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About Don'tPlaywithKitty (DPK) is the planet where Kreatties lived on. At the beginning, there were only 7000 residents in it. They left their shattered homeland in spaceships and traveled for a very long interstellar journey. Then they discovered the DPK Planet and stayed, where they discovered human beings. Due to their controversial nature, they looked down on this species but could not help to get close to them. They think the humans are stupid, but they enjoy the love from the two-legged animal. The Kreatties are lazy and fond of sleeping and playing. They can only accept the way to make money while playing. To reduce their heavy burden to build the planet, they decided to reproduce to relieve their burden of establishing the DPK Planet. With the increase of the Kreatty population, different clans emerged. They started to gather more resources by group wisdom. Huge clans even become the monopoly of DPK mines, the rare resource on DPK planet. Due to DPK mine is the vital resource for reproducing offspring, upgrading the clans, a war is already begun...   DPK is a decentralized play-to-earn platform for blockchain games. It creates a kitty-themed game with Metaverse community. Only users with Kreatty NFTs can access games on the DPK platform, which combines various blockchain financial methods such as clans, NFT, GameFI, and play-to-earn. The goal is to create a platform that is cool, humorous, relaxed, fun, and creative. DPK will issue kitty-themed blockchain games consistently, each of which has different gamification financial methods. Relying on tools such as GameFi framework, incentive tokens, DAO governance tokens, decentralized NFT marketplace, Swap, and so on, DPK will continue to bring users fresh and pleasant game experiences and the financial wealth effects. After developing and releasing the third blockchain game, we will start to build a platform distribution system, helping a large number of traditional games transport to play-to-earn mode. Furthermore, gathering more players through more games and derivatives to build DPK’s global leading community for blockchain game players. The huge community of blockchain game users will encourage blockchain game developers to create more and better contents and enhance greater wealth effects, which will attract more players to be involved into play-to-earn games, and this trend could be considered as a spinning flywheel which has stronger power with through accumulation. Therefore, as soon as the DPK platform delivers value to a large number of users in its first game, the flywheel will begin to spin faster and faster. DPK platform itself is in possession of many GameFi gameplays which match the game. Players can earn KIT tokens and DPK tokens through breeding, leveling up, clan building, PVE quests, PVP battles, mining, and staking. Meanwhile, the players can trade kitty NFT bred in the game to other players. Since Kreatty NFT is the basis of the DPK platform identity, anyone wishing to participate in the game must have at least one Kitty or Kreatty NFT. This is the unique user fission mode of the DPK platform, allowing early backers to have the share of the largest proportion of benefits. The clan system is another highlight of Pet Garden which means that members share the bonus of the whole clan. The more members there are, the more benefit each one will get. The behavior related to value in the system will bring ranking to the clan. Through the rank changing in the clan ranking, the clan can obtain a lot of DPK token rewards and wealth, which further makes the whole family comes into a community of interests. All participants will make effort to introduce new players and create value, run clans, and create common wealth. Players log in the DPK platform through the decentralized wallet. And the DPK platform independently develops the decentralized marketplace of NFT, which allows users can complete C2C NFT transactions on the platform. With the mode of WEB and APP terminal, players can easily complete asset allocation adjustments such as NFT reproduction, staking, mining, and trading on the WEB end. Play modes, such asPVE, PVP, breeding, clan operation in the APP end will ensure players get a better game experience, which lays the foundation for the issuance of other chain games in the future.

Don'tPlaywithKitty Roadmap

  • 2020.9

  • Launch of the project (completed)
  • 2021.8

  • Launch official website (completed)
    Set up Twitter account, Telegram and Discord communities (completed)
    Start the promotion (completed)
  • 2021.9.24

  • KIT token listed on Pancake (completed)
  • 2021.10-11

  • Start the Kreatty NFT Sale (completed)
    Launch NFT decentralized trading market and reproduction system (completed)
    Launch the first game: Pet Garden (completed)
  • Read More
  • 2021.12.6

  • Start pre-sale of NFT in metaverse project Mine Planet (completed)
  • 2021.12

  • Start the IDO of DPK token
    Listed on PancakeSwap and provide liquidity
  • 2022.1

  • Launch Mine Planet first phase
    Launch DeFi contract
  • 2022.2

  • Launch second game Brave World
  • 2022.3

  • DPK token listing on massive and centralized exchange
  • 2022.Q2

  • Launch Mine Planet second phase
    Connect with multiple main chains to achieve cross-chain transaction
  • 2022.Q3,Q4

  • Develop wallet system of its own
    Start the development of sidechain
    Launch fourth and fifth game


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