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Mazzuma is a mobile money settlement system that enables seamless payment using distributed secure infrastructure and encryption. The Matsuma token called MAZ is the main payment medium in Matsuma's ecosystem. Transactions done at Matsuma Plaza Form are instantaneous, there is no transaction fee. This philosophy is the driving force of the Mazzuma ecosystem, which develops a robust and robust payment ecosystem available to the public and provides the freedom for users to use funds in a convenient and stress-free manner.
Phase 3
Aug 7, 2018
Sep 5, 2018
100% completed
$78 472
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Goal 40 000 000.00 USD
Cap 20 000 000.00 USD
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About Mazzuma


Mazzuma, the flagship product of CYST, is a mobile money payment system that utilizes a distributed secure infrastructure and cryptocurrency to enable instant seamless payments. Mazzuma is an existing payment platform in Ghana that seeks to improve existing payment systems in Ghana with the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.


Platform Statistics: **(as of 7th August 2018)

Userbase: 26133 accounts

Transaction Volume till Date: USD 1,617,765.73 | GHC 7,748,115.85

Ranking: 3rd highest used payment platform based on transaction volume.

Average Monthly Transactional Growth Rate: 120%

Daily Average Transactional Volume: USD 25,076.64 | GHC 120,000

Daily Average New Sign Ups: 102


Mazzuma - The Blockchain Project

Mazzuma is a mobile money payment system that utilizes distributed secure infrastructure and cryptocurrency to enable seamless payments. The Mazzuma token which will be referred to as MAZ will be the key payment medium in the Mazzuma ecosystem. Transactions made on the Mazzuma platform are instantaneous and free of transaction fees. This philosophy is the driving force behind the Mazzuma ecosystem, which is to develop a strong and robust payment ecosystem which is available to the masses and provides the freedom for users to use their funds in a convenient and stress-free manner.

This aims to ensure that cryptocurrencies gradually replace existing mobile money as the main method of payment on the African continent by merging both systems on existing platforms. McKinsey estimates there are 100 million active MFS customers in Africa dealing in transactions worth $2.1 billion. Merging these systems together will accelerate cryptocurrency growth and will also expose users to the advantages of blockchain based payments which will help correct existing problems with mobile money payments.



  • E-Commerce: Plugins for E-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce and Prestashop will be made available for online shops to integrate and accept Mazzuma tokens for payments. Once a user visits any online shop that accepts Mazzuma, the user will just have to choose the “Pay with Mazzuma” option.
  • Rest API: An Application Programming Interface will be made available to developers to enable them to accept Mazzuma tokens as payments into the applications. This will support iOS, Android and Web applications.
  • Bots: With the emergence of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence in the payment industry, Mazzuma will have payment bots on both Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Users on these instant messaging platforms can use the Mazzuma Bot to send Mazzuma tokens to other users on the Mazzuma platform.
  • Mazzuma Keyboard: The Mazzuma app comes with a companion keyboard that allows users to make transactions conveniently without leaving their favorite messaging app. These will allow users to make transactions in apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, and others.
  • User Identification System: Tokens in the Mazzuma ecosystem are stored in wallets. Each wallet is uniquely linked to a single user account. Meaning, one account can only have a single wallet. Unlike long complex wallet addresses used in most cryptocurrencies, accounts in Mazzuma are identified using a human-readable alphanumeric name which is between 2 to 32 characters in length. Examples of acceptable account names are @Elisha, @fatima101, @lekesha233 etc

Mazzuma Roadmap

  • Pre Sale

  • Token Sale Phase 1

  • Token Sale Phase 2

  • Token Sale Phase 3

  • Read More
  • Launch of Mazzuma Token and App

  • Listing on exchanges


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Mazzuma Team

Verified 100%

Kofi Genfi
Co-Founder and Director of Strategy
Nii Osae Osae Dade
Co-Founder and Director of Software Engineering
Fatima Tambajang
Business Development Associate
Kwabena Manu
Software Developer
Anna Neequaye
Administrative Assistant


Verified 100%


$78 472

Elisha Owusu Akyaw
Marketing Adviser

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Mazzuma Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

MAZZUMA is a mobile money transfer payment that utilizes a distributed secure infrastructure and cryptocurrency to enable seamless payments with Mazzuma tokens (MAZ) being the key payment medium in the ecosystem.


  1. The platform enables the users to make easy and efficient payment  through the Mazzuma bots  powered by the Artificial  Intelligence(AI)
  2. The platform has  a well developed application mobile application supported by Android an IOS which enables  the users to seamlessly and instantly transfer tokens to other users  with  a lot of ease
  3. The platform secures the user’s tokens as their accounts  are highly protected  by well established funds eliminating the transfer of  tokens from their accounts
  4. The platform use  reduces the transfer cost incurred by the users during  transactions making it highly reliable
  5. The  platform promotes e-commerce  as plug-ins for e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce and Prestashop enables online shops to integrate   and accept the use of Mazzuma tokens for payments


  1. The platform involved team is missing in the white paper and the website
  2. The platform white paper is too shallow giving the users a little application of the MAZ tokens
  3. The amount raised by the MAZ tokens during the pre-sale stage is not specified in the whitepaper


  1. The platform whitepaper  and website should bear the involved team 
  2. The amount raised by the MAZ tokens during its pre-sale should be specified in the whitepaper to enable the users to determine its suitability
  3. The platform whitepaper should be made more lengthy and detailed to give the users all the required information on the use of the MAZ tokens


The platform helps in revolutionalizing the payment industry with instant cross-border payments however I would not invest in it as it still under-developed.

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