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Jun 1, 2018

LOVR NEtwork The oldest profession in the world is still working in a very old-fashioned shade. Due to the differentiated financial situation of the adult industry, the working conditions and situation are in frightening condition. We believe that all people, regardless of occupation, should be treated equally. As a result, we have developed a settlement trading solution in the industry and solved the problem of consensual exchange of prudent payment services, so that companies and individuals have the opportunity to participate in decentralized organizations.
Jul, 2018
Sep, 2018
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Goal 500 000.00 USD
Cap 10 000 000.00 USD
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Platform, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment, Retail

About LOVR NEtwork

We present LOVR, a cryptocurrency ecosystem particularly tailored for the needs of the adult entertainment industry. In a nutshell, LOVR renders middlemen and associated fees obsolete, by employing an anonymous way to send payments with lower fees than it was ever possible before. Our goal is to disrupt the way in which payments are processed both within the online and offline adult entertainment industry.

Customers and Merchants of the adult entertainment industry have a strong desire for discreteness and a desire for anonymity when it comes to payment both offline and online. While the online market includes live streams, paid video content and eCommerce for love tools, the offline market consists of adult services like massages, striptease, escort services, compensated sexual activities, and other paid services.

The LOVR Ecosystem employs a secure, anonymous and profitable way of paying with a cryptocurrency called LVR. The
LOVR Ecosystem consists of the LOVR Basic Payment System, LOVR eWallet, LOVR X-Change and LOVR Applications, which are described later on in this whitepaper.

LOVR solves problems that arise with the way of how payments in the adult entertainment industry are handled by today’s methods and develops new applications and gateways that provide solutions for the lack of an anonymous option for both consumers and providers.

Next to payment processing, LOVR also tackles a problem that is widely known in the adult services industry: reliable and safe bookings.
LOVR develops a globally accessible booking platform that enables reliable bookings of adult services and eliminates pain points such as privacy invasion, account hacking, unwanted soliciting, and more. By tackling the aforementioned issues that currently arise within the industry’s online and offline booking platforms, LOVR leverages the possibilities of blockchain and eliminates high fees of other payment providers.

Thanks to our partners, LOVR is able to access an extensive network within the adult entertainment industry, allowing for us to efficiently promote our products and services across a large, pre-existing user base.

LOVR NEtwork Roadmap

  • Sep 2016

  • CEO Robin C. Attig founded LOVR GmbH with the goal to digitalize the adult industry.
  • Mar 2017

  • Co-founder Daniel C. Bossenz, additional team members and investors join the company.
  • Sep 2017

  • Booking platform for escorts in alpha version. Spreading the vision and enhancing our network.
  • Oct 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Blockchain research and building use cases for the adult industry.
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  • Jan 2018

  • ICO preparation and blockchain integration.
  • Mar 2018 - May 018

  • LOVR wallet app development, Booking platform development.
  • Jun 2018

  • Booking platform launch with cryptocurrency and credit card payments (higher fees).



LOVR NEtwork Team

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Robin C. Attig
Daniel C. Bossenz
Zeus Stavrou
UI/UX Designer
Johannes Schönborn
IT Security Specialist
Artur Stöber
Ethereum Specialist
Kai Lüdecke
SEO Specialist
Chris Grey
Adult Industry Partner
Hannah Smith
Web Designer/Copywriter

Former members

M. R. Opielka
Offline Marketing

LOVR NEtwork Interviews

Robin C. Attig
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I founded LOVR back in 2016 with the goal to digitalize the adult entertainment industry. With our own cryptocurrency LVR we can transform the industry even better with unique scenarios for payment faciliation.

I'm the CEO and happy we got listed on icoholder.

Kind regards,

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Third Parties Included: For third party businesses, Lovr is a great option. It’s decentralized service payment transaction providers have low-fees, making it easier for businesses to obtain a profit using Lovr’s platform.
Anonymous: Users can complete transactions with service providers without compromising their identities. This is due to Lovr’s platform being decentralized because the transactions are only connected to the user’s wallet address.
No Chargebacks: Unlike traditional adult industry applications, service providers don’t have to worry about chargebacks for their services. This is due to Lovr’s use of blockchain technology that makes every transaction final.
Safety: While Lovr does promise safety, we want to know how the project will ensure that all of their service providers are safe. It keeps the user’s anonymous, but how will the platform keep the service provider’s personal information safe?
Competition: There is a multitude of adult entertainment ICOs that are currently in development. We’ll have to see Lovr make an innovative system if they hope to capitalize on the market share within the adult entertainment industry.
Demand: Due to the increase in competition, the value of Lovr can be decreased if its not accepted within the adult industry.

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