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Cryptogodz is a universe of P2P NFT gaming inspired by one of the biggest game in history, DOTA 2. They use Oracle to balance the game rewards and minting.
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About Cryptogodz

CryptoGodz is a Dota2 - inspired P2E NFT universe where anyone has the capability to earn tokens while playing and contributing to the game's ecosystem. Players can own CryptoGodz' Sentz (non-fungible 3d characters) to play combat, morph, hone, collect and build an army of valuable crypto assets.   Players can earn by:
  •   Unlocking Ancient Stones and get a chance of receiving high rarity Sentz.
  •   Playing combat to Slay Umbras and fight Sentz Duels in return earning Cryptocurrency tokens as game rewards.
  •   Opening Treasure Chests to receive Ancient Stones, Godz Tokens, and Sentz' Items.
  •   Selling Treasure Chests rewards in the marketplace.
  •   Collecting and speculating on rare Sentz such as Crystal, Shadow and Holy Sentz.
  •   Farming Godz Tokens and Trinity Keys which are required in acquiring Treasure Chests. The Godz Tokens is a cryptocurrency token and can be sold on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap.
  •   Players can earn our token: "Godz Tokens", which holds part of the game and players holding Godz Token will be part owner of the game, thus will receive generous game incentives.
  Mission Our mission is to continuously solve fundamental problems arising in the NFT GameFi scene. Converting them into investment opportunities, helping investors looking for safe and sound earning models.  
Vision Our Vision is to provide a stable and balanced earning avenues in the world full of disappointing NFT GameFi Decentralized Apps.    


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