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ELYCHAIN ​​is a pioneer in the area of standardization, production assurance and documentation of medical cannabis in Europe. We bring together producers, patients, authorities and the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is the barrier-free supply of cannabis to patients, as well as the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. By participating in the ELYCHAIN ​​ICO, you invest directly in the European cannabis industry! One of the biggest growth markets in the next 20 years.
Oct 15, 2018
Dec 15, 2018
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Behind the innovative ELYCHAIN ​​project is the Cannabis Social Club Elysium in Lanzarote – Spain. The Elysium C.S.C. already provides products for the medical cannabis use. The ELYCHAIN ​​project is directly implemented and applied by the Elysium C.S.C.. We will work closely with authorities, doctors and patients.

ELYCHAIN ​​will take the professional production of medical cannabis in Europe to the next level and create unified, much-needed standards for the cannabis industry. The Elysium C.S.C. will take on a pioneering role.
Once the development of the ELYC Mainnet is complete, it can be used by the cannabis industry and its partners.

Cannabis has been one of the most prominent medicinal plants of humanity for 5000 years. Since it is a natural product, the amount of active ingredients varies. The same seed may contain various compositions of active ingredients. Thus, to reach standardization of medical cannabis, a constant production process plays a crucial role.

With ELYCHAIN, we create smart contracts for the cannabis industry, so we are able to work in compliance with the law. Manufacturers and sellers have the opportunity to standardize and document their production and distribution based on blockchain technology.

In addition, the C.S.C. Elysium and other partners accept payments in ELYC tokens, with the ability to toggle tokens locally and load them onto a membership card stored on the blockchain.


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