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FuraCoin is building one of the largest asset-backed digital currencies for emeralds in the United States and internationally.
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About FuraCoin

FuraCoin is an asset emerald token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is tied to a tangible asset that is historically valued annually, especially in decline in the broad market, as observed during the 2008 financial recession. Emeralds are stored in a secure vault at Bank of America, located at 2308 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, Florida 33134. The terminology of an asset-backed digital currency is an asset token (ABT).

These tokens are an inevitable event that can gain momentum in the near future due to the steady upward trend they have shown in the past. ABTs work by backing up the turnover of assets held by customers through tangible, real stores values ​​that help maintain and manage a stable price and reduce typical volatility of many other digital currencies collide.

ABT is an alternative way for investors and traders to keep value away from other more volatile digital currencies. Emerald trade through FuraCoin creates one of the largest asset-backed digital currencies for emeralds USA and internationally.

The main purpose of developing FuraCoin is to create liquidity for the emerald industry through a system that combines emerald trade capabilities with Ethereum - based blockchain technology to create a well - designed and transparent system. In addition, FuraCoin seeks to create an alternative method for individuals to buy, trade, store and exchange their tokens at the Gemological Institute America (GIA) -certified emeralds.

The company also offers investors a historic emerald price data over time through the Emerald Report (www.emeraldsreport.com). The Emerald Report was designed to track monthly and annual price changes in each category of emeralds. In particular, we adhere to the initial Commercial classes, Good, good and very good. In addition, Emerald Trade collects all major reports produced in each emerald-producing country.

As a result, Emerald Trade remains configured to the actual market price worldwide, as well as actual production and imports activities of each country where emeralds are mined, cut, bought or sold. Methods and procedures for detection, analysis, recording, accumulation and storage information is obtained from a large number of financial statements and export / import reports from numerous organizations involved in the emerald market, such as GEMWORLD, GIA, Fedesmeraldas, ANM, Asocoesmeraldand and Emeralcol. In particular, the question "What if there is a failure in the global blockchain, and the price is falling sharply? the answer is given. Now people have the strength and protection to fight unstable cryptocurrencies, buying FuraCoin as a means of stability and calm and safer long-term investment.


FuraCoin Roadmap

  • January 2016

  • -Q2 The basic of the Emeralds Report project.
    -Q3 Transfer of data from Emerald Emporio to Emerald Trade.
    -Q4 Market analysis and structuring of market prices since 2010.
  • January 2017

  • -Q2 Design of the web page
    design of the reports together with the price list.
    -Q4 Design completion
  • January 2018

  • - Q1 Construction of reports and website.
    - Q3 Marketing and campaign planning.
    - Q4 Closure and cancellation of the Emerald Emporio website and transfer of information to Emerald Trade.
  • January 2019

  • - Q3 Conception of the idea for the creation of a digital currency.
    - Q4 Alliance with producers and traders of the emerald sector at a global level.
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  • January 2020

  • - Q2 Creation of the Fura Trade website for the sale and distribution of emeralds.
    - Q3 Completion of the creation of the website www.emeraldsreport.com
  • January 2021

  • Q1 Market analysis of the tokenization of emeralds for FuraCoin and FuraTrade projects.
    - Q2 Emerald Report publishing and testing.
    - Q3 Construction of www.furacoin.com and www.furatrade.com for preparation for the ICO; advertising and marketing.
    - Q4 Finalization of wallet system; appraisals; white paper; lite paper; launch of 300 million FURA on Ethereum network. Furacoin is listed on Etherscan and Nomics.
  • January 2022

  • - Q2 Creation of the Fura Trade website for the sale and distribution of emeralds.
    - Q3 Completion of the creation of the website www.emeraldsreport.com


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FuraCoin Team

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Co-founder & CMO
Lauern Turner
CEO & President
Rex Turner
CFO & Vice President
Evan Turner
Alfonso Zanuy
Jorge Salas


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