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Diamond Guard

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The idea to create Diamond Guard was born out of regular conversations with our customers. They often approached us to design a reliable protection from targeted attacks on their financial assets, including cryptocurrency. So we decided to develop a multifunctional and compact device that ensures safe storage of owner's cryptocurrency assets and provides a secure environment for operations with the assets.
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Nov 27, 2017
Dec 17, 2017
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About Diamond Guard

To implement the aforementioned tasks our company has come up with three solutions that are available on a single device. Meet Diamond Guard: a secure and convenient hardware crypto wallet that can also provide a decentralized VPN connection.

Diamond Guard is a wireless device that allows owner to create trusted VPN networks. It caters to different needs and is compatible with both stationary and mobile devices.

Diamond Guard has several features to guarantee security of its owner’s data. To begin with, Diamond Guard allows encrypting and storing user’s private keys as well as identification and private information. This is achieved through multifactor authentication system. Thus, the only way to access the data on the device involves passing both the fingerprint-identification system and the device’s digital checks (login and password). Additional security control forces user to press a special button on the device to confirm vital transactions (including cryptocurrency transfers) or when accessing private keys.

All cryptographic operations on Diamond Guard take place in a protected environment that is isolated from input-output interface. That guarantees that the user is fully protected from untrusted environment that can be contaminated with malware. It also ensures that the functions of security and daily Internet activity are kept separate, thus limiting the possibility of a hacker launching a cyberattack.

In addition to having a USB type C interface, Diamond Guard supports wireless means for exchanging data, including Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE. That means that the device’s encrypted storage can be accessed via any mobile device (albeit with the owner’s endorsement). Moreover, Diamond Guard can serve as a VPN node and a firewall.

Diamond Guard Roadmap

  • NOVEMBER 2015

  • Diamond Key’s first prototype – a hardware wallet for storing user’s private keys – was created
  • MARCH 2016

  • Diamond Key found initial popularity among customers in energy and financial markets
  • SEPTEMBER 2016

  • Relying on internal investments, developers created the first Diamond Guard multifunctional prototype. VPN decentralized technology in the works
  • FEBRUARY 2017

  • Diamond Guard project launched. Identifying and refining the target market
  • Read More
  • MAY 2017

  • Developing the Diamond Guard’s product line
  • JUNE 2017

  • ICO fundraising preparations began
  • DECEMBER 2017

  • ICO launch. The company aims to raise $30 million. Preparing infrasturcture for Diamond Guard production
  • APRIL 2018

  • Launch of the Diamond Guard prototype that can support the key functions. Start of BETA device testing and audit
  • JUNE 2018

  • Diamond Guard mass production launch. Developing blockchain for minting the GRD token
  • AUGUST 2018

  • First batch of Diamond Guard devices is shipped to customers


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Diamond Guard Team

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Michael Rumiancau
CEO and Co-Founder FriendlyData Inc.
Greg Limon
Founder of Canada Capital Group Inc.


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Stan Milc
Partner at Caviar House , Canada Capital Group inc...
Maria Atamanova
Alexander Mamaev
Evgeny Medvedev
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