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Blockchain-based genome-wide database service platform. GENES Chain is a blockchain-based genome-wide detection database service, dedicated to the establishment of an open, transparent, and co-governing decentralized ecosystem for genetic testing data collaboration organizations. While obtaining the corresponding GENES in accordance with the established mechanism, each participant on the platform can enjoy the genetic testing collaborative organization data service, and can enjoy the value of the genetic testing database platform too.
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Looking ahead to the present, let us believe that the accumulation, sharing, and in-depth research of genomic and health data can contribute to the effective extension of human life and the elimination of all diseases.   We provide a distributed storage system and ecosystem based on blockchain technology for gene combination of human health data. Large-scale data sharing and token incentive mechanism in the system, Users will be encouraged to continue to share data related to gene combination health, users will receive individualized health advice from ecosystem health service providers, and researchers will receive sufficient scientific research data sharing.   Based on the unique consensus mechanism. Coin-based acquisition system can encourage users to share early All kinds of health data, including but not limited to genomic data, Exercise data, diet data, case data, etc. Based on customized data storage mechanism Make each category, each health data unique Data fingerprinting and ensuring deweighting of ecosystem enterprises Assist in verifying the reliability of data.   Whole genome sequencing is the process of using a new generation of high-throughput DNA sequencing instrument to sequence the whole genome of an individual with a coverage rate of more than 30 times, and then comparing it with the accurate map of the human genome to obtain the complete whole genome sequence of an individual and decipher all the genetic information of an individual.


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