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GAIA EverWorld

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Welcome to the Mystical World of Gaia Everworld!
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About GAIA EverWorld


Gaia Everworld is part of the new generation of gaming being built on the blockchain which gives players full ownership of their characters, and rewards them for playing in a "play to earn" model of gaming which has taken the cryptospace by storm in 2021.


Fighting aside, all legions and great empires rely on trade. In the Gaia Everworld this is no different. Due to this fact, an armistice has been called in the Everworld Marketplace. Here players can connect with each other to buy and sell their in-game valuables, including their Gaia, new born eggs, Sorcerers potions, Jewels and even the Land they rule. Sellers can set a price for what they are selling or leave it in an auction where buyers try to outbid one another to secure the Gaia and goods they most desire. Buyers browse throughout the market place and the auction room until they find what they need. They then connect with the seller and complete the sale. In the EverWorld Marketplace people can search through different items and Gaia to buy or sell. Items can be searched for or filtered based on regions, rarity and item type. Players can also buy items and facilities which are used to level up their empires, including the legions halls, nurseries and hospitals. Prices for items are set by the seller, but with some items being rarer than others the market will surely create a fair price for the most and least desirable items. Usefulness, popularity and rarity will always be a factor in a buyers consideration.


Like all creatures of this earth, the creatures of Gaia Everworld also have an instinct for survival. Within this instinct is the need to reproduce. Some Gaia can produce more offspring than others and all are limited by the ticking time of natures clock. To avoid hyper inflation the maximum amount of times a super fertile can reproduce is ten, although some will be limited to fewer depending the growth of the game and other economic factors. Breeding Mechanism in simple terms is creating a new Gaia based on the genes from the parents. Repeatedly breeding the same Gaia will increase the cost of $GAIA token and Gaia Growth Hormone ($GGH) . The later in the breed count a new Gaia is born the more skilled and higher quality it is likely to be.


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