Evernym ICO

Evernym ICO

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Self-sovereign identity with verifiable claims
May, 2018
Jun, 2018
100% completed
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About Evernym ICO

Humanity deserves digital identity that is permanent, portable, private and completely secure; in other words: self-sovereign.

Shortcomings in the internet’s original design made this impossible, at a cost of trillionseach year. Today, the invention of distributed ledger technology makes self-sovereign digital identity a possibility for the first time.

Now that self-sovereign identity is possible, it’s inevitable. And it’s going to change everything.


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Evernym ICO Team

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Andy Tobin
Managing Director, Europe
Daniel Hardman
Chief Architect
Drummond Reed
Chief Trust Officer
Elizabeth M. Renieri...
Global Policy Counsel
James Monaghan
VP, Product
Jason Law
Co-founder / CTO / Chairman
Steve Havas
Chief Operating Officer
Timothy Ruff
Co-founder / CEO
A.v. Krishnan
Director of Engineering
Alex Preukschat
Product Manager
Alex Sherbakov
Principal Engineer / Architect
Andrey Goncharov
Senior Software Engineer
Andrey Kononykhin
Software Engineer
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Evernym ICO Reviews

Ian Balina
Thoughts on Sovrin partnership with IBM?
I mean it’s big news, really big news. I’m kind of wasn’t so happy that they announced partnership during the ICO, rather I thought it might have been better to keep it post ICO, but I mean this is great, I’m surprised iBM is really getting into cryptocurrencies now.
Sovereign is good. I did not invest in it though but I did think it is an All Star project.
24-Apr. Would you invest in Sovrin? Probably no. I like the project, it was an all-star ICO, but I wasn't ready, it came out in a bear market. I didn't like the lockup, right, there's a good two to three months until the actual ICO and to me didn't really make much sense.
13-July. They have raised like 50 M, definitely not touching.
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Crypto Calibur
We believe Sovrin has the potential to be a leading project in the sector of data management and ID verification. Also we think the market may value the project closer to Ontology than to Civic, SelfKey etc. Being backed up by strong strategic partners such as Outlier Ventures, only increases our belief that this will become a serious competitor in its niche. Currently, details whether this project will raise funds through a pre-sale / crowdsale or not or have an airdrop are unknown, and it has been this way for several months now. With that said, Sovrin is a non-profit project, therefore we do understand why they are not too quick to collect funds. Furthermore, they have backing from industry leaders and large companies. We are excited to about Sovrin’s future and its offering, therefore we will keep a close eye on it and try to be part of the project as soon as possible.
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