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Aurum has the opportunity to evaluate by Aurum's service ICOcenter expert Auction of online market and auction Aurum is a franchise dealing jewelry and watches all over the world with experienced block chain developers and jewelry and watch service experts Collaborative project Anyone can buy or sell jewelry and watch online market and auction. Its quality is confirmed by Aurum's service center expert
Nov 5, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 53 550 000.00 USD
Cap 1 428 000.00 USD
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Jun 4, 2018
Aug 5, 2018
100% completed
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Goal 1 071 000.00 USD
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Cryptocurrency, Business services


It is unsafe to buy used jewelry and watches online because their origin and quality are unknown; the characteristics declared by the seller are not guaranteed by anyone. There is no possibility to sell jewelry and watches online for a satisfactory price because there is no way to confirm their authenticity and quality. When buying jewellery and watches abroad, the buyer may encounter difficulties with payment, taxes and delivery


Service centers for repair of watches and jewelry

  • 13 years of business in the service of watches and jewelry
  • 20 operating service centers in large shopping malls
  • 140 jewelry and watch brands entrust warranty service to our service centers

The company Graphene Lab industry leader in the development and integration of blockchain applications

  • 17 years of software development experience
  • 50 software products developed
  • 2 public software products using Blockchain

Online marketplace for buying and selling jewelry and watches

Online auction of the checked jewelry and hours, with a guarantee of the service centers

Franchise service centers on repair of hours and jewelry with the unique service of Online auction around the world

Technical Info

A seller can sell a watch or jewelry at the marketplace. Only products, which have been appraised by an Aurum service center specialist, can participate in the auction

The seller can quickly get an appraisal of the product at any Aurum service center and put it for auction. The product will be stored in the service center during the auction.

Once the product is appraised at the Aurum service center, it is assigned a special Blockchain passport based on GRAPHENE technology

The product is purchased using Aurum tokens

The seller is paid immediately after the auction

Aurum service center delivers the purchase to the buyer Roadmap

  • January- June 2019

  • 2,000-20,000 ETH.
    Set up representative offices in Moscow, Berlin, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, New York.
    Create a single register with product passports based on Graphene technology.
    Enter product events data. Start the auction.
  • July- Desember 2019

  • 20,001-40,000 ETH.
    Set up representative offices in London, Paris, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles, Ekaterinburg,
    Nizhny Novgorod. Enter into a contract with jewellery and watch manufacturers in order to create a complete chain
    in a blockchain. Create an auction using smart contract to automate the purchase and sales of products.
  • January- June 2020

  • 40,001-60,000 ETH.
    Set up representative offices in Madrid, Rome, Hanoi, Dhaka, Yangon, Chicago, Houston, Novosibirsk.
    An integration of blockchain platform with an API of existing auctions and large jewelry networks.
    The expansion of a functional of an interior auction is a creation of lots from verified users, the
    development of Aurum Passport.
  • July- Desember 2020

  • 60,001-75,000 ETH.
    Set up representative offices in Mexico, Jakarta, Karachi, Delhi, Rio-de-Janeiro, San-Paulo, Kazan.
    An integration of other industries into blockchain platform.
    The automation of process.


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-2 Team

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Vladimir Sheremet
Alex Smirdin
Dmitriy Bukin
Artur Tarapanov
Executive director
Vyacheslav Dernovsky
Development director
Alena Zhukova
Marketing director
Denis Semenov
Technical director


$348 918

Igor Demin
AC Consultant / SC Developer
Alexandr Sorokin
UI/UX designer
Aleksey Sysoev
Regional manager
Denis Berdihin
Geniral director
Ilya Siyalov
Project manager
5.0 12
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