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Jackr is an adult network powered by Blockchain technology. By creating a new way of mining called "Adult Mining", Jackr makes it possible for everyone to make money in the adult industry. Watch or upload videos to mine Jack tokens, trade Jack tokens for other cryptocurrencies or spend Jack tokens to hook up.
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About Jackr

By creating an all-new mining concept that rewards every content viewer/uploader/chatter with Jack Tokens, Jackr makes it possible for everyone to make money in the adult industry. Users would be able to acquire Jack Tokens through watching or uploading content on platforms that support “Adult Mining”. User would then be able to spend these tokens to hook up with an escort through Jackdistrict.io or just simply trade out your tokens on an exchange. Jackload.io and Jackchat.io will be the first-ever platforms that support adult mining.

Jackr is allowing room for anyone willing to make money in their underwear or to hook up for free without the disadvantage of competing with porn stars.

  • Established in The Netherlands
  • Rapid transaction speed (instant)
  • A new mining concept “Adult Mining”
  • Very own platforms to circulate Jack tokens
  • Adult network to earn Jack tokens
  • Escort directory to spend Jack tokens


Jackr Roadmap

  • Sep 10th, 2019

  • Private sale start
  • Week 50, 2019

  • Adaptation of Trust Wallet

    Trust Wallet is the official wallet of Binance. Download on any device and search for 'Jack Token'. www.Trustwallet.com
  • Week 52, 2019

  • Jackdistrict.io

    Erotic listing directory for escorts. Pay with cash or Jack tokens to hook up.
  • Week 52, 2019

  • Jack token web wallet (ALPHA)

    Online wallet for Jack Tokens www.wallet.jackr.io
  • Read More
  • Jan 17th, 2020

  • Private sale end
  • Week 3, 2020

  • Private sale Token distribution
  • Week 4, 2020

  • Jackload.io

    Worlds first free porn site powered by blockchain technology.
  • Feb 14th, 2020

  • Start Public ICO
  • March 14th, 2020

  • End Public ICO
  • Week 12, 2020

  • Public ICO Token distribution
  • Week 12, 2020

  • Listing on exchange

    The ability to trade Jack tokens for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Week 12, 2020

  • Platform update

    Implementation of Adult Mining on Jackload and Pay with Jack Tokens on Jackdistrict.
  • Week 14, 2020

  • Jackchat.io

    Your platform to chat, meet and watch videos together! The mining reward will be split equally just like in a traditional mining pool.
  • Week 15, 2020

  • Jack Token web wallet update

    New GUI & lower transaction fees
  • Week 15 - Week 21, 2020

  • Start mass marketing Europe

    Adaptian of the Jackr network in Europe.
  • Week 21 - Week 27, 2020

  • Start mass marketing Asia

    Adaptian of the Jackr network in Asia.
  • Week 27 - Week 33, 2020

  • Start mass marketing America

    Adaptian of the Jackr network in North and South America.


30 Days Growth:

Jackr Team

Verified 100%

Georg Chavgoulidze

Jackr Interviews

Georg Chavgoulidze
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the core programmer and responsible for all executive decisions with regards to the technological development and interests of Jackr.
What do you think about idea?
I strongly believe that adult content viewers all around the world should benefit from the industry as they are the ones generating all the ad-revenue.
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