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A new blockchain, smart contract operated direct to consumer and company to company portal that collectively pools all individual purchases around the world, generating one large bulk purchase order, presenting that to the brand owner or supplier to significantly reduce the costs of goods.
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Canada, Australia
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Retail, Smart Contract

About Cartel

Cars, furniture and technology and anything in between, Cartel will disrupt and reshape the entire retail pricing formula and change the supply chain forever. Ultimately giving we the people, all the products we want and need for a fraction of the price.


  • Consumer Portal
  • API Plugin
  • Wallets
  • Business Portal

Cartel Roadmap

  • Q1 2018

  • - Completion of ICO.

    - MVP Completion.

    - Internal Beta and Testing of Cartel Platform.

    - Token Integration and Distribution.

    - Sales Team Staffing..

    - Exchange Listing.
  • Q2 2018

  • - OSX/Windows Wallet Release.

    - Industry Relationship Building.

    - Cartel Platform Moves into Private Beta.

    - Second Exchange Listing.

    - Marketing Deployment.

    - First Brand Listing Announcement.

    - Cartel Platforms Moves into Public Beta.
  • Q3 2018

  • - Third Exchange Listing.

    - iOS/Android Mobil Wallets and Platform Testing.

    - Review Platform Beta Testing.

    - Cartel Platform Release.

    - E-Commerce Integration Development.

    - Integrate P2P Lending Solution.

    - Launch Review Platform.


30 Days Growth:

Cartel Team

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$700 000

Alexander Harutunian
Project Manager


$700 000

Levon Hayrapetyan
Croft Malyan
Team Lead
Alessandro Mazzi
Legal Officer
Tobi Balogun
Full stack designer and branding specialist
Arda Karaçizmeli
Full stack designer & frontend developer
Finn Hansen
Product manager and agile specialist
Vahan Lulukyan
Web developer

Cartel Last News

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Cartel Reviews

Differentiation: Based on information provided, Cartel does not effectively communicate how the platform differs from its competition. Instead, the focus is on how the platform plans to compete against existing (non-blockchain based) solutions. Potential competitors include Yodse, SyncFab, and and 3DChain.

Market Penetration Potential: With respect to other blockchain-focused projects that aim to disrupt commerce and supply-chain, it is not evident that Cartel will be able to effectively compete. Of course, there are inefficiencies with current solutions. This is discussed in the whitepaper. In short, “much of the associated, if not padded expenses are the links between the price after manufacturing and its indirect path to retail”. Cartel plans to develop a system where consumers are able to purchase items directly from the manufacturer at much lower prices. Giving consumers the ability to purchase items at a lower cost will drive demand for the platform. However, factors other than price must be considered when competing with market leaders such as Amazon (brand loyalty, shipping times, customer service, user experience, etc).

Solution Advantage: The document outlines advantages of the platform compared to existing solutions. However, when compared to similar projects, it’s not evident what the platform will allow that sets it apart from the competition. The functionality of the token and the proposed blockchain solution are somewhat vague and is not accompanied with convincing technical discussion. The benefit reducing costs by directly connecting manufacturers and consumers is clear. However, this aspect of the platform is shared among many similar projects and there is seemingly a lack of distinguishing features of the platform that would give Cartel a competitive advantage.

Long-Term Vision: The project seems to capitalize on the exuberance surrounding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as opposed to developing a project with long-term potential. The roadmap is fairly vague and not considerably forward-thinking.

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