BLOČK 2018 – NFT Edition

Čakovec , Croatia

About BLOČK 2018 – NFT Edition

BLOČK 2018 – NFT Edition is a blockchain developer conference that will take place on December 14 and 15 (Friday and Saturday) at Hotel Castellum and the historical Castle Zrinski in Čakovec. With a maximum of 90 attendees and a group of internationally acclaimed speakers, we aim to establish a transfer of high-quality theoretical and practical knowledge through talks and workshops, and to inspire a fruitful exchange of new ideas, concepts, and good vibes during informal parts of the conference that will include a town-wide cryptohunt and a crypto party on Saturday night.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – NFTs, unique and non-interchangeable cryptographic tokens, are a popular and rapidly-growing domain of blockchain technology. Both the development and the application of NFTs require a significant amount of understanding, so we selected them as the main theme of this year’s BLOČK. NFTs, if you’re not familiar, are digital, unfalsifiable representations of real world information or value that are non-interchangeable, i.e. not equal between them. Think certificates, diplomas, collectibles. For a full introduction, please see At Bločk, we’ll build several NFTs of varying complexity and even use some in our city-wide crypto hunt!

We hope to turn BLOČK into an elite annual blockchain conference that will initiate the process of technological decentralization of Čakovec and turn the picturesque town of Čakovec and the surrounding winemaking region of Međimurje into a competent technological hub and an attractive spot for future blockchain events.


Filip Muki Dobranić
Thinker & tanker Hekovnik
Nate Geier
Mislav Javor
founder and ceo AMPnet
Nikola Jokic
CTO Digital Assets Power Play
Grzegorz Kapkowski
CEO CryptoVerse
Tomislav Mamić
Founder Denther
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Urban Osvald
Sonja Prstec
Senior legal counsel
Dejan Radić
CTO Oroundo
Billy Rennekamp
Co-founder, developer, artist Bin Studio
Bruno Škvorc
Technical Writer Status
George Spasov
Blockchain Architect LimeChain
Vladislav Ivanov
Head of development LimeChain
Marko Zovko
Developer Async Labs

BLOČK 2018 – NFT Edition Interviews

Grzegorz Kapkowski
What is your opinion about this event?
I liked the conference and especially the talk done by Filip Muki Dobranić.
Urban Osvald
What is your opinion about this event?
The event was great, there are not many NFT focused events, especially not in this part of the world. It was a smaller event - the first day there were two workshops for about 30 people, the second day were talks for about 70 people. The venue was a beautiful (and new) business hotel next to a castle. Speakers were very high quality, ranging from Status to Enjin and of course 0xcert. The organizers created also a crypto hunt as well as a wall with rare digital art that could be purchased on SuperRare - all in all a great event.
Bruno Škvorc
What is your opinion about this event? As a speaker, can you tell us about your speech at the event?
The conference was about NFTs - non fungible tokens - and the progress in that area of ethereum (and general blockchain) development. I in particular spoke about the coming changes to the Ethereum protocol - in particular the Ethereum 2.0 upgrades coming in 2020 and how people can prepare for those. The most memorable was definitely the tokehunt - a city-wide hunting for QR codes all around town. Attendees collected NFT tokens on various memorials around town based on hints provided by the app. These tokens were keys with which they were able to unlock 6 ether worth of rewards at the final location where the chests waited for them. It was cold but everyone had loads of fun racing through the snow and ice to be the first.
George Spasov
As a speaker, can you tell us about your speech at the event?
I gave a speech on developing and deploying NFT tokens on local and testnets.
Marko Zovko
As a speaker, can you tell us about your speech at the event? What is your opinion about this event?
My presentation was sort of an intro to Ethereum Plasma implementations. Well the atmosphere was very chill, I've been to some larger conferences, and the atmosphere was always kinda more egoistic, not in general, but you could always sense it. At Bločk the athmospher was genuinely open and chill and focused at learning and talking. Workshops and talks were interesting. Best part to me, was crypto hunt at the end of the event, where we were going around Čakovec looking for QR codes to win reward - real Ether.




December 14

December 15


Dec 14, 2018, 8:00 AM , CET (UTC +1)
Dec 15, 2018, 7:00 PM , CET (UTC +1)
EURO 45–115
Zrinski Castle & Hotel Castellum
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