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Relational technology for mainstream dapps. Chromapolis ICO is the Next Generation Block Chain Platform of DApps Chromapolis is a daughter project of ChromaWay, a distributed block chain platform, allowing developers to build distributed applications more efficiently. Chromapolis is a block chain solution designed to save data and support data monitoring. The Chromapolis block chain has a relational model that allows access to data via the API and enables horizontal scalability. Chromapolis is the ultimate foundation of the DApps development platform because it is designed to handle transactions with cheap commissions and faster trading times compared to Ethereum.
May 28, 2019
May 28, 2019
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About Chromapolis

Chromapolis is both a blockchain and a relational database. This means that decentralized applications (dapps) can be written in a way that is familiar to developers all over the world, whether they work on large enterprise applications, games, or smaller projects.

All applications need a way to store and handle application data - a database. Relational databases are considered to be best in class for flexibility, versatility and consistency.

Blockchains perform the role of a database: They store application data and make sure that any additions, updates and transformations are consistent with the rules of the application. By delegating blockchain logic and storage to a relational database management system, Chromapolis achieves a seamless fusion of the two.

A fully fledged blockchain with complex operations, ad-hoc queries, and a developer-friendly programming model built-in. Chromapolis succeeds because it takes full advantage of the tools which already exist.


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Ian Balina

Chromaway, had a call with a team today, very interesting, on my radar. It's kind of a hybrid between a blockchain and a database, alright, so Chromaway is legit.

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Wolf Crypto

ChromaWay, the parent company of the platform Chromapolis, aims to create a platform allowing decentralized applications with scaling and ease of development in mind. 
Main features of the Chromapolis platform are:
- Uses a relational model so that the data can easily accessed by an application programming interface (API) and indexed and queried without performance degradation (using Rell, a query language similar to SQL).
- Scaling is solved horizontally so that each dApp gets its own blockchain, run by its own nodes. Expected transaction time of >500 TPS per sidechain.
- Uses the PBFT consensus algorithm (hardened by anchoring), a relaxed version of BFT that can handle more fault tolerance and allows transactions to be confirmed in seconds. When the number of blockchain’s validator nodes is 3f+1, a block must receive 2f+1 “votes” to be confirmed.
- As dApps are not built as smart contracts, Chromapolis does not charge transactions fees, but instead “collects fees from a dApp as a whole”.
Chromapolis hardcap is $15M for 15% of tokens sold to partners. Platform is being developed by ChromaWay, a technology company operating since 2014 in Sweden, working on blockchain platform with public and private sector actors and focused on real estate and finance.
We believe Chromapolis is one of the most interesting projects we have encountered, and give it a rating of 89.7% — top rating in our blockchain project review sheet.

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