales Round 2 (16th August - 16th September 2022)

  • Second Presales Round (Bonuses Available)
  • Listing in Trading And Exchange Platform (17th September 2022)

  • Listing in Exchanger
  • Read More
  • VIP Presales (17th September - 2nd October 2022)

  • VIP Presales -Huge Bonuses
  • Start of Network Development (15th October - 25th of June)

  • Blockchain Layer 1
    Infrastructure Security System
    Cloud Storage
    Cloud Computing
    IoT & Mesh Network
    Energy management
    Shipping Management


5 774
30 Days Growth:

MCFD Token Team

Verified 33%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Julia Nesterenko
CEO - Funder
Antony P. Drake
Project Manager - Co - Founder
Jung Keun Song
Co - Founder

MCFD Token Interviews

Antony P. Drake
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am a Project Manager and Co-Founder of
Working for more than 3 years in Google, having more than 10 years experiences in Blockchain Techs and more then 15 years in the Web Development, I am pretty sure than Blockchain is the way which world will use to replace existing eco-systems. MCFD Token is here to participate in the category of Trading cryptocurrencies by using its own Experts and offices to make steady profits and incomes for its users and at the same moment to proof that is here to revolude in Blockchain Industry. The idea to develop in several months our Blockchain Network is the main goal of this project and we are convinced that we can do that with the best safety and secure way.
What do you think about idea?
Knowing our future plans and knowing the experiences of all MCFD experts, i am pretty sure that the idea is fantastic but at the same moment and unique, according to our plans and the upcoming development process.
5.0 5
STO Profile Vision Activity Potential Product Team
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