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The Digital Proof Point for Energy and Emissions Data.
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About ClearTrace

Energy information today is siloed, unvalidated and non-standardized, creating inefficiencies and slowing progress towards global and corporate carbon emission goals. As the world continues to heat, and technology continues to advance, the way energy information is managed has largely remained unchanged. ClearTrace is changing the ways of old by disrupting the entire framework of how we manage our energy information. We have built the energy accounting system for the future, available today.

ClearTrace’s technology enables the purest form of proof and immutability for the real world impact of energy generation and consumption. ClearTrace allows companies to stand behind their claims of carbon reductions, sustainability, and renewable energy to prevent greenwashing and provide a source of truth while allowing everyone to read from the same sheet of paper.


ClearTrace Team

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Lincoln Payton
Evan Caron
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Eric Miller
Chief Technical Officer
Troy Martin
Chief Operating Officer
Zach Livingston
Head of Sales
Bobby Astrich
Head of Product
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