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Welcome to Carmel A decentralized open source learning platform that assists novice and experienced software developers, expands its skillset and tracks their growth using tokenized peer problems
Oct 22, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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Jun 11, 2018
Aug 20, 2018
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About Carmel

Decentralized Education
Carmel is architected as a Decentralized Communityof Teachers and Students, with absolutely no dependency on a central third party authority. With Carmel, developers are in charge of their own learning journey and they decide what's best for the community as a whole.
Hands-On Learning Experience
Carmel is designed as a radical departure from the typical video-based lecture model, as it provides a learning experience much closer to how professional software developers learnon an on-going basis, rather than mirroring how computer science is taught in a traditional classroom setting.
Tokenized Growth Tracking
The Carmel microlearningapproach means that the material is smaller and easier to produce and to consume. The peerapproach ensures that the content can be produced in a scalable way, as the network increases. And the tokenized challengesallow for fine-grained tracking of progress.

Carmel Roadmap

  • Initial Carmel Studio Launch

  • Release Objective: LAUNCH THE STUDIO. Get the Carmel Studio (Desktop App) out as a functional native app for Windows, Mac and Linux. This first version will be limited but it will introduce the concept of the Carmel Toolbox and will have an initial integration with the host operating system for opening tools such as the Terminal, as well as installing tools.
  • First Functional Carmel Challenge

  • Release Objective: FIRST FUNCTIONAL CHALLENGE. Allow leaners to download the first Carmel Challenge and take it inside the Carmel Studio.
  • Temporary (ERC20) CARMEL Token Launch

  • Release Objective: TEMPORARY (ERC20) CARMEL TOKEN LAUNCH. Launch the Ethereum ERC20 Temporary CARMEL token.
  • Carmel Mobile iOS & Android Launch

  • Release Objective: CARMEL MOBILE IOS & ANDROID LAUNCH. Publish the initial version of mobile apps to the Apple AppStore and to the Google Play Store.
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  • Official EOS CARMEL Token Launch

  • Release Objective: OFFICIAL EOS CARMEL TOKEN LAUNCH. Deploy the EOS Dapp to the EOS Mainnet and officially offer native CARMEL EOS payments.
  • Initial Chunky Intelligent Guide Prototype

  • Release Objective: INITIAL CHUNKY INTELLIGENT GUIDE PROTOTYPE. Launch an early prototype of the Chunky Guide that helps Carmel Learners during their Learning Journey.
  • Carmel 1.0-Beta Release

  • Release Objective: CARMEL 1.0 BETA RELEASE. Freeze all major features and open up the platform to public functional testing.
  • Official Carmel 1.0 Public Launch

  • Release Objective: OFFICIAL 1.0 LAUNCH. The fully functional platform, including the Web App, Mobile App, Desktop App and the EOS Dapp. Migrated to EOS and fully operational.


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Carmel Team

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Dan Calinescu
CEO & Co-founder
Andrei Lazurca
Product Manager & Co-founder
Andi Coman
Product Developer & Co-founder
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