Consensus 2024

Austin , United States

About Consensus 2024

Consensus is the world's largest, longest-running and most influential gathering that brings together all sides of the cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 community.

From hard-hitting conversations with visionary speakers to hands-on workshops aimed at solving industry challenges, developers, investors, founders, brands, policymakers and more will walk away with the tools and insights needed to continue laying the foundation of a more decentralized future.

It is called “Consensus” for a reason. This event is the primary forum where the industry comes together to discuss the most pivotal matters of the day, highlight the biggest successes and debate the most critical conversations.

Consensus 2024 is your chance to be a part of the most important conversation in crypto and Web3.


Andrej Radonjic
CEO Grass
Alex Rawitz
Co-Founder DIMO Dimo
Ari Redbord
Global Head of Policy TRM Labs TRM Labs
Becky Reed
Chief Operating Officer BankSocial BankSocial
Yorke E. Rhodes III
Co-Founder Blockchain @ Microsoft Microsoft
David Ripley
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CEO Global Blockchain Business Council Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)
Jeff Roberts
Finance and Crypto Editor Fortune magazine Fortune
Ian Rogers
Chief Experience Officer Ledger Ledger
Grigore Rosu
Professor of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Toufi Saliba
CEO and Author Hypercycle
Tekin Salimi
Founder dao5 dao5
Craig Salm
Chief Legal Officer Grayscale Grayscale Investments
Laura Sanders
Policy Counsel The Blockchain Association Blockchain Association
Sid Sanyal
Vice President of Engineering Eigen Labs Eigen Labs
Justin Schmidt
President Ondo Finance Ondo Finance
Pia Schoerner
Head of BMW Virtual Experiences & Gaming BMW AG BMW
Leo Schwartz
Reporter Fortune Fortune
Tony Scuderi
Chairman and CEO Imperii Partners Imperii Partners
Ryan Selkis
Founder and CEO Messari Messari
Shara Senderoff
Co-Founder Readyverse Studios, Futureverse Readyverse Studios
Amanda Fabiano
Founder Fabiano Consulting Fabiano Consulting
Hong F
President OKX OKX
Zack Seweard
Contributing Editor-at-Large CoinDesk CoinDesk
Fatemeh Fannizadeh
Chief Legal Officer Swarm Foundation
Dan Farah
Co-Founder Readyverse Studios Readyverse Studios
James Seyffart
Research Analyst Bloomberg Intelligence Bloomberg Intelligence
Thomas Farley
CEO Bullish Bullish
Tom Shaughnessy
Founding Partner Delphi Ventures Delphi Ventures
Jose Fernandez da Ponte
SVP & GM, Blockchain, Crypto & Digital Currencies PayPal PayPal
Cuy Sheffield
VP Global Head of Crypto Visa Visa
Ben Fielding
Co-Founder Gensyn Gensyn
Karl Floersch
CEO and Co-Founder OP Labs OP Labs
Alasdair Foster
President Bullish Capital Bullish
Lorien Gabel
Co-Founder and CEO Figment Figment
Michael Gao
Co-Founder and CEO Fabric Cryptography Fabric Cryptography
Hannah Shen
Strategic Partnerships & Research MIT Digital Currency Initiative MIT Digital Currency Initiative
Brad Garlinghouse
CEO Ripple Ripple
Asher Genoot
CEO Hut 8 Corp Hut 8 Mining
Maria Shen
General Partner Electric Capital Electric Capital
Ahmed Ghappour
General Counsel Espresso Systems Espresso Systems


$36 000 000

Dr. Ben Goertzel
CEO SingularityNET Foundation Singularity NET
Jeremy Sheridan
Managing Director FTI Consulting FTI consulting technology
Raj Gokal
Solana Co-Founder and President of Solana Labs SOLANA
Channi Greenwall
Founder & CEO Olympix Olympix
Elaine Shi
Associate Professor CMU Carnegie Mellon University
Keith Grossman
President, Enterprise MoonPay MoonPay
Zack Guzman
Founder Trustless Media Yahoo Finance
MacKenzie Sigalos
Correspondent CNBC CNBC International
Patricia Haas-Cleveland
U.S. President OMFIF (Official Monetary & Financial Institutions Forum) OMFIF
Mike Silagadze
CEO EtherFi
Mike Novogratz
Founder and CEO Galaxy Galaxy
Rob Hadick
General Partner Dragonfly Dragonfly
Casey Rodarmor
Creator Ordinals & Runes Ordinals & Runes
Steven Haft
Co-Founder Ethereum Climate Platform Ethereum
Sergio Silva
Co-Founder Overpass Fireblocks
Yihui Zhao
Co-Founder Story Protocol Story Protocol
Anatoly Yakovenko
Solana Co-Founder and CEO of Solana Labs Solana Labs
Liz Hagelthorn
CEO SmarterLicense Girl Gone Viral
Jing Wang
CEO Optimism Optimism Foundation
Harry Halpin
Co-Founder and CEO Nym Technologies Nym Technologies
Lesley Silverman
Head of Web3 United Talent Agency United Talent Agency
Tom Emmer
Majority Whip U.S. House of Representatives United States House of Representatives
Evan Hansen
Co-Founder and CEO Factland DAO Factland
Elena Sinelnikova
Decentralization Coordinator Metis Foundation Metis
Brian Nelson
Under Secretary, Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence U.S. Department of the Treasury U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Financial Stability
Kyle Hauptman
Vice Chairman National Credit Union Administration National Credit Union Administration
Kristin Smith
CEO Blockchain Association Blockchain Association
Ernest Cline
Co-Founder Readyverse Studios Readyverse Studios
Irene Hernández
CEO Gataca Gataca
Claire Silver
AI Collaborative Artist Claire Silver
Seth Hertlein
Global Head of Policy Ledger Ledger
Brian Smith
Chief Operating Officer Jito Labs Jito Labs
Bored Elon
Founder Bored Box
Caroline Hill
Senior Director for Global Policy and Regulatory Strategy Circle Circle
Ophelia Snyder
President 21Shares Friendz
Marc Hochstein
Executive Editor CoinDesk CoinDesk
Lex Sokolin
Managing Partner Generative Ventures Generative Ventures
Neal Stephenson
Co-Founder Lamina1 LAMINA1
David Hoffman
Owner Bankless Bankless Ventures
Dean Sovolos
General Counsel and Global Head of Regulatory Affairs B2C2. B2C2
Dylan Abruscato
Founder Crypto: The Game Crypto: The Game
Ariana Spring
Head of Research EQTY Lab EQTY Lab
Sunny Aggarwal
Co-Founder Osmosis Labs Osmosis Labs
Saif Akhtar
Head of Products Panther Protocol Panther Protocol
Jonathan Steinberg
Founder and CEO WisdomTree WisdomTree Asset Management
Jon Stephens
CEO Veridise Veridise
Robleh Ali
Founder Wadagso Wadagso
Jon Stokes
CTO Symbolic Capital
Muneeb Ali
Co-Creator Stacks Stacks
Aubrey Strobel
Communications Advisor Trust Machines Trust Machines
Jing Sun
Co-Founder IoTeX IoTeX
Irthu Suresh
CEO Atlantis Satlantis
Natalia Ameline
Decentralization Coordinator Metis Foundation Metis
Amanda Terry
Co-Founder and COO Metagood Metagood
Riva Tez
Chief Objectivist LayerZero Labs LayerZero Labs
Jess Houlgrave
CEO WalletConnect WalletConnect
Eric Towner
Founder Stoopid Buddy Stoodios Buddy
Joao Paulo Aragao Pereira
Sr Technology and Innovation Expert for FSI Microsoft Microsoft Japan
Marissa Trew
Director of Engagement, Emerging Sector Blokhaus Blokhaus Inc
Carole House
Executive in Residence Terranet Ventures Terranet Ventures
Jacek Trocinski
Founder Degen
David Tse
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University Stanford Electrical Engineering
Andres Arauz
Former Director General Central Bank of Ecuador Central Bank of Ecuador Ecuador
Bill Hughes
Senior Counsel & Director, Global Regulatory Matters Consensys Software Inc. Consensys
George Tung
Founder CryptosRus CryptosRus
Margaret Hyde
PR Consultant MH Consulting Association for Women in Cryptocurrency
Yoann Turpin
Co-Founder Wintermute Wintermute
Akhil Vajjhala
Co-Founder Moira Labs Moira Labs
Sahel Assar
Chair Blockchain Digital Asset Practice Group Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
Jon Fink Isaksen
Head of Policy, EMEA Uniswap Labs Uniswap
Peter Van Valkenburgh
Director of Research Coin Center Coin Center
Guillaume Verdon
Founder and CEO Extropic Extropic
Josh Baer
Founder and CEO Capital Factory Capital Factory
Chris Jacquemin
Head of Digital Strategy WME The Walt Disney Company
Community Relations Officer Floki Floki
Rohan Thomare
Engineering Lead Alchemy Alchemy
Bill Barhyd
Founder and CEO Abra ABRA
Sriram Vishwanath
Professor University of Texas The University of Texas at Austin
Alex Thorn
Head of Firmwide Research Galaxy Galaxy
Rebecca Barkin
Co-Founder and CEO Lamina1 LAMINA1
Lucas Vogelsang
Co-Founder and CEO Centrifuge Centrifuge
Jehan Tremback
Product Owner, Cosmos Hub Informal Systems Informal Systems
Ben James
CEO Atlas Atlas


$48 500 000

Erik Voorhees
Contributor Morpheus Morpheus Ventures
Ashley Tyson
Co-Founder Web3 Foundation Hypersphere Ventures
Fiona Bassett
CEO, FTSE Russell LSEG London Stock Exchange Group - LSEG
David Wachsman
CEO Wachsman Wachsman
Elena Tzvetinova
COO Eunice Eunice
Sheila Warren
CEO Crypto Council for Innovation Crypto Council for Innovation
Jayendra Jog
Co-Founder Sei Sei Labs
Evan Weiss
Chief Operating Officer Alluvial Alluvial
Lindsay Walker
Product Lead Starling Lab for Data Integrity Starling Bank
Jenny Johnson
President and CEO Franklin Templeton Franklin Templeton
Luke Whyte
Head of Community SuperRare Labs SuperRare Labs
Nathaniel Whittemore
CEO Superintelligent Superintelligent
Seth Wilks
Executive Director, Digital Asset Strategy & Development Internal Revenue Service Internal Revenue Service
Zack Seweard
Contributing Editor-at-Large CoinDesk CoinDesk
David A. Johnston
Open Source Contributor Morpheus Morpheus
Jeff Wilser
Host "AI-Curious" podcast Scholastic
Kevin Reynolds
Editor-in-Chief CoinDesk CoinDesk
diewiththe mostlikes Wilson
Becky Reed
Chief Operating Officer BankSocial BankSocial
Antonio Juliano
Founder and CEO dYdX dYdX Foundation
John Wingate
CEO BankSocial BankSocial
Francesco Renzi
Founder Superfluid Finance Superfluid
Shavonne Wong
Sidney Powell
Co-Founder and CEO Maple Finance Maple
Magdalena Kala
Managing Partner Double Down Double Down
Braxton Woodham
President Amplica Labs Amplica Labs
Wendy O
Founder The O Show CoinDesk
Edith Yeung
General Partner Race Capital Race Capital
Vibhu Norby
Amy Kalnoki
Co-Founder Bitwave Bitwave
Cathy Yoon
General Counsel Wormhole Foundation Wormhole Foundation
Danny Nelson
Senior Reporter CoinDesk CoinDesk
Aaron Kaplan
Co-CEO Prometheum Prometheum
Eva Zhang
Founding Team, ML Ritual Ritual
Christopher Neff
Global Head of Emerging Experience & Technology Anomaly Anomaly Science
Alexis Zhang
Associate Jones Day Jones Day
Kohji Nagata
Co-Founder Parallel Parallel Wireless
Yihui Zhao
Co-Founder Story Protocol Story Protocol
Matt Murray
Former Editor in Chief The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal
Chris Zuehlke
Global Co-Head Cumberland DRW Cumberland Labs
Bernie Moreno
Megan Kaspar
Managing Director FirstLight FirstLight
David A. Johnston
Open Source Contributor Morpheus Morpheus Ventures
Arsh Molu
Human Rights Foundation Human Rights Foundation
Jon Fink Isaksen
Head of Policy, EMEA Uniswap Labs Uniswap
Cleve Mesidor
Executive Director Blockchain Foundation Blockchain Foundation
Lynn Martin
President New York Stock Exchange New York Stock Exchange
Marcin Kazmierczak
Co-Founder RedStone Oracles RedStone Oracles
Rhett Mankind
Crypto Artist Turbo Token TurboChains
Phil Kelly
Head of Business Development o1 Labs O(1) Labs
Brad Keoun
Founding Editor, The Protocol CoinDesk CoinDesk
Tara MacAulay
Arif Khan
CEO Alethea AI Alethea AI
Cheyenne Ligon
Senior Regulator Reporter CoinDesk CoinDesk
Chris Dixon
Founder and Managing Partner - a16z crypto a16z
Hester M. Peirce
Commissioner - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Mathias Leys
AI Research Scientist Nillion Nillion
Tim Draper
Founder - Draper Associates Draper Associates
Sergey Nazarov
Co-Founder Chainlink
CEO Bloccelerate VC Bloccelerate VC
Yat Siu
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman - Animoca Brands Animoca Ventures
Jaime Leverton
CEO Hut 8
David Marcus
Asih Karnengsih
Executive Director Indonesia Blockchain Association Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia
Cathie Wood
CEO - ARK Invest ARK Invest
Mathew McDermott
Global Head of Digital Assets Goldman Sachs
Summer Mersinger.
Commissioner - Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
Sreeram Kannan
Founder EigenLayer EigenLayer
Kevin Owocki
Founder Gitcoin
Lindsey Argalas
CEO - TaxBit TaxBit
Eugene Joo
Founder Nectar Nectar
Tarun Chitra
Co-Founder and CEO Gauntlet
Will Clemente
Co-Founder - Reflexivity Research Reflexivity Research
Mike Colyer
Meltem Demirors
Head of Strategy CoinShares
David Johnston
Open Source Contributor Morpheus Morpheus
Umar Farooq
Global Head of Financial Institution Payments and CEO, Onyx by J.P. Morgan - JPMorgan J.P.MORGAN
Hugo Finkelstein
Co-Founder and CEO - Rise Blockrise
Jaemin Jin
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Magic Magic
Jason Les
Chief Executive Officer at Riot Platforms, Inc. Riot Platforms
Robert Leshner
CEO of Superstate
Jacob Lowenstein
Head of Growth Spatial Dynamics
Jon Fink Isaksen
Head of Policy, EMEA Uniswap Labs Uniswap
Alicia Maule
CEO of Givepact
Azeem Khan
Co-Founder Morph MorphL2
Peter McCormack
Podcast Host and Football Club Chairman of What Bitcoin Did and Real Bedford
Kaledora Kiernan-Linn
CEO Ostium Labs Ostium Labs
Jesse Hamilton
Deputy Managing Editor, Global Policy & Regulation CoinDesk CoinDesk
Frank McCourt
Executive Chairman of McCourt Global The Executive Council of Dubai
Nolan Bauerle
Bitcoiner The Breakup CoinDesk
Patrick Kim
Founder and CEO Sonarverse Sonarverse
Diogo Monica
Co-Founder and President of Anchorage Digital
Marshall Beard
Chief Operating Officer Gemini Gemini Trust Company
Brian Klein
Partner Waymaker LLP Waymaker LLP
nifty nei
Protocol Expert of Base58
Morgan Beller
General Partner NFX NFX
Tegan Kline
CEO Edge & Node Edge & Node
Melissa Netram
Head of Bitcoin Policy Block Lara On The Block
Mike Belshe
CEO BitGo BitGo
Robert Kopitsch
Secretary-General Blockchain for Europe APCO
Luca S.
Collins Belton
Managing Partner Brookwood P.C. Brookwood
Head of Venture Lab Mercy Corps Vetures Mercy Corps Ventures
Caroline Pham
Commissioner of U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Space & Technology Commission
Neil Berkeley
Producer/Director Decential brkly
Abhay Kumar
CEO Helium helium
Anthony Pompliano
Investor of Pomp Investments 7CC Blockchain Investments
Polina Bermisheva
Partner TenSquared Capital TenSquared Capital
Ryan Lackey
Chief Security Officer Evertas Insurance Evertas
Rebecca Rettig
Chief Legal & Policy Officer of Polygon Labs Polygon Labs
Phillip Bodine
Social Media Manager Dragonfly Capital Dragonfly
CEO Bloccelerate VC Bloccelerate VC
Philip Rosedale
Founder of Linden Lab LINDEN Law Firm
Joseph Bonneau
Assistant Professor of Computer Science NYU NYU Stern School of Business
Tuongvy Le
General Counsel Anchorage Digital Anchorage Digital
Joe Rotunda
Director of Enforcement of Texas State Securities Board Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Perianne Boring
Founder and CEO The Digital Chamber The Digital Chamber
S. Y. (Seung Yoon) Lee
CEO Story Protocol Asia Society
Bill Hagerty (R-TN)
Senator U.S Senate
Ryan Rugg
Head of Digital Assets, TTS of Citi Bank
Dr. Daniela Braga
CEO and Founder Defined.AI
Bobby Lee
Founder and CEO Ballet Ballet
Camila Russo
CEO of The Defiant
Todd Nassoiy
Supervisory Special Agent United States Secret Service U.S. Secret Service
Director Litecoin Foundation Litecoin
Sam Schoonover
Innovation Lead of Coachella Music Festival Forward Studio
Co-Founder Tezos Tezos
Christina Lee
Senior Product Manager, Future Lab Mattel Inc. Mattel
Griff Green
Founder Giveth & General Magic Giveth
Emin Gün Sirer
CEO of Ava Labs
Gregory Bresnitz
Sam Leichman
Blockchain Practice Lead Propeller Industries Propeller Industries
Michael Sonnenshein
CEO of Grayscale
Justin Breton
Director of Brand Experiences & Partnerships Walmart Walmart
Hailey Lennon
Partner Brown Rudnick Brown Rudnick
Matthew Graham
Managing Partner Ryze Labs Ryze Labs
Bill Tai
Chairman of ACTAI Global
Natalie Bruss
Co-Founder Mith / Range Media Partners Range Media Partners
Ben Leventhal
Founder and CEO Blackbird Labs Blackbird Labs
Fred Thiel
Chairman and CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings
Robert Bryan
Founder Karate Combat Karate Combat
Stuart Levi
Partner Skadden Arps Skadden
Maria Gomez
Managing Director Interchain Foundation ARAGON ONE
Jan van Eck
Ethan Buchman
CEO of Informal Systems Cosmos/Interchain Foundation/Informal Systems Informal Systems
Adam Levine
Edward Drummond and Florence Scott Libbey Director and CEO Toledo Museum of Art Toledo Museum of Art
Grace Wong
Co-Founder of Liven Liven
Caroline Butler
Global Head of Digital Assets BNY Mellon BNY Mellon
Head of Product Web3 Services Amazon Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Howard Wu
Co-founder and CTO of Aleo Aleo
Sarah Buxton
CEO Autonomi AutonomIQ
Cynthia Lo Bessette
Head of Digital Asset Management Fidelity Investments Fidelity Investments
Lucia Gallardo
Founder Emerge Emerge
Erika Wykes-Sneyd
Vice President of adidas /// Studio of adidas tonies®
Matt Candler
CEO Studio369, MetalCore Studio 369
Mark Long
Nick Carr
Chief Strategist Stand with Crypto Stand With Crypto
Tara MacAulay
Julie Fredrickson
Partner Chaotic Capital
Nic Carter
General Manager Castle Island Ventures Castle Island Ventures
Luther Maday
Head of Fintech Strategy and Innovation Moneygram International MoneyGram
Alex Fowler
Chief Strategy Officer Nexus NEXUS AI
Nadine Chakar
Managing Director, Global Head of DTCC Digital Assets DTCC Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC)
Simone Maini
CEO Elliptic Elliptic
Managing Partner Dispersion Capital Dispersion Capital
Renato Mariotti
Partner Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP BCLP
Nelly Chatue-Diop
CEO Ejara Ejara
Austin Marrazza
Product Manager Offchain Labs Offchain Labs
Rune Christensen
Co-Founder MakerDAO Maker
Jacob Martin
GP 2 Punks Capital 2 Punks Capital
Sui Chung
CEO CF Benchmarks CF Benchmarks
Jai Massari
Co-Founder and CLO Lightspark Lightspark
Will Clemente
Co-Founder Reflexivity Research Reflexivity Research
Rob Massey
Partner and Global Tax Leader – Blockchain & Digital Assets Deloitte Deloitte
Thomas Farley
CEO Bullish Bullish
Samara Cohen
Chief Investment Officer of ETF and Index Investments BlackRock BlackRock
Robert Materazzi
CEO Lukka Lukka
Mel Comer
Co-Founder Fuel3, LLC Fuel3 LLC
Paul McCaffery
Managing Director KBW - A Stifel Company KBW
Hong F
President OKX OKX
Kate Cooper
Head of Digital Assets National Australia Bank NAB
CEO Asymmetric Asymmetric
Sam Ewe
SVP CoinDesk CoinDesk
Shayne Coplan
Founder and CEO Polymarket Polymarket
Aaron McDonald
Co-Founder Readyverse Studios, Futureverse Readyverse Studios
Nick Emmons
Co-Founder Allora Upshot
Camilla McFarland
Advisor Serotonin Serotonin
Bo Du
Co-Founder Polymer Labs Polymer Labs
Claudio Cossio
Co-Founder Meta Pool DAO / ICP Hub MX Meta Pool
Ian McGinley
Director of Enforecement CFTC U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
John Deaton
Candidate U.S. Senate States in the Senate
Brian Crain
CEO Chorus One Chorus One
Tom McLeod
Founder Arkive Arkive
Caitlin Cook
Head of Communications and Marketing Hxro Hxro Network
Misha da Vinci
Founder grftf
Sid Coelho-Prabhu
Senior Director of Product Management Coinbase Coinbase
Nikhilesh De
Managing Editor, Global Policy and Regulation CoinDesk CoinDesk
Muriel Medard
MIT NEC Professor of Software Science and Engineering Ddosify
Sarah Chen
Attorney DLx Law DLx Law
John E. Deaton
Candidate U.S. Senate Deaton Law Firm
Rumi Morales
Partner and Board Member Outlier Ventures Outlier Ventures
Eric Chen
Co-Founder and CEO Injective Labs Injective Labs
Ken Deeter
General Partner Electric Capital Electric Capital
Kevin Mosley
Deputy Chief, Bank Integrity Unit US DOJ, Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section Criminal Division
Michael J Casey
Chair, Consensus 2024 CoinDesk CoinDesk
Sophia Dew
Tech Lead Public Goods Network Gitcoin
Daniel Mottice
CEO and Founder Beam Ansible Labs
Leah Callon-Butler
Director Emfarsis Emfarsis
Sulolit "Raj" Mukherjee
Executive Director, Compliance & Implementation Internal Revenue Service IRS Criminal Investigation
Anders Brownworth
Architect Radius Architect Partners LLC
Dorothy D. DeWitt
Founder & CEO Tölt Strategies Tölt Strategies
Gurnoor Narula
Research Analyst Placeholder VC Placeholder
Jessi Brooks
GC Ribbit Capital Ribbit Capital
Roger Dickerman
Founder Artifex Relentless Fitness
David Newns
CEO SIX Digital Exchange SIX Digital Exchange
Todd Bratz
Supervisory Special Agent United States Secret Service
Katherine Dowling
Executive Management, General Counsel & CCO Bitwise Asset Management Bitwise Asset Management
Kgothatso Ngako
Catalyst Machankura MACHANKURA
Bryan Bishop
Shadowy Super Coder Independent Software Contractor Citadel Software
Mike Dudas
Managing Partner 6th Man Ventures GlobalSpy
David Nuelle
Team Lead, Digital Assets Geneva Trading Geneva Trading
Catherine Bischoff
CEO Sovereign Nature Initiative Sovereign Nature Initiative
Beatrice O'Carroll
Principal Emanon Digital RockawayX
Josh Baer
Founder and CEO Capital Factory Capital Factory
Allison Duettmann
CEO Foresight Institute Foresight Institute
Brian Oberlander
Expert and Authenticator of Physical Bitcoins USI Consulting Group
Andy Baehr
Head of Product CoinDesk Indices CoinDesk
Matt Edelman
President and Chief Commercial Officer Super League Enterprises, Inc. Super League
Elena Obukhova
Founder and CEO Supermoon Supermoon
Ugochukwu Aronu
CEO Wicrypt Xend Finance
Derek Edws
Managing Partner Collab+Currency Collab+Currency
Daniel Andrade
Co-Founder Hotspotty & DePIN Hub Hotspotty
Jonathan Ehrenfeld Solé
Head of Securities and Digital Assets Strategy Swift SWIFT
Olta Andoni
General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer Enclave Markets CSS


$36 000 000

Brendan Eich
CEO Brave Software Brave
Ian Allison
Reporter CoinDesk CoinDesk
Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad
Deputy CEO Bitpanda Bitpanda
Kevin Abosch
Artist Studio Kevin Abosch Studio Kevin Abosch
Willy Ogorzaly
Head of Decentralization Fox Foundation Giveth
Annelise Osborne
Author From Hoodies to Suits Fiat Growth
Physical Cryptocoin Collector
Christopher Outram
EVP, Head of Blockchain Publicis Publicis Media
Pete Pachal
Founder The Media copilot The Media Copilot
Jonathan Padilla
Founder and CEO Snickerdoodle Labs Snickerdoodle Labs
David Pakman
Managing Partner and Head of Venture Investments CoinFund CoinFund
John Palmer
President Cboe Digital Cboe Digital
Niraj Pant
Co-Founder Ritual Ritual
Jun Park
Senior Investor HASHED Partner Hashed
Jesse Paterson
Co-Founder Chromia Chromia
Brennen Peters
Nouns DAO Nouns
Madeleine Pierpont
Web3 Associate Museum of Modern Art The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA
Sidney Powell
Co-Founder and CEO Maple Finance Maple
Alex Pruden
Executive Director Aleo Foundation Aleo
Haseeb Qureshi
Managing Partner Dragonfly Dragonfly


May 29, 2024, 8:00 AM , ACST (UTC +9:30)
May 31, 2024, 6:00 PM , ACST (UTC +9:30)