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Earthmedz is a patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on life-threatening diseases. It’s goal is to source the best methodologies for delivering improved health outcomes for patients, and ensuring that these are accessible to patients all over the world. We want to empower everyone, everywhere with knowledge and access to the best medical care in specialized medicine.
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Apr 20, 2018
May 20, 2018
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About Earthmedz

Health is wealth. Our health is regarded as our greatest asset. However, due to the world’s fragmented healthcare system in specialized medicine and complexities in system design and deliverables, we are often forced to trade it away.

Many healthcare systems are slow and inefficient; they favor some to the exclusion of others. There is a lack of transparency around the right specialists, the misdiagnosis rate is high, and the best medical care isn’t centralised in one place due to sub-specialization. Similarly, there is limited physical access to some of the most proficient medical practitioners in the world.


Earthmedz it’s a common platform where the patients, medical practitioners, and the entire health ecosystem can connect directly with each other. The patient can be in one country and the specialist in another but through this platform, they’ll be able to communicate and the get solutions for their problems. The main goal of Earthmedz is to empower everyone, everywhere with knowledge and access to the best medical care in specialized medicine.


Earthmedz Roadmap

  • MARCH 2017

  • Mar – Dec. 2017. Creation of EarthMedz Health Foundation.
  • JANUARY 2018

  • 2018, Q1. Creation and Development of ERC20 Intelligent Smart contract.
  • APRIL 2018

  • 2018, Q2. ICO Tokens Sale.
  • JULY 2018

  • 2018, Q3. Exchange Listing: CoinExchange & listing on CoinMarketcap.
  • Read More
  • OCTOBER 2018

  • 2018, Q4. Marketing: Worlwide Patient/users awareness building about EarthMedz.
  • JANUARY 2019

  • 2019, Q1. More Exchanges.
  • APRIL 2019

  • 2019, Q2. Provision & Development of ETD Wallet.
  • JULY 2019

  • 2019, Q3. Incorporation & Development of Ecosystem.
  • OCTOBER 2019

  • 2019, Q4. Provision of ETD Vault Storage System on Blockchain with storage customization for regulatory purposes.
  • JANUARY 2020

  • 2020, Q1. World Health is Wealth Conference.
  • APRIL 2020

  • 2020, Q2. Transition of current EarthMedz Digital Medical Records onto the Blockchain.
  • JULY 2020

  • 2020, Q3. Provision of Digital Patient Record based on Blockchain for the Ecosysytem.
  • OCTOBER 2020

  • 2020, Q4. Incorporation of ETD Research Module within ETD Wallet for Research Labs, Specialists and Users.


Earthmedz Team

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Ryan Anderson
Tim Shaw
Adrian Benjamin
James Smith
Amelia Wilson
Mark Hughes

Earthmedz Last News

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