Blockchain of Things

Blockchain of Things

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Created using Figma
BCOT tokens unlock functionality in the Catenis Enterprise product. Decentralized applications, Secure messaging, Blockchain data logging.
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Jun 27, 2018
Aug 8, 2018
100% completed
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About Blockchain of Things

Blockchain of Things BCOT Tokens Power The Ultimate Bitcoin Blockchain Integration TechnologyBCOT tokens unlock functionality in the Catenis Enterprise product. When used in Catenis, these tokens convert into internal credits which activate key system functionality:Secure messaging - addresses key IoT vulnerabilitiesSmart-Asset -  enables secure, blockchain-based Hardware as a Service. Digital keys in the form of smart-assets can unlock functionality in remote hardware connected via CatenisIntelligent edge contracts - enabling smart agents and smart assets for a new breed of enterprise applicationsDecentralized applications - eliminating central points of failureBlockchain data logging - provides proof of authenticity capability, a key feature used to help combat counterfeit goods salesBCOT tokens enable an incredibly powerful feature set for enterprises and are consumed as part of the system’s rapid adoption technologyConsumed tokens convert into real Bitcoin blockchain value (actual bitcoins) that are used for miner fees and dust value (small amounts of bitcoin)Catenis Enterprise provides secure permissioned communication across the open global peer-to-peer Bitcoin blockchain. Token Sale Terms Maximum Supply - Determined by the community based on achieving target sales Public Sale started at USD $0.75 per token with incremental increases up to USD $2.00* $0.50 USD up to 10m sold $0.75 USD 10m - 20m sold $1.00 USD 20m - 30m sold $1.25 USD 30m - 40m sold $1.75 USD 40m - 50m sold $2.00 USD 60m + sold Customer Reward - of the total 20% Minimum Circulating Token Supply, 12.5% will be distributed as customer rewards to token buyers across 3 years Duration - Token sale will run for up to 6 weeks

Blockchain of Things Roadmap

  • 2017-2019

  • Research
  • Q2-2019

  • Development
  • Q3-2019

  • Fundraising- Private Early Bird
  • Q4-2019

  • Public Exchange Of BOTS Token
  • Read More
  • Q1-2020

  • Testing DApp Blockchain 4.0
  • Q2-2020

  • Bringing DApp To Market


30 Days Growth:

Blockchain of Things Team

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Andre De Castro
Founder and CEO
Claudio Sa de Castro
Deborah de Castro
CFO / VP Operations


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David Wurman
Investor / Advisor
Kate Luckett
Investor / Advisor
Michael Warren
Tarak Kadia
Financial Advisor
Jasmin Cowin
Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor

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