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Created using Figma
Impermax Finance is creating a set of financial tools based on LP tokens. This whitepaper will describe our first product, a permissionless lending market completely based on Uniswap V2 LP Tokens.
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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About Impermax Finance

Impermax creates a permissionless lending market where liquidity providers can use
their LP tokens as collateral to borrow the tokens in that pair. This largely solves the
problem of impermanent loss. Lenders can indirectly provide liquidity to the AMM and
earn a yield by lending tokens to a borrower with no risk of LP token devaluation. It also
allows borrowers leverage on LP tokens. Borrowers who are more comfortable with risk
can borrow assets to lock up for even more LP tokens, allowing leverage on their yield.
With this solution, Impermax is aiming to become the world’s top lending marketplace
based on LP tokens.
1.3.1 Novel Solutions
The Impermax lending market is built around two innovations. The first is its unique
economic architecture, which keeps all lending pair pools separate. This means that if a
borrower’s position is liquidated in one pair, the other pairs will not be affected.
The second novel structure is the collateralization model. Instead of using a loan-to-value
calculation for collateral, Impermax uses a parameter called “safety margin” to reduce the
required over-collateralization and provide much higher leverage than similar current
1.3.2 Productization
The first supported AMM will be Uniswap V2 and will include every pair on the platform.
Uniswap V2 has about $1.6 billion USD worth of LP tokens which will immediately be
available for use. Other AMMs will follow.

Impermax x Uniswap V2 core
The core contracts are composed of a Factory, a Price Oracle, and many Lending Pools.
Anyone can create a new Lending Pool through the Impermax Factory in a permissionless
way. This is possible because all Lending Pools are isolated. If a borrower is liquidated in
one Lending Pool, then the other Lending Pools will not be affected. Certain tokens like
ETH will be borrowable in multiple Lending Pools. Lenders will be free to choose in
which one they lend their ETH, and we should expect the ETH interest rate to be different
across them. This is a great way for both borrowers and lenders to better manage their



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