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Helix3 is a next-gen healthcare platform that rewards members for consolidating information and achieving healthiness and wellness goals. Helix3 is a platform that offers a secure way for the healthcare industry to exchange value, streamline workflow and gain deep insights across a global ecosystem.
Oct 15, 2018
Jan 15, 2019
100% completed
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Platform, Health, Software, Smart Contract, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

About Helix3

Helix3 enables people to take control of their medical, genome and fitness data in a meaningful way. The platform integrates with various fitness devices and medical records systems to create a personal health profile for the user to securely manage and exchange their data.  This creates a single source of truth to intereact with your doctor, lab, pharmacy, local gym, family member or employer. 

At the core of this intersection of people, devices and data is an incentives based rewards system. Participants on the platform such as your doctor or employer can challenge you to an activity that helps drive you towards your health goals. Progress is automatically captured and recorded into your personal health records database. As challenges are completed users are rewarded with digital HELIX tokens.

Users on the platform can begin to manage all aspects of their health and wellbeing to reach goals and live a healthier life. 

Helix3 Roadmap

  • February 2017

  • Through industry experience, we analyzed several challenges in the healthcare space today. Decided to figure out how existing technologies could make more of an impact for the future of healthcare.
  • March 2017

  • Envisioned a globally decentralized platform that could securely store and manage health data in a meaningful way. Helix3 was born.
  • April 2017

  • Created version 0.1 of our white paper and set out to create a prototype.
  • May 2017

  • Mapped out the backend components and began front end development. Conceptualized a rewards based system that gathering data from fitness devices. Released version 0.5 of white paper.
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  • August 2017

  • Built basic prototype and continued to improve the UI/UX design. Helix Cortex integration framework was planned out. Planned trips to attend blockchain/health conferences to gain validation for our
  • Sept - Dec 2017

  • Attended blockchain events in Amsterdam, Ireland, New York & Boston. Networked with people in the industry and gained positive feedback and further validation. Added new members & advisors to the team.
  • Jan - March 2018

  • Meeting with private accedidated investors to secure an early convertible debt of SAFT round in order to advance our efforts with Helix
  • The rest of 2018

  • Token Distribution event. Bring Phase 1 "digital twin" to a select market. Build partnerships and continue integrating with new fitness/medical devices. Marketplace launce.
  • 2019 - 2020

  • Enterprise wellness commercial application launch. Phase 2 integrations and modules roll out.


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Helix3 Team

Verified 29%

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Nicholas White
Ray Belleville
Brittney White
VP Operations
Nick Sawchuk
VP Business Development
Cody Pratt
Marketing Manager
Tyler Armstrong
Social Marketing
Bethany Suarez
Content Marketing & PR


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Stephen Chiricosta
Business Advisor, Startup Health
Kirti A. Patel
Medical Advisor
Abhishek Punia
Crypto Analyst Draper Associates Advisor
Tim Wigle
Science & Technology Advisor
Bill Petersen
Corporate Rewards Expert & Advisor
Michael Cronin
Business Advisor & Director of the board at Beth I...
Arden O'connor
Business Advisor
Sean Baggett
Security Advisor, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Helix3 Interviews

Nicholas White
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am the CEO of Helix3. Help us make the world a healthier place.
Ray Belleville
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I believe Helix3 is going to change the way go about maintaining optimal health. We will enable the Internet of Medical things to populate a digital twin (Helix Twin) in a secure blockchain where the owner maintains sovereignty of this consolidated data.

We will fuel the consolidation fo data by rewarding members for achieving health and fitness goals that require connected patient portals and health devices.

As more IoMT devices connect are connected to the platform, more complex challenges can be created that drive proper healthy behavior. Things like clinical trials offer incentives for taking medication as prescribed, or friends and family sponsoring a a challenge for their loved one to quit smoking.

Our marketplace will provide access to a wide variety of health and wellness products and services that offer choice and selection. We also offer sweepstakes that members can enter using their HLX tokens to provide additional motivation.
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Helix3 Reviews


Differentiation: Users will develop a digital twin, “Helix Twin”, which will allow users to “take their health and wellness data with them when they travel”. Wellness programs and health service providers are able to set challenges in order to give users the opportunity to earn HLX tokens. Users can exchange HLX tokens for healthcare services/products such as “massages, fit devices, fitness club memberships, race entrance fees, chiropractic assessments”.

Market Penetration Potential: The potential to gain considerable hold of the market based seems unlikely based on the fact that critical aspects of the platform are not discussed adequately in the whitepaper. For instance, it is stated that third party verifiers (a reception desk at a gym, or the check-in station at a 5k race) would be used to assess whether challenges are completed, but the details regarding the eligibility requirements of verifiers or the mechanism which will keep verifiers from making fraudulent confirmations is not discussed.

Solution Advantage: Notable advantages of the platform are somewhat indeterminate. There is potential for the organization to differentiate itself from its competitor with the hardware wallet, but specific details of the implementation are not disclosed.

Long-Term Vision: Based on milestones set out in the roadmap, it appears that the organization is still conceptualizing the platform and specific details with regards to future development is lacking. The viability of the project is uncertain due to the lack of information provided in the whitepaper.

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