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Giftcoin. The world’s first cryptocurrency for generous giving and good causes. Giftcoin is a groundbreaking new system designed to revolutionise generous giving. With trust in the charitable sector being seriously compromised, never has cultivating trust with donors been more significant. The extensive-term vision of Giftcoin is end-to-end giving. That means, that using a distributed ledger and blockchains you will be able to track the path of the funds you give to a charity or good cause right up to the point they are spent.
Dec 11, 2017
Jan 10, 2019
100% completed
$1 270 000
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Cap 2 000 000.00 USD
Hard cap 10 000 000.00 USD
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About Giftcoin

Giftcoin is a groundbreaking new system designed to revolutionise charitable giving. With confidence in the charitable sector being seriously compromised, never has cultivating trust with donors been more important.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world in which every time you give money to charity and good causes, you have total trust that your funds are going exactly where you want them to. By giving absolute trust and confidence, we believe donors will choose to give more money to the causes they care about. At a time in history of seemingly endless natural disasters, the refugee crises in the Middle East, and a greater divide between rich and poor than ever before, the need has never been greater for such a platform.

For donors

We give them absolute confidence that their funds are being used for the purpose they donated.

For good causes

We offer the chance to build trust and confidence via greater transparency, bringing them more money to increase their impact.

Giftcoin is more than just another alt cryptocurrency. Giftcoin has the potential to radically transform the general public’s attitude not only to the process of giving, but towards the value of cryptocurrencies as a whole. We believe that Giftcoin is the crossover application of blockchain technology the world has been waiting for.


- Permissioned ledger  
- No public mining or PoW
- Adapted for networks that have low bandwidth at the edge
- Heterogeneous ledger network not all nodes are equal
- Open ecosystem allow integrations and other apps to be built on top

Giftcoin Roadmap

  • Dec 2017

  • 1. First Token Event
  • June 2018

  • 2. MVP Release
  • July 2018

  • 3. Beta Version Release
  • September 2018

  • 4. Final Product Rollout



Giftcoin Team

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Elizabeth Constance...
Author and charity activist
Shirley Conran
Author and charity activist
Marc Avedissian
Blockchain entrepreneur
Eitan Jankelewitz
Partner at Sheridans
Alex Howard
Charity Founder & Visionary
Tim Bichara
Product & Charity Evangelist
Jon Beddoes
Enterpreneur & Investor
Chris Cain
Thought Leader & Crypto Enthusiast
Ben Evans
Technologist and Blockchain Enthusiast


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Jon Duschinsky
World renowned charity advisor (including ALS for...
Calum McWhir
Fintech Compliance Advisor at Thistle
5.0 8
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Giftcoin Reviews

I do have to say that I like the project and concept that is behind the Giftcoin concept, for when anybody does donate to a charity or wants to help anyone else that needs financial support for any reason, it can be extremely annoying that a donation-based platform is taking fees and charges out of your donations.

As fees and charges are going to be someone no user of the Giftcoin platform will be forced to have to make, it is sure to be a huge success if they market their concept and platform is the correct way.

The team that is behind Giftcoin do know their stuff and you will be best advised to actually look over their website and study their white paper and roadmap and also see what else they are going to be offering, for it does make interesting reading for sure.

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Giftcoin has engaged in a project to promote donations and charity by making it a more transparent, easier process. The company will design a system based on blockchain technology to make donating a simple process with no fees or a low commission base. The Giftcoin round-up app will automatically round off the small amount of money to the nearest dollar figure and change it into a Giftcoin, which users will store in their wallet and use for a noble cause in a completely transparent manner.

If you are interested in charity then investing in this project may be a good option for you. There are very few companies who are involved in charity so it is a good chance to invest in a project that helps people in need.

The company has launched its pre-sale in which you can participate. But, for this, you need to self-certify as a refined investor and also need to pass the KYC (Know your customer) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks. If you fail to pass these criteria, then you will not able to participate.

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Is this the right investment for you? If you are really interested in charity, yes, Giftcoin can be a nice company for you. There are not many start-up companies that are interested in charity, so this can be a one-time chance for you to invest in one of them and help them help the people in need later.

There is also a very profitable side in investing in this company, as their site has no red flags and it looks like a very good company, so you will probably get excellent financial returns for investing in this company right now.

Feel free to invest in Giftcoin if that is what you want and good luck on your investments.

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