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Dubai , United Arab Emirates

About UNLOCK Blockchain Forum

UNLOCK is proud to be organizing the second edition of UNLOCK in Dubai on January 15th-16th 2019 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel DIFC. Blockchain is here to stay and is growing. Blockchain is set to have a market size of 2.5 trillion by 2021 from its current 548.2 billion in 2018. Dubai and the UAE were also pioneers in terms of embracing Blockchain to create a more efficient government service. Today Dubai is implementing 20 Blockchain case studies and the UAE has forged ahead with its strategy to have 50% of governmental services on the Blockchain by 2021.

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UNLOCK 2019 Themes

  • ICOs, Crypto-currencies, and the future of exchanges in a regulated World
  • Scalability Interoperability and speed of Blockchain
  • Governments and the Blockchain
  • Investing in Blockchain
  • Utilizing Blockchain for Trade, supply chain and businesses
  • The Future of Blockchain
  • Tokenization of Everything in a Digital Economy
  • AI and Blockchain
  • Blockchain and privacy
  • Blockchain and Payments
  • Blockchain in transportation and energy
  • Blockchain as a Service and the role of telecom, cloud solution providers
  • Digital Identity and Blockchain
  • Expo 2020 in Dubai with Blockchain, AI, 3D and Big Data

Reasons to Attend


Nick Spanos
Founder, Chief Executive Officer BlockTech
CEO Smart Dubai Government Establishment
Nour Hineidi Kirk
Deputy Registrar DIFC Courts
Bilal M. Husain
Founder and CEO Digital Transformation
Mohsen Alzahrani
Vice President of Strategy and Excellence Saudi Payments (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency)
Bart Brands
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Michael Chang
Head of Strategic Advisory Wachsman
Dr. Hesham Bin-Abbas
Senior Consultant Ministry of Communications and Information technology (MCIT)
LLanjin (Ken) Huang
CEO, Founder NuclearChain
Mohammed Irfan
VP of Global Operations Bloccelerate
Peter Ferry
Founder, Director Wallet Services
Paul Ferris
Chief Executive Officer ObjectTech Group
Chief Executive Officer Dubai Healthcare City Authority – Regulation (DHCR)
Toufi Saliba
CEO Toda.Network
Yannis Kalfoglou
Blockchain Advisor
Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki
Managing Director Binary Financial and Co-Founder Alphabit Fund
Abdullah Almoaiqel
Co-Founder and Partner RAIN
Abdulrahman Ali Alolayan
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Taibah Valley
Eli Ansari
Co-Founder & CEO BRX Exchange
Daniel Haudenschild
Chief Executive Officer SwissCom Blockchain AG
Kamal Youssefi
Business Development Manager SwissCom Blockchain AG
Hamdan Azhar
Chief Data Scientist Zap.org
Arjeh van Oijen
CEO & co-founder Unchain.io
Founding Partner Lavaliere Capital Management


08:30 AM - Registration & Morning Coffee

09:00 AM - Welcome Speech

09:10 M - Keynote Speech

09:30AM - Panel 1: ICOs, Crypto-currencies and the Future of Exchanges in a Regulated World.
The panel will review the current state of ICO market, crypto-currencies/tokens (security or utility) and exchanges. Regulations and legislations are key elements for the future of Blockchain ecosystem. Countries globally and in MENA region either have initiated legal and regulatory standards or have issued studies in this regards.

10:15 AM - Networking Coffee break and tour of Blockchain Ecosystem Participants

10:45 AM - Unlock Chat: The Advent of Scalable and Interoperable Blockchain is it near?
In 2019, most of Blockchain projects will move from proof of concept into full production mode, upon this, not only will scalability be the main issue but interoperability and speed. How well advanced are we today in connecting Blockchains together as well as with legacy systems? Can we bring the Blockchain world together to work seamlessly and more efficiently or will we have siloes of Blockchains with varying efficiencies?

12:00 PM - Panel 2: How are Governments utilizing Blockchain today?45 minutes
This panel will discuss the movement of institutional investors into the Blockchain sphere whether they are investing in crypto-currencies or ICOs. Today Crypto Funds are on the rise. The question what effect will they have on the current climate. Who will be funding the next round of ICOs? Will there still be ICOs? What do institutional and family offices want from the Blockchain ecosystem?

12:45 PM - Lunch and Networking / Announcements1 hour and 15 minutes

02:00 PM - Panel 4: Utilizing Blockchain for the trade, supply chains and Business.
As many, know when money moves faster between buyers and sellers, when supply chains are transparent, efficient and secure, and when businesses can be set up in the push of a button, trade and economies will grow and propel innovation and the movement of goods and services. This session will discuss how Blockchain can improve the economic environment and build a more connected well cohesive world trade.

02:45 PM - Keynote Speech

03:00 PM - Networking Coffee Break /Announcements

03:20 PM - Panel 5: Tokenizing everything, why do it?
Today at the center of most Blockchain discussions is the topic of tokenization. The tokenization of physical and digital assets onto the Blockchain will enable the physical world of today to mesh into the digital. Questions as to what will this mean for business, economies, and even social lives is still not been fully understood. This session will open up the discussion on what it means to tokenize, why it should be done and the final results of a tokenized world.

04:00 PM - Keynote Speech

08:30 PM - Onwards Cocktails and Entertainment reception

08:30 AM - Networking Breakfast1 hour

09:30 AM - Panel 6: If I were an AI & you were a Blockchain, how would we Tango in a Smart City?
This panel will discuss how artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies can work together to enhance the efficiencies and quality of offerings in Smart Cities given the data generated from Blockchain and the predictive analytics derived from AI.

10:15 AM - UNLOCK Chat: Is Blockchain infringing on privacy or protecting it?
Privacy, security of data, and the latest GDPR compliance law in EU have opened up Pandora’s box as to whether the Blockchain were data is immutable and can never be erased actually infringes on privacy rather than protecting it. This chat will talk about privacy and security in the era of Blockchain and AI.

11:00 AM- Networking Coffee Break & Announcements

11:30 AM- Panel 7: Evolution of Payments and personal finance in the Blockchain era.
Blockchain’s largest implementations have been in payments whether with traditional banking or Fintech startups. Today governments are using Blockchain for settlement and consolidation between their accounts, as things develop, this will go beyond to reach the everyday citizen. Other sectors such as tourism and hospitality are exploring the Blockchain settlement process. Payments is becoming as easy and as common as getting out of bed. What will happen in the era of seamless efficient payments and what challenges are still being faced?

12:15 PM - Panel 8: State of Blockchain in transportation and energy sector.45 minutes
Transportation and the energy sectors are key pillars in any economy. Bringing efficiency to these sectors is of great relevance. With the advent of Blockchain how will the energy and transportation sector utilize this technology to better serve customers and the economy

01:00 PM - Lunch and networking1 hour

02:00 PM - Panel 9: The role of Telecom operators/ Cloud providers in Blockchain as a service.
For many, Blockchain is not only a technical, skill intensive project but also a costly one. Telco operators, cloud providers, governments, and Blockchain technology providers are coming up with models that will help alleviate that, with concepts such as Blockchain as a service or Blockchain on the cloud. Should entities explore BAAS or should they build their own? Which one is more beneficial, secure and in what cases applicable?

02:45 PM - Panel 10: Blockchain Digitizing Identity: The future of a digital life.
In this panel discussion, we imagine a world where we are all on the digital plane from the moment we are born to the day we die, where all that we own, the means we use to buy and sell and get paid have identities on the Blockchain what will this look like, how will we interact with the physical world and can we tell the difference?

03:30 PM - Keynote Speech “One Year before Expo 2020, what roles will Blockchain, AI, 3D, printing and Big Data

04:00 PM - Closing Remark

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Jan 15, 2019, 8:30 AM , GST (UTC +4)
Jan 16, 2019, 4:00 PM , GST (UTC +4)
$ 800
Ritz Carlton Hotel Dubai
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