Investment Management & Blockchain Advisory
$ 866,000
Projects Raised
I assist clients find the right investment vehicle that best fits their unique identity, and then I generate superior returns that meets their objectives. Currently, I am Founding Principal & CIO at Vantador Capital, where I direct trading and investment decisions. My specialties include AI, machine learning and crowd wisdom based algo-trading, portfolio construction, asset allocation, consulting, blockchain, capital acquisition, fund raising, ICO advisory, corporate finance and project management. Successful portfolio manager with track record of beating the Nifty Benchmark and generating alpha and better sharpe ratio. Flagship return from Vantador Momentum Fund of 145.34% with 5.57% capital risk, systematic alpha of 3.66% and 0.63 sharpe ratio and beta of 0.32. My industry experience includes NWP Solutions – Advisor & Investment Consultant P2P Ride sharing – Advisor • Proposing and implementing business model developed on Ethereum blockchain. • Undertaking strategic analysis and assisting with strategic planning and producing long-term business plans. • Undertaking research into pricing, competitors and factors affecting performance. • Advising on business risk associated with the project. Fund Platform – Investment Manager • Proposing business model developed on NEM blockchain. • Proposing marketing plan and maintain investor relations. IndiCoin – Lead Consultant • Proposing and implementing business and revenue model. • Strategic planning and implementing long term business plan. • Maintaining relationships with collaborative partners and cultivating new ones. SwachhCoin – CFO Blockchain India - Head Blockchain Investor Network, South Asian Investor Network, Crypto Trader India and Hedge Fund Network member. Associated Projects IndiCoin - SwachhCoin - Shipit - NWPSolutions - Darenta - Fund Platform - Make Token -
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