Cooperative Exchange

Cooperative Exchange

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Jun 26, 2018

The World's First Cooperative Cryptocurrency Exchange
Risk: High
Jul 1, 2018
Aug 1, 2018
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 500 000.00 USD
Cap 1 000 000.00 USD
  • 10000 COOP
    0.1 ETH
Token Details
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About Cooperative Exchange

The current state of exchanges in the cryptocurrency space is improper at best, and downright detrimental to the expansion of the industry at worst. New projects struggle with being listed on a decent exchange, regardless of the project’s merit or userbase. Many exchanges charge ludicrous fees to list a new token and take grudgingly long to do so, even after receiving payment. In many cases, this ruins the credibility of the project and bankrupts its investors. Further, users of exchanges are often charged high fees for every action they make. Deposit fees, maker fees, taker fees, and withdrawal fees all go to the exchange, never to be seen by the user again. What do exchanges do with all of the money? They certainly don’t need all of the millions that they make. Their fans, the users of the exchange, should be able to reap the rewards of exchange growth and trading. With your help, COOPEX intends on solving these problems. 

  •  75% of trading fees are shared with token holders in monthly buyback program
  •  Zero exchange listing fees for ERC tokens
  •  50% of ICO funds go towards marketing
  •  Easy-to-use trading interface



Utilize our fast and responsive trading UI to exchange new tokens with major coins. We plan to move Ethereum and ERC20 tokens to a decentralized exchange in the future.


Token Buyback

Once a month, COOPEX will aggregate at least 75% of exchange trading fees and use them to market buy and burn COOP exchange tokens. We won't tell you until afterwards, so don't keep your sells open!


Exchange Listings

We provide exchange listing services for your favorite projects and we do not charge listing fees. Interested in listing on COOPEX? Please fill out the form here.


Exchange API

We provide an API for developers to build on top of our exchange (currently under development).


Margin Trading

We are currently working on a margin trading solution for COOPEX and we are planning to finish by the end of August 2018. Our margin trading platform will feature shorting and longing on a selection of our markets. Leverage trading will be available as well.

Technical Info


COOPEX is launching an ICO for the COOP exchange token. The ICO is currently ongoing on the exchange. If you are interested in participating in the ICO, please log in, deposit some ETH and visit the COOP/ETH market (click on "Markets"). Throughout the ICO, the COOP market will be in a 'locked' state, meaning you cannot place any buy or sell orders. You can only buy the token for the listed ICO price. Click on the order with the "Click here" text below it and then click "Buy COOP" at the bottom to purchase your COOP tokens. The ICO will have pairs for BTC, BCH, and ETH, but the pre-ICO is only available for ETH. Currently, withdrawals for COOP are disabled, but will be enabled in the near future.


ICO Details:

The pre-ICO began on June 18, 2018. The pre-ICO will last for ten days or until 1,000,000 tokens are sold, whichever comes first. The price during the pre-ICO will be approximately $0.05/COOP. So 1 COOP = 0.0001 ETH and 1 ETH = 10,000 COOP.

The ICO will begin on July 1, 2018. The ICO will last for one month or until 9,000,000 tokens are sold, whichever comes first. The price during the ICO will be approximately $0.10/COOP. The price in ETH, BTC, and BCH will be determined at the start of the ICO. Any tokens unsold by the end of the ICO will be burnt.


Please note that participation in the ICO and use of the exchange is limited to non-US citizens only.


Expected circulating supply: 10,000,000

Expected total supply: 12,000,000


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Cooperative Exchange Team

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Jonathan Downing
Founder and CEO
Alan Orwick
Moch Lutfi
Front-end and Back-end Developer
Manu Sharma
Front-end Developer
Shira Hovav
Business Development and Marketing

Cooperative Exchange Interviews

Jonathan Downing
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I'm the founder and CEO of the Cooperative Exchange. The idea for COOPEX came to me while I was researching and investing in new crypto projects - the new projects always had a difficult time getting listed on an exchange, and the exchanges the projects were able to list on had constant liquidity issues. With COOPEX, I intend to change all that.
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