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GrowPayment's vision is to revolutionize the emerging marijuana industry through a decentralized economy and encourage growth through the use of technological innovation and destructive techniques. Our goal is to build an infrastructure that consumers can fully access cannabis related products.
Oct 1, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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Jul 1, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
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About GrowPayment

2018 marks a milestone for the cannabis ecosystem as legalization becomes wide spread throughout North America and the rest of the world. The expansion of the market will be followed by a boom of cannabis related businesses that will require distribution infrastructure to achieve their success. However, a major ongoing operational challenge in the marijuana industry is the difficulty businesses face in achieving global reach and overcoming international regulations.

On the other spectrum, ‘cryptocurrency’ the word that has taken headlines all around the world is pressed with challenges of its own. Investors aren’t able to liquidate their holdings and very few retailers are accepting cryptocurrency other than bitcoin as an alternative payment method. This leaves investor confidence low and tokens practically valueless in the sense of utility.

GrowPayment is leveraging the technical challenges of the cannabis industry and cryptocurrency economy to develop a multivendor marketplace for marijuana related products that supports both fiat money and cryptocurrency transactions. This is all made possible with the development of our payment processor that allows peer-to-peer transactions between traditional applications such as VISA, PayPal, etc. with blockchain wallet platforms.

The GrowPayment business model is derived from our vision to boost the cannabis economy and support marijuana related business. Our Marketplace platform (Green Market) will feature applications such as live POS market data, consumer insight, embedded international trade regulations, advertisement solutions and GROP token backed loans for reputable vendors.

The platform will support all major cryptocurrency formats (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc.) However, we are putting efforts to promote the use of GROP tokens on the platform by building a system that rewards both the vendor and consumer through shopper discounts, vendor fee reductions, advertisement cost reductions, and loyalty token rewards.

The legalization of marijuana will open unprecedented opportunities around the world, GrowPayment will play a critical role to the industry development by strengthening businesses and increasing consumer experience.

GrowPayment Roadmap

  • 2018 Direct Payment Technology

  • Creation of a direct debit protocol to ensure secure fiat money and cryptocurrency transactions within a blockchain supported cannabis marketplace.
  • 2019 Market Insight Solutions

  • Development of Green Market compatible POS data analytics software with consumer / market insight for sellers with the capacity to track in fiat money and cryptocurrency.
  • 2020 Global Cannabis Marketplace

  • Integration with more than 100,00 cannabis retailers and distributors globally as recreational marijuana legalization movement spreads between global governments.
  • Beyond Driving Value and Growth

  • Implement market drivers such as advertisement tools and supply chain solutions to boost the marketplace capacity and give users the tools needed for global expansion.

GrowPayment Team

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Bin Shimshoon
Yun Ma
Winston Green
Michael Weatherhead
VP Marketing
Kara Strang
Pablo Miranda
Strategy Canada
Gabriel Gringas
Strategy APAC
Sai Karthik
Software Developer
Marwa Bekrar
Software Developer

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GrowPayment is the solution that the cannabis industry desperately needs. It will allow distributors to truly grow their business on an international scale, and it will give users the best shopping experience available. Both parties can select how they wish to send and receive payments, which reduces transaction lag and eliminates the need for third-party currency exchange. With marijuana legalization growing by the year, the demand for this service will only grow.

GrowPayment’s Crypto to Fiat processor will ensure seamless transactions
GrowPayment creates a global marketplace which will allow distributors to expand their business
The platform gives cannabis users an easy, inexpensive, and private way of ordering their products
A service like this may induce some form of government regulation in the future.

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