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The Margin Lending Fund aims to maximize interest income on USD and USD equivalents with zero anticipated drawdown risk. Fund assets will be effectively loaned out on margin lending platforms and be exposed to fluctuating yields dependant on market demand. Returns have historically been significantly higher than comparable dollar-based money market vehicles in the traditional markets. The Fund therefore aims to provide investors with a high degree of capital stability coupled with consistent returns over their investment horizon. The Fund is suitable for investors who are relatively risk-averse and seeking an investment vehicle that will provide capital preservation and consistent returns.
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About Invictus Margin Lending

The Invictus Margin Lending Fund offers investors the ability to take advantage of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market without risking direct exposure. The fund aims to maximize interest income on USD and USD equivalents with zero anticipated drawdown risk. Fund returns have low or negative correlation to the S&P500, VIX, GLD and TNX and is thus an excellent portfolio diversification tool.

Historical margin lending returns have been in the region of 13- 28% per annum on USD and various cryptocurrencies backed by, or pegged to the US dollar - such as TUSD (Trust USD) and USDT (Tether).These are generally referred to as ‘stablecoins’. Average annualized daily rates for USD in this capacity on Bitfinex have been in excess of 16% for the past 12 months from time of publication, recently spiking as high as 40% in the month of July 2019. Traders borrow these assets primarily for leverage trading via major cryptocurrency exchanges. Demand is strong and growing - several platforms have recently introduced margin trading functionality or increased the maximum leverage available to traders. Bitfinex, a single exchange, has over $300m utilized in USD and USD equivalent margin loans at any time.

Interest on lending these assets is paid daily which leads to favourable compounding. The primary risk is counterparty risk which can be mitigated by diversifying across stablecoin assets and exchanges. Market volatility is also an important factor as demand for USD, USDT and other stablecoin assets are driven higher by volatile crypto markets.

Returns are not correlated to the performance of any major index such as the S&P500 and thus the fund is well suited as an effective portfolio diversification tool. In comparison to the mean (6.74%) and median (11.39%) returns of the S&P500 over the past 10 years - which include drawdown risk and exposure to black swan market events, the Margin Lending Fund offers an attractive, uncorrelated return profile with deep liquidity.


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