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Kibo has become the world's first smart contact-based gaming Ethereum platform. Thus, Kibo introduced the blockchain technology into the gaming industry together with a new level of transparency and availability of lotto playing from any part of the world.

The decentralized new generation platform combines over 6000 independent lotto offices worldwide, is the first to open the door to easy start of international gaming business for anyone who feels like it.
Risk: High
Sep 30, 2016
Nov 9, 2016
100% completed
$1 894 900
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- Organization and conducting of lotteries using an absolutely transparent and unchangeable method
- Business model is MLM-based which allows users to profit from other users that get involved in the company
- Allows any user to organize their own online lottery

Technical Info

Technical details:  KIBO decentralizes the online lottery based on Ethereum smart-contracts. Currently, Ethereum infrastructure cannot yet offer a complete solution that includes the decentralized part of the interface. As it is not yet possible to decentralize the application interface itself at the moment, the KIBO project is being implemented partially in a server infrastructure that contains a standard solutions for such cases, as well as a specialized application based on smart contracts. The network will have three main types of contracts: - Managing contract - a contract which coordinates the interaction of all other KIBO contracts, such as lotteries or voting contracts. - Repository contract - a contract that is used to store data about users, franchisee partners and their relationships. - Voting contract - a contract that stores a list of issues for managing all contracts, as well as conditions for making decisions on these issues. The voting and decision-making system is implemented such as to allow: a) the development of the platform, b) the addition of new games to KIBO’s functionality without the possibility of intervention in the algorithms for accrual, c) work with the customer base via the separate branches of each partner. Only control token holders have the right to vote in this contract. When individuals buy lottery tickets, only 68% of the ticket cost goes to the prize pool. 1% goes to contract token holders. Another 17% goes to payout bonuses for the line-by-line branch network. The final 14% goes to holders of KIBIT tokens (with 71% of this remaining 14% going to the developers, since they own 250 thousand out of 350 thousand tokens). The source code:  Partially opened on github Proof of developer:  Public team


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