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The first digital economy based on websites connectivity.
Feb 18, 2018
Mar 31, 2018
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About Epocum

Epocum offers a platform oriented to guarantee security and transparency for the next generation of digital remuneration based on websites connectivity.
There is a direct proportionality between the connectivity of a web service and its economic value. Epocum has been designed and developed in order to allow anyone to invest in their web service and make it remunerable based on its reputation, which for the first time it's represented by the external connectivity. Furthermore the platform offers other services for simple users based on imported connectivity through decentralized links (dLinks).

Epocum introduces smart sharing contracts as a new standard for the next generation advertising industries. Smart sharing contracts (SSC) are an advertising tool implemented in our platform and are used to bring traffic to your website. There are three types of SSC that will be implemented in the Beta:
- Pay for share: pay other people in ETH through smart contract for every single share
- Pay for connectivity: pay others in ETH, through a smart contract, for a total connectivity that has been brought to you
- Earn for share: earn by the connectivity generated by your post

$EPM is the currency generated by the platform and is the economic and digital representation of connectivity itself
and is transferable between any service or simple wallet existing in ethereum.

Alpha version is live and running on Ropsten Test network; we already have several web services that are testing our platform and many others are joining it.
Beta will be available in Q2 2018 and will be implemented the the token distribution and other Epocum's services as:
- Pay for share: pay other people in ETH through smart contract for every single share
- Pay for connectivity: pay others in ETH, through a smart contract, for a total connectivity that has been brought to you
- Earn from connectivity: earn from your web service connectivity
- Earn for share: earn by the connectivity generated by your post



Developers can use our APIs to create their own service, using real and trasparent connectivity data.

Most of the usage scnerios described below are true scenarios derived from our alpha tester web services:

La Locomotiva
La Locomotiva is the university online and printed newspaper of Perugia. They have an average of 100 monthly connectivity from the peaple that read their articles. They are using facebook as their channel of distribution of articles.
The redaction of "La Locomotiva" can now use Epocum to self-finance without using advertising and banners, earn at least the minimum necessary to pay the domain and hosting at the end of the year and also use smart sharing contracts to reach more people.
With 100 connections they have to hold 950 EPM.

Gian marco Silieri
Gianmarco is a freelancer web developer. He creates all types of website, from wordpress blogs to web applications. Every time he finish a website he knows that he'll be asked to manage their website in the future.
Now he can earn from the connectivities of websites that he manage.

Tingoshop it's a newly-created e-commerce that sell's high quality t-shirt printings. It has from 60 monthly connectivities.
Thingoshop's owner can use Epocum to spread the brand internationally through the smart sharing contracts and in the mid time monetize his e-commerce without marketing affiliation and advertising.
With 60 connections/month Tingo should hold 550 EPM in his wallet.

In marketing a person is called influencer if that person has the ability to influence the behaviour or opinions of others: The influencer is the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative.
For example a youtuber with 40k subscibers or an instagram star are considered influencers.
Influencer now have the power to choose a particular web service, let's say www.tingoshop.com for example, and sponsor it on their social platform. At the end of the month they will be rewarded by the platform in EPM for the percentage of connectivity that they brought to that service.

Ecobike is a start-up that aim to promote the artistic, landscape and cultural excellence of Umbrian territory by using assisted pedaling bicycle.
They decided to use Epocum to count how many persons trully visit they website and try to gain some EPM in the mid time.

Anyone can be a promoter, even you and me, you just need to be inside the Epocum's network and accept smart contracts created by web owners. A promoter can decide to share other's web services and earn ETH, EPM or whatever ERC-20 token that the web owner setted in the contract.
And those are just a few usage scenarios, imagine all the possibilities. You could even run your own advertising company upon Epocum.

Technical Info

Epocum is an Ethereum decentralized application that is blockchain based and smart contract driven.
We combine the power of proof of stake and proof of connectivity as our consensus mechanism.
Smart sharing contracts are not smart contracts, because they can not directly influence the world outside the blockchain, but are a typology which allows the creation of decentralized links distributed over IPFS and shared over social networks in order to maximize the media power of the sponsorization that we provide.
Decentralized links (dLink) hash are associated at the memory level to an interface of the smart contract at the time of their creation, in order to give to the network the possibility to trace back it's creator from the smart contract and certifying the approved connectivity level associated with the ipfs hash without any error margin. 
So the smart sharing contract is made up of 2 phases: the creation of the smart contract, where the creator set a connectivity target requested for it's own or other service to advertise, and the subsequent acceptance of that smart contract by someone else. Acceptance is the last phase of the smart sharing contract, and is when a user through his wallet confirm that he can bring the connectivity target requested to the creator generating it's own dLink to spread over social, on this way the epocum network can start register all the connections entry from that post, and at the moment of the achievement of the target specified, the smart contract through the validation of our network guarantees you the token payment. 
Read here for a more detailed guide: 


Epocum Roadmap

  • 2016

  • Concept

  • 2017

  • Start of developing

    Private release of alpha version for internal tests

    Launch of public alpha version
  • Q1 2018

  • Collaboration with other partners

    Start building Community

    Team expantion

    Token sale and distribution
  • Q2 2018

  • "Pay for Share" implementation

    "Pay for Connectivity" implementation

    "Earn for Share" implementation

    "Earn from Connectivity" implementation

    Beta release
  • Read More
  • Q3 2018

  • "Share with Epocum" plugin for CMS (Wordpress, Prestashop, etc..)

    More social networks sharing choices implementation
  • Q4 2018

  • Android and iOS application


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