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Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Gimli is the decentralized application for live stream bets and interactions, including votes, donations and tournament prize pooling. The platform empowers streamers by enabling them to connect directly with their audience, increase and control novel revenue opportunities. The Gimli founders have teamed up with world renowned streamers with more than a million followers and top level pro gamers, including world champions, to create a world class team of 14 people.
Risk: High
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Sep 16, 2017
Oct 1, 2017
100% completed
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Entertainment, Casino & Gambling

About Gimli

Gimli is a decentralized platform for eSport streamers and viewers. Streamers can turn viewers into engaged supporters by organizing bets, votes, asking for donations, and creating prize pools for tournaments using the ERC20 Ethereum token GIM. Interact with our betting and voting smart contracts here.
Gimli is provably fair, all functionalities are Ethereum smart contracts tailor made for streamers and stream viewers.
Gimli empowers streamers by enabling them to connect directly with their audience, increase and control novel revenue opportunities.

Why is Gimli relevant

Streamers have massive audience in the hundreds of millions globally. Yet, streamers monetization of their viewers is low.

  • Ads-blockers are widespread, limiting advertising revenue.
  • Subscription fees are low compared with traditional sports, with streaming platforms taking a considerable share.
  • Sponsorships are few in a developing industry.
  • Viewership drops dramatically after each game ends, with volatile audience going to other channels with ongoing entertainment.

Gimli fits in alongside current monetization methods. With Gimli, streamers can create entertainments and functionalities with GIM embedded commissions. From the substantial source of direct GIM revenues, to better engagement, higher number of minutes watched and increased donations, Gimli’s promise is to give control back to streamers.


- Team led and backed by blockchain technology experts, professional streamers and gamers, and financial investors.
- Partnerships with streamers ( reaching over 1million viewers) and a dozen top pro gamers in the team.
- Revenues go to Streamers who profit when their fans use Gimli, thus encouraging viral user adoption.

Technical Info

Technical details:  GIM tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They are required to run all Gimli functionalities and can be donated and bet. Streamers who use Gimli during their stream can set up bets, votes, challenges, tournament fundraising and more all in GIM. The source code:  The code of the ICO is fully available on GitHub Proof of developer:  Public team


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David Waugh
Dan Biton
Julien Charrel


$1 717 455

Tom St Laurent
Joseph Fiscella
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Gimli Reviews
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Conceptually this project is not unique. There are other projects such as Unikoin (Gold + Silver) that have the same premise and offer more investment security based on an already working and proven business model. The Unikoin project is even backed by Mark Cuban (A well known Billionaire investor). Obtaining gambling licenses for every jurisdiction it operates in is no easy feat. Gimli could be a good investment if they can deliver a working product to their community, they have a long road of work ahead to remain competitive and stay relevant in the eSports betting industry. Although Gimli could be a half decent investment, we don't see it as something that stands out to us, especially with their cheap marketing tactics to look bigger than they really are.

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