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MacroChain Computing and networking system. MANX ICO vision is millions of users as a platform for decentralized applications where individuals and small enterprises are authorized to develop and place blocking applications on high security, cheap, efficient, scalable and decentralized platforms.
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About Manx

MANX (MacroChain Computing and Networking System) is a distributed service platform that supports post-quantum cryptography and high-performance multi-chain synergy, while facilitating the value-aggregated closed loop token economy. MANX project aims to build a blockchain ecosystem for decentralized applications based on the third-generation public chain architecture.
MANX is a super server to provide decentralized services for various internet services. MANX adopts an extensible multi-chain architecture and build it on the basis of a core high-performance main chain. We realize that different application scenarios are applicable to different hierarchical subchains, enabling decentralized applications to builds closed-loop operating environments for token economics on subchains. Therefore, MANX will serve the internet backend to meet the needs of various decentralized applications. The anti-quantum security mechanism adopted by MANX can guarantee the public chain system run for decades in the era of decentralization and quantum computing.
In our view, there are many roads leading to blockchain 3.0. The most basic element is a safe, efficient, low-transaction-cost public chain. On this public chain, we can realize cross chain operations towards mainstream public chains and various alliance chains and private chains. The development of MANX is divided into three stages. In the first stage, the main chain utilizes MANX consensus, which is an asynchronous and synchronous dual model consensus engine. It has promising features such as high performance and consistency, among others. It can achieve 10000 TPS throughput in tens of thousands of nodes. Strict fork-accountability guarantees hold over the behavior of malicious actors. MANX consensus algorithm is well suited for scaling public proof-of-stake blockchains.

Manx Roadmap

  • 2018/04-2018/08

  • Preparation, including team-building (Technology, Management and Advisory) and fund-raising (June to August – private placement;
    September – public offering; September to October – MANX trades on exchange)
  • 2018/08-2019/02

  • Create parallel development teams for developing main chain, multi-chain, state channel, post-quantum encryption and MANX
  • 2019/03

  • Milestone 1: MANX main chain Testnet goes live.
  • 2019/03-2020/01

  • Phase One. Assemble MANX components. MANX Framework enables rapid development of DAPPs for SME by developers.
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  • 2020/02

  • Milestone 2: MANX Framework complete, functional testing.
  • 2020/03-2020/09

  • Phase Two. Enhanced features developed for MANX. The development of post-quantum cryptography, State Channel,
    Cross-Chain Mechanism modules complete.
  • 2020/10

  • Milestone 3: Complete post-quantum cryptography, State Channel and Cross-Chain Mechanism modules. Go live on the main chain.
  • 2020/11-2021/04

  • MANX public chain goes live, Genesis Block is created. MANX DAPPs boarding on chain. All MANX design features are completed.
  • 2021/05

  • Public chain goes live.


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Manx Team

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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Jack Chiu
Co-Founder / Head of Technology
Yawei Cui
Sam Levine
Head of Technology Development
Peter Dolch
Chief Architect
Yong Jiang
Head of DAPPs
Beichen Huang
Super Server Chief Architect, Head of Development...
Yang Tang
Head of Network Security
Michelle Tianqi Zhan...
Head of Communications & Community
Peyton He
Head of Engineering Management
Yan Zhu
Head of Cross-Border Finance
Maggie Li
Head of Marketing
Lynn Xianglin Liu
Head of Agency Relationship Management
Cheeye Guo
Chief Representative to China
Igal Hecht
Head of Productions


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Eric S. Maskin
Economic Advisor
Vladan Vuletić
Technology Advisor
Randall Davis
Technology Advisor
Peter Du
Cryptocurrency Advisor
Noam Levenson
Business Advisor
Lior Messika
Strategy Advisor
Mathew Pukalo
Research Advisor
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Manx Reviews
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High competition in the field of scalable blockchains. MANX is relatively late in the game with quite a few projects launching their mainnets in the next few months. After the growth of the throughput of the largest cryptocurrencies (sharding, plasma and other technologies) the attention to the later-introduced scalable blockchains may fall.

Currently, the quantum computers are far from adoption so the core product of MANX might not be demanded by the market. Currently, the project is on a concept stage. The Testnet is only expected in March 2019. The public chain launch is only expected in May 2021.

A Distributed Application running on a subchain can have its own token, building a closed loop token economy. When it is necessary to convert a token into fiat currency, it can be exchanged with MANX. MANX can then be exchanged for fiat currency or BTC, ETH and other mainstream currencies through the decentralized exchange provided by MANX itself. The token value added is unclear. MANX aims to sell 30% of its tokens for $30M hard cap. Therefore, the company valuation will be equal to $100M. The valuation seems too high. At the current market conditions, the projects of a cap over $100M are in the list of 60 largest projects. Vesting policy has not been revealed yet. The use of proceeds is not given.

The core team consists of 17 people. Most of them have a technical background and previously worked at various tech companies in China. Both of the co-founders hold PhD degrees in Information Security and Media Studies respectively. Most of the team studied at MIT at different times. Overall, the team looks solid and has previous entrepreneurial experience. The team is scattered around USA, Canada, and China.


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