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Blockchain investments in real world businesses via securitised capital raises. Investx will revolutionise investing in SME businesses by using blockchain technologies to improve access and reduce costs.
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Nov 1, 2018
Jan 7, 2019
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Goal 10 000 000.00 USD
Cap 21 500 000.00 USD
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About Investx

The Investx Platform is a regulated equity crowdfunding platform Built on blockchain technology it will allow Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a financial track record to raise funds and give investors new access to shares of their choosing in successful businesses which are currently inaccessible.

The Investx Platform will revolutionise the access and cost of investing, making it affordable and rewarding, allowing investors to support and share in the success of businesses they believe in. It will provide access to shareholdings at a reduced price for investors because of the value of its use and the cost efficiencies it creates. 

Our Key Blockchain Innovations 

  1. Adoption of blockchain technology: We expect over 500 SME companies to transact investments on the Investx Platform in the first two years, thanks to our extensive UK SME connections, our easy to use platform and our blockchain expert team.
  2. Currency design: A payment token backed by a liquidity reserve and reduced transaction costs. The Investx token (INX) ecosystem is designed to expand and contract based on supply and demand.
  3. Fundraise innovation: Digital representation of investments in businesses is the next disruption in financial technology, and Investx will use blockchain technology to open a brand new market for investments in SME businesses.
  4. Investor community: Crypto investors will be able to invest in shares in privately held companies and then later sell these shares without using fiat currencies - a new way to help the crypto world build a diversified portfolio. 


Our Key Crowdfunding Innovations

  1. Crowdfunding using security tokens: Powered by the Ethereum blockchain using security tokens for automated legal contract execution, fundraising, share registry, dividend and exit payments.
  2. A new currency for investments: INX used as the preferred payment currency on the platform.
  3. New asset class: Equity crowdfunding targeted at SME businesses with proven financial track records, not just start-ups. A wide range of deal types available, from minority investments and Management Buyouts (MBOs), through to full shareholder exits.
  4. Secondary share market: Investx intends to develop a secondary market to provide additional liquidity for the security tokens created on our platform.
  5. Global investor reach: Allows SMEs to raise funds they can’t currently access, and allow global investors entry to growing UK businesses they can’t invest in at present. 


An Ethical ICO - this ICO is different.

INX tokens are backed by reserves: Investx will hold a fiat (initially GBP) reserve account, which Investx will then use when acting as market maker in relation to the exchange of INX.

Upward price pressure: Increasing platform cost efficiencies; reduced purchase cost of shares; the unique value of an engaged investor community as well as token benefits and premium access to deals will all apply upward pressure, increasing the INX token value.

We were not incorporated yesterday: Investx Ltd. is already successful with high calibre employees, stable assets and a growing global reputation. Many other blockchain founders create a Newco as part of their ICO process, shielding their existing assets and reducing their personal risk. 

At Investx we believe in doing the right thing, so we carefully selected ICO benefits which are unique in the blockchain sector and which advantage our investors. We believe this is an ethical way to raise ICO funds


What types of investment opportunities can Investx crowdfund?

We plan for there to be a number of different investment types rolled out across the platform, ranging from growth capital, through to 100% owner buy out and many varied types in between as listed below.

Numerous activities are required prior to listing an opportunity on the platform, which activities are undertaken will be determined by how much equity is planned for sale and how much control future shareholders will have.

Most of the investments that we intend to offer through the Investx platform are not available from crowdfunding platforms today, therefore these exciting opportunities are not currently available to investors other than banks, venture capital or private equity firms

The raising of external finance to accelerate growth, in exchange for a minority shareholding in the business. As the most common type of funding being crowdfunded today it covers the following uses:

Growth capital:

Expansion / costs of growth: Providing finance to support the organic growth of a company, including the cost of new employees / sales staff; moving to larger offices or additional sites; improving processes for cost efficiencies and investing in additional products, expertise or new technology.

Business acquisition – horizontal integration: For businesses looking to grow market share quickly, the purchase of a competitor potentially provides an additional established customer base, enhanced core competencies, access to diverse markets and other expansion opportunities.

Business acquisition – vertical integration: For businesses who are looking to secure their supply chain or gain a direct / alternative route to market, the purchase of a supplier or customer for strategic reasons can provide operational efficiencies and lead to improved profitability.

Working capital / cashflow: Typically, the biggest challenge to growth a business suffers is accessing sufficient working capital / cash-flow, for example, if completing a large customer order with extended payment terms, or coping with a seasonal sales cycle. Investx funding can provide the necessary cash, along with an ability to raise further funds as the business expands.

Capital expenditure (Capex): The purchase of equipment or other assets to deliver improved process efficiencies or expanded capabilities. Equipment is often financed by hire purchase or leased but in some cases, this is not possible, for example if an asset cannot be used as security.

Paying off third-party loans: Funding proceeds can be used to repay existing third-party loans, easing the cash pressures associated with ongoing loan and interest repayments, as well as allowing the removal of security over the company’s assets or personal guarantees of the business owners.

Other types of crowdunfing deals through Investx:

Management buy out (MBO): The existing experienced management team of the company purchases shares from  the current shareholder(s). The majority of funds raised by the team to achieve this   are traditionally sourced from expensive finance providers such as banks or external equity providers, who usually require a controlling equity stake themselves.

Management buy in (MBI): An outside team of management with relevant sector expertise buying into a company. Banks see these transactions as high risk, making it difficult to raise the necessary funds from traditional sources. MBI teams usually have to risk everything to investor give away a controlling interest to a third-party equity provider.

Retirement sale: The sale or part-sale of a company by an owner wishing to retire and exit the business,  or release part of their equity and partially retire. Key to making such a deal work is placing an experienced and incentivised replacement into the business to reinvigorate growth. Many retirement sales offer a potential for  enhanced  value  for  money  for new investors.

Minority shareholder buyouts / shareholder reorganisation: Businesses often have complex shareholder structures, but minimal resources with which to remove inactive shareholders or allow owners to adjust their shareholding proportions. The Investx platform will provide the infrastructure  to adjust shareholdings as well as a mechanism for calculating a fair value for the business.

Owner exit: Similar to retirement sales, this is the purchase by a third party of a majority shareholding of a company. New management usually needs to be placed in the business, and a handover period agreed.

Complex combinations of the above: Many corporate transactions involve different combinations of the above, to incentivise key management, release cash into a company and give value for shareholders.


Depending on the deal type and the level of crowdfunded ownership, appropriate levels of due diligence, oversight, voting rights, deal negotiation and reporting will apply. These levels will be communicated as part of the particular deal pitch.

Technical Info

Why does the Investx Platform use the INX token?

INX tokens are designed to power the Investx platform, and by using blockchain technology the platform offers the following advantages over traditional crowdfunding: 

  • The use of INX tokens allows our dynamic currency supply model to be implemented, transacting according to deal funding, dividends and company sale pay-outs, with controlled authorisations for minting and burning of tokens.
  • INX will be used to purchase shares during a fundraise using smart contracts which will execute the necessary legal processes with total autonomy and reliability.
  • INX will use the Ethereum public blockchain which is inherently self-administering, secure and scalable.
  • The use of INX tokens allows Investx to transact a high volume of deals with speed and costs traditional crowdfunders cannot achieve.
  • Having INX tokens already distributed and marketed creates an engaged global investor pool primed to commit to investment opportunities and long term engagement. 


Why does the Investx Platform issue security tokens?

  • Investx-issued security tokens provide a digital record of the legal share ownership recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby providing the following advantages over other traditional solutions: 
  • A real-time up to date accurate ledger of every company’s shareholders will be maintained without reliance on manual reporting or trust in central software.
  • It provides an autonomous self-governing mechanism to pay dividends and exit proceeds directly to investors.
  • We will design and deploy security tokens for each completed fundraise, which will be tradeable according to ERC-20 protocols allowing investor-to-investor transfers.
  • Once we have received the necessary permission to operate our own secondaries market, the platform will enable fully regulatory compliant autonomous investor-to-investor share exchanges with deeper liquidity - just like a stock exchange. 

A currency paper for the INX token is available, fully detailing its design, tokenomics and interaction within the phases of the ecosystem, visit our website to download. 



Investx Roadmap

  • 2015 to 2017

  • Investx acquired, funded and achieved growth for 6 UK manufacturing SME's
  • October 2017

  • Blockchain business model ideation begins - detailed market analysis, research & concepts
  • December 2017

  • Core team formation
  • January 2018

  • Project scope and advisor consultations | Software partner and blockchain firms engaged
  • Read More
  • February 2018

  • Whitepaper drafted
  • March 2018

  • Detailed Legal and Regulatory review including business model feedback | ICO website and smart contract development
  • August 2018

  • Final legal and regulatory review of whitepaper in preparation for general release
  • November 2018

  • ICO pre-sale begins
  • May 2019

  • FCA Appointed Representative (AR) status
  • June 2019

  • Alpha platform site (1-5 raises) | Enhanced Investor on-boarding | Investment Deal Listing | Investor Portal Launched
  • August 2019

  • Beta platform (6-50 raises/month) | Improved functionality and user experience | Pitch Manager
  • October 2019

  • Investx Ltd. to receive UK FCA authorisation
  • December 2019

  • Complete platform v1 (50 raises/month) | Integrated investor engagement, broker and partner portals
  • January 2020

  • Broker Portal | Fiat & additional crypto support
  • May 2020

  • Secondary market launch
  • June 2020

  • First EU SME market launched
  • August 2020

  • Second EU SME market launch and entry into wider markets
  • September 2020

  • Further EU market launches


Investx Team

Verified 100%

Peter Edgar
CEO & Co-founder
Dave Hewett
CTO & Co-Founder
Leon Sloyan
Chief Commercial Officer
Richard Chambers
Chief Operating Officer
David Feher
Digital Marketing Executive
Andy Gray
Blockchain & Smart Contract Consultant


Verified 75%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Matthew Mcguire
Technology Consultant
Arun Chauhan
Advisor, Financial Crime Compliance Regulatory
David Atkinson
Advisor, ICO & Tokenomics
Alison Bradley
Advisor, Finance Broker

Investx Interviews

Peter Edgar
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As the CEO I am responsible for execution of the Investx's long term vision, and leading the wider team to help deliver.
What do you think about idea?
Truly disruptive in business funding, with massive potential to scale and engage and reward investors worldwide.
Dave Hewett
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
CTO, I will be responsible for running product design through to development with the support and backing of Equal Experts.
What do you think about idea?
Its on the intersection where crypto meets bricks & mortar which is both exciting and has the potential to be hugely disruptive.
Leon Sloyan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Working as part of the senior Investx team my role is dealing with all commercial aspects including developing our SME funding strategy.
What do you think about idea?
The Investx solution is going to truly disrupt the SME funding market. Currently equity funding for many SME businesses in not cost effectively accessible. Using our innovative blockchain powered platform, businesses seeking growth funding will have real alternative to traditional funding options.
Richard Chambers
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Bringing my experience from mainstream banking and private equity, I will ensure Investx satisfies the needs of all stakeholders.
What do you think about idea?
Investx will unlock capital for SME's and provide a new asset class for investors, using modern, scalable technology.
David Feher
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As Digital Marketing Executive my main role is to focus on our online and offline marketing activities targeting both Investors and SME's.
What do you think about idea?
The Investx platform is a revolutionary solution for the most common issues faced by SME's looking for raising funds, and Investors looking for a simple way to invest in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
Andy Gray
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Equal Experts Blockchain Engineer who build the Ethereum Smart Contracts for the INX Token and Token Sale.
What do you think about idea?
Investx will change how SMEs work and how individuals wanting to invest in SME interact with them. Blockchain is a game changer.
Matthew McGuire
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am an advisor to InvestX, applying my experience and knowledge from fintech, peer-2-peer lending and equity markets.
What do you think about idea?
Investx is a brilliantly innovative model, bringing a fundamentally valuable service to smaller businesses by applying blockchain technology to drive efficiencies, cost savings and transparency.
Arun Chauhan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I help Investx with advice around managing the risks of financial crime and ensuring money laundering checks are conducted correctly for the benefit of their investors and companies listed on the platform. Investx were keen to ensure they demonstrate how they act ethically and their investment in financial crime compliance is evidence of just that.
What do you think about idea?
The idea is plugging a much needed gap in the SME funding market, stripping out complexities and giving like-minded businesses and people the opportunity to work together.
Alison Bradley
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As an advisor, I have current, relevant experience in the 'alternative finance' market. Working with SME's on a daily basis to raise suitable forms of finance.
What do you think about idea?
Truly innovative, this is exactly what is missing in the commercial finance market for SME's; marrying up investors to live businesses, is exactly what is needed to drive growth.
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