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iLINK is the first location-based social commerce platform with block chain technology with three core functions: geographical community network, hyper local business and service portal, e-commerce market with built in digital payment service.

The iLINK ICO ecosystem links regional users, communities, companies and organizations and promotes P2P, B2B, B2C interactions in local communities.

iLINK forms "circle of creation" in the community by integrating users, communities, companies, and organizations into one platform. The co-creation value generated by the open community far exceeds the total of individual contributions. By redistributing financial benefits obtained from co-creation, each member is recognized for contribution to society, received a fee, felt part of a larger one, invested in social infrastructure, growing community Let everyone stand up together.
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About iLINK

iLINK is the first location-based social commerce platform powered by blockchain technology that has 3-core functions - Geosocial community networks, Hyperlocal business and service portal, and E-commerce marketplace with built-in digital payment services.  

The iLINK ecosystem brings local users, communities, businesses, and organisations together, facilitates P2P, B2B, and B2C interactions in local communities. 

By having users, communities, businesses, and organisations on one platform, iLINK has formed a ‘Circle of Creation’ for local communities. The co-creation value that an open community generates far surpasses the sum of individual contributions. By redistributing the financial benefits derived from co-creation, each member is acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions to the community, feels part of something greater, becomes invested in the social infrastructure, and is motivated to do more; which grows the community and enables everyone to rise together. 


CBC will act as the only accepted medium of exchange within the iLINK ecosystem. CBC will also serve to measure users’ impact and incentivize participation in their community’s value co-creation. Users can accumulate CBC to unlock additional account privileges such as access to communication channels that provide unique experiences with donors, sponsors, brands, merchants, and manufacturers. At the individual level, CBC gives utility to users through its function as iLINK’s medium of exchange for P2P transactions in the Market Place, Meal Share, Ride Share, and Local Events features, as well as for payment for local business and e-commerce vendors on iLINK.

iLINK Roadmap

  • December 2016

  • Alpha (Initial Concept)
    Start of Ideation and planning
  • Q1 2017

  • - GeoSocial Platform modules Development
    - Community, Private Group, Group Chat, Market Place, Lost & Found,Meal Share, Ride Share, Event RSVP, Notes functions
    - Posting, Messaging, Comments, Like, Geotagging, Calendar, RSVP, Survey functions
  • Q2 2017

  • iLINK website go live (
    iLINK BETA APP release on IOS & Android with full Geosocial module features
    Community Pilot in Singapore
    - Campus communities onboarding - NTU / NUS / NJC communities
    - NGO communities onboarding - Volunteer & Philanthropy community
    - Lifestyle communities onboarding - FPV / Drone / Cheerleaders / Makeup / Running / Cafes / Sports Car communities
  • Q3 2017

  • Token Launch Event(TGE) planning & preparations
    GeoSocial Platform modules Development
    - Sharing of content in and out of iLINK
    - Support Facebook connects and future popular platform
  • Read More
  • Q4 2017

  • Hyperlocal module deployment
    Business listing and reviews
    - Business listing and reviews
    - E-coupon and Redemption functionalities
  • Q1 2018

  • E-commerce Module Development
    Payment gateway Module Development
    iLINK Token Wallet development (Online Token Wallet)
    CBC Smart Contract Development (ERC-20) Solidity coding and Ethereum blockchain integration
    CBC Smart Contract Development (NEP-5)
  • Q2 2018

  • E-commerce Module Development
    Deployment of CBCToken into Ethereum Ropsten Test network
    Deployment of CBCToken into NEO Test network
    Token Wallet Module Development
    Deposit of CBC using ETH or NEO in Mainnet
    Withdrawal of CBC to Ethereum Ropsten Testnet and NEO Testnet
    Development CBC Token website
    User verification Module (KYC Process)
    - Integration with Singapore MyInfo automated verification process for Singaporean and Singapore PR
    - iLINK international verification processing system
  • Q3 2018

  • Ethereum Blockchain wallet development
    NEO Blockchain wallet development
    Launching of CBC Token site
    iLINK APP Global release on IOS & Android
    - Ethereum and NEO blockchain wallet
    - Social eCommerce functionality
    ANN of the Community Based Creation(CBC) Token
  • Q4 2018

  • Bitcoin Blockchain wallet development
    Business and merchants onboarding for the full Hyperlocal features
    Brands onboarding for the full Ad-sharing / Quiz / Survey features
    Retailer and manufacturer onboarding for the full E-commerce features
  • Q1 2019

  • Geosocial E-commerce AD serving module development
    iLINK Payment Gateway Plugin Development (3rd party site)
    Ramping up on userbase, merchants and brands onboarding
  • Q2 2019 & Beyond

  • Support CBC withdraw to local bank accounts
    Support CBC withdrawal directly to ETH or NEO cryptocurrencies
    Enlistment of CBC Tokens on Crypto exchanges
    Side chains development using plasma concept

iLINK Team

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Owen Sim
Founder, CEO & CTO
Catherine Hu
Founder, CMO
Wilson Goh
Founder, COO
Joie Castillo
Country Manager
Sumi Yeung
Business Development
Julian Law
Business Development
Liezel Bastian
Business Development
Hai Rou Pee
Marketing & Growth
Mary Grace P. Saaved...
Marketing & Growth
Yesh Gonzales
Marketing & Growth
Annette Antiojo
Marketing & Growth


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Wei Sheong Toh
Yong Boon Chuan Lesl...
Ken Loy
Victor Jeffery
Judd Balayan
Jeff Dytuco
Kenneth Yeo
Maria Paz Jimenez-Ba...

iLINK Interviews

Owen Sim
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
CEO and Founder of the iLINK project.

Spearheading and working toward building the first community based token economy blockchain powered social commerce ecosystem.
What do you think about idea?
We are so much more connected today with current technology, but we are not utilising it to foster a greater sense of our community.

Social media network was meant to do that. Somehow along the way, it has lost its that meaning and purpose. Social media for real community building is broken today along with today digital ad industry, and we aim to fix it.

The first step is to build something that can promote community building and able to convert people to join the network from existing platforms. We have spent more than 18 months keeping our head down developing the app you see in the Appstore.

Our next step is to kickstart the sustainable community based token economy within the network, which is the TGE we are preparing now; We are using a both the Ethereum and NEO public blockchain to create our CBC tokens and it will act as the only medium of exchange within the network. All paid advert within the network is redistributed majority back to its users and users can they use that earnings to exchange for goods and services offered in the network. This cycle of value co-creation and re-distribution will change the way business spend on marketing in social media and users realising they should a beneficiary of his or her social activities. This new model will greatly disrupt the current digital ad industry space help in converting more users to be part of the token economy.

Following through is using the funding to market growth, improve the platform to commodate thousands or millions of geosocial communities. These will be local residential, workplace, religion, organisation or interest-based community. By using geo-locking, user feedbacks loop and AI learning to keep only appropriate users within each geo community we allow users to share more relevant information build meaningful connection and trust in each community.

This a big and complex concept that we are trying to build, it won't be easy but I believe iLINK can make a difference in the way we use technology to foster stronger community bonds and change the way business and brands can use social adverts to reach out consumer and reward them at the same time.

iLINK Last News

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