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Difuon's secret source is a comprehensive and comprehensive artificial intelligence software that integrates the whole process in a set and forgets the solution. Our remote management capabilities make it possible to become a fog computing provider even if not technical. People with extra bandwidth, space, and energy will be able to participate, explosively increasing the computing power of the fog.
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About Difuon

Difuon’s secret sauce is its holistic, comprehensive artifical intelligence software that federates the entire process in a set it and forget solution. Our remote management capability will enable even the non-technically inclined to be fog compute providers. This will foster explosive growth in fog compute capacity as it enables anyone with spare bandwidth, space, and energy to participate.

Difuon will take the Cloud to the Fog through: 1. Consensus Engagement 2. Consesus Federation & 3. Remote Management. Difuon brings compute down from the cloud to the fog, infinitely closer to where the data is created. The 1st rule of data management: Don’t move it.

Conventional approaches to decentralized compute erroneously assume that there will be sufficient available spare compute capacity on user's personal laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. This assumption is false because most users will not put up with the inconvenience, security vulnerabilities, and privacy violations that result from running external compute jobs on their personal hardware.

Difuon addresses these problems by using dedicated hardware that minimizes inconvenience and maximizes security and privacy. Our business model incentivizes the deployment of disposable fog compute nodes that monetize spare bandwidth, space, and energy. With remote management these devices require no technical expertise by the user thereby enabling virtually anyone to participate as a producer. Our co-marketing arrangements with hardware manufacturers enable a scalable delivery model that will foster exponential growth in real compute capacity.

Difuon Team

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John Richards
Sam Smith
Tyler Richards


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Graham Leach
Brian Nelson
Danny Wang

Difuon Interviews

Tyler Richards
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am one of three on the founding team.

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