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We bring robustness, trust, and efficiency to future proof healthcare procedures. We facilitate the smooth exchange of data between patients, internal departments and hospitals, to reduce errors, fraud and cybercrime, ensuring ownership of data is with the patient.
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Feb 10, 2018
Mar 16, 2018
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Dec 16, 2017
Dec 30, 2017
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About Healthureum

Healthureum is a new revelation in the crypto sphere that combines blockchain and healthcare to bring the best of both under one roof. The Healthureum platform is designed on the Ethereum based blockchain using smart contract technology to significantly improve efficiency and interoperability of healthcare services. The Healthureum token, which is at the epicentre of the project and abbreviated as HTH, is primed to be used as the transactional medium of choice for the new and upcoming platform. The ecosystem will facilitate payment for services rendered using the HTH token and similarly will act as a medium for reward to compensate medical practitioners who offer referrals and second opinions within the Healthureum network. Laboratories and clinics that carry out diagnostics and tests for Healthureum patients will be rewarded with HTH tokens.

The token will provide a fast and efficient method of payment which can be used for services globally. It is peer to peer so no third party fees and operates on the blockchain so no mistakes or delays.

Healthureum has come into existence to bring innovative blockchain based solutions to tackle healthcare's biggest challenges. The tokenisation model adds another layer of innovation, to bring our solutions to a global audience and facilitate secure and speedy payments between stakeholders. This ensures our users have access to the best expertise without needing to travel or suffer international fees. The token will give you access to an array of top class health related services, while managing your complete medical data to ensure privacy and integrity. The Healthureum ecosystem is the first of its kind and will be a game changer in the future of healthcare. The multi-functional ecosystem is designed to transform 'How We Manage Our Healthcare'.


Healthureum’s radical platform will integrate blockchain and smart contract technology into healthcare’s critical services to create Standardization, Scalability and Social Responsibility

Technical Info

Healthureum operates on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 standard to deploy smart contract for health-related services.
All services procured in the Healthureum ecosystem shall accept only HTH tokens as means of payment, and any reward earned shall be compensated using HTH token, for fast and secure transfers.

Healthureum Roadmap

  • SEPTEMBER 2016

  • Founders collaborated with a common concern for the future of healthcare.
  • NOVEMBER 2016

  • Healthureum basic initiatives outlined with six fields of focus.
  • JANUARY 2017

  • Research into healthcares recent surveys to quantify the challenges and potential of blockchain applications.
  • MARCH 2017

  • Welcomed on board key members, and identified relevant use cases, for our initiatives.
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  • MAY 2017

  • SWOT analysis of different blockchain applications based on data size and type.
  • JULY 2017

  • Structured development plan and key milestones for next 18 months.
  • SEPTEMBER 2017

  • Decided on a tokenized approach to help bring this concept to the masses. Developed marketing strategy and preparation for TGE to start in December.
  • NOVEMBER 2017

  • Launch of website, social media marketing and testing of registration platform for TGE.
  • DECEMBER 2017

  • Launch of Pre-Sale TGE, bounty campaign and teaser strategy.
  • JANUARY 2018

  • Launch of TGE Sale, full scale PR and marketing campaign.
  • MARCH 2018

  • Registration for listing on exchanges to facilitate token. In depth financial planning to allocate TGE funds appropriately.
  • MAY 2018

  • Define framework for collecting a standardized data set, to be used in Alpha model for data systemization.
  • JULY 2018

  • Testing of Alpha data systemization app between patients and two pilot hospitals. Consolidate data and credentials for local doctors, specialists and pathology labs for referrals feature.
  • SEPTEMBER 2018

  • Create Beta version of data systemization app and float into two pilot hospitals to implementation and testing. Develop Alpha model for virtual doctor consultations and referrals.
  • NOVEMBER 2018

  • Make any necessary revisions while checking regulatory and data privacy compliance. Then introduce to 5 hospitals for implementation. Float Alpha model for virtual doctor consultation and referrals for testing.
  • JANUARY 2019

  • Address any scalability concerns before introducing data systemization to 5 more hospitals. Launch Beta virtual doctor consultation and referrals.
  • AUGUST 2019

  • Look to integrate blockchain-enabled research programs and philanthropic activities sided by side.


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Healthureum Team

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Malcolm Wilkinson
CTO, Data Scientist
Tomoi Sei
Doctor & President I.T.B.S. Corporation
Danuta Kowalska
Chief Project Officer


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Subrata Roy Sahara
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WEB2 Profile Vision Activity Potential Product Team

Healthureum Reviews

The Healthureum platform is an interesting proposition, but unfortunately does not offer anything different or innovative when compared to other health care data optimization platforms that aim to incentivize patients into sharing their medical data with crypto tokens. Overall, the Healthureum project is a smart idea, but it’s late to the party.

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