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Atonomi provides a new safety protocol and infrastructure to qualify billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce. The Atonomi Safety Protocol provides the following basic contributions to qualify interoperability. Atonomi is a project that leverages established technology of its parent companionship, Seattle-based CENTRI Technology. CENTRI is a chief in providing IoT data security solutions, with its technology integrated into IoT solutions produced by multi-billion dollar ecosystem players like Arm, Flex, and Intel, among others. CENTRI’s safety technology protects data for IoT devices and provides a solid foundation for Atonomi’s safety protocol. The Atonomi Network is integral to securing the IoT and its genuine world applications. For example, homeowners could register smart home devices with the Atonomi Network to validate devices on the premises and help eliminate the danger of hackers accessing personal knowledge. Within industrial IoT, the Atonomi Network can defend against hackers gaining control of the sensors, controllers, and other devices that regulate the operation of essential infrastructure, such as hydroelectric dams and utility grids. To unleash the power of IoT, cybersecurity is required.
Mar, 2018
Mar, 2018
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About Atonomi

Atonomi provides a new security protocol and infrastructure to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce.

The key innovation of Atonomi is to root the identity and reputation of devices on a blockchain-based immutable ledger. We accomplish this by building and incentivizing an ecosystem of participants to maintain decentralized consensus for device transactions on the Atonomi Network.


Healthcare providers use the Atonomi Network to secure IoT devices – in the hospital or home

Homeowner secures and enables smart home with Atonomi Tokens

Manufacturers securely deploy new IoT devices via Atonomi Network

Municipalities can securely link IoT devices to enhance citywide operations



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The usage of Atonomi Tokens would stimulate increasing number of transactions. In addition to that, IoT devices are more than capable of making the data collection process much more cost effective and streamlined. The IoT network provides us with an autonomous data collection system that currently requires human interaction. As a result, even small share on this market could bring to you billions of dollars in revenue and market capitalization.

The key innovation of the Atonomi low-level protocol is to root the identity and reputation of devices on a blockchain-based immutable ledger. One of the most important thing is that the Atonomi platform will make use of CENTRI’s patented technologies. This integration will not only make Atonomi safer, it will also give the platform an edge over its competition. Secure Communication Service which will enable the creation of secure communication channels on the platform within 3 milliseconds, Multi-layer Crypto Key Management that will allow the platform to have decentralized crypto key management with a high scalability factor. 

Atonomi is introducing the Atonomi Token for participants of the decentralized ecosystem, which can be used as a reasonable mean of exchange for secure device-to-device commerce between devices registered onto the Atonomi Network. In the absence of digital tokens, devices would need to be equipped with credit card processing capabilities that require a far larger footprint on resource-constrained devices. In addition, it has many other important functions. The Atonomi Token is used by the Atonomi Network for device registration, activation, reputation management and commerce transactions. Key participants such as OEM/device manufacturers, distributors, device owners and auditors are anticipated to seek Atonomi Token rewards for participating in the Atonomi Network. The Atonomi Token, which functions in compliance with ERC-20 standards. Currently, the biggest problem with IoT devices is that their entire network can be disrupted by a malignant party that wants to steal valuable and sensitive data, this problem is only going to become a bigger threat as the world continues to become dependent on IoT technology. Blockchain-based Atonomi Network is going to solve this problem.

The financial model has not been presented yet. However, it is steel possible to make some estimation of further market capitalization and profit of the project. Atonomi would build ecosystem for the IoT. As a result, the biggest cash inflows for the project is commission from the transactions. The projected commission, stated in White Paper is 1%. There would be 20 billions IoT devices in 2020. If on average each device make 1 transaction per month and commission per transaction is 0,1$, the market size will be equal to 24 billions $ per year. Even 1% of market share gives 240 mln $ in revenue just in 2 years. However, currently project is just in the beginning of its development. In VC such projects usually attract seed stage investments. For ICO projects it would be normal, to set hard cap at 3 to 10 mln $, nowadays hard cap has not been announced. Anyway, for long-term investments this project looks really great.

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Ian Balina

11-Mar. I'm gonna pass on Atonomi, I like for projects to have some kind of timeline and I know most projects don't release adhere to the timeline, but at least we know they're late.They don't have much on the ico so I don't even think they're trying to raise money publicly, all right, so because of that I am out of Atonomi. I think I have heard a lot about it though some people like it but not for me.
24-Apr. I'm not sure, why I passed on it, I think it was a prototype, so if they have a prototype I can go back and look at it, but I mean at this point it may be too late.
I don't think they have launched the token sale yet, but I'm not sure if they already had a pre-sale, if that a pre-sale without having the prototype out already then it might be too late, but I will go back and look at it.

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Atonomi is up there in the top five right, but the reason why they got downgraded is because they pulled their roadmap, so they had this roadmap that said that they had a beta ready product and then I was looking for their main net, so I go in there and apparently they pulled their roadmap. But either way they're refactoring in their roadmap right now so they are incurring a penalty.

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ICO Drops

We participated in pre-sale. They collected a lot on pre-sale, so there may be no public sale.
13-May. Sergey: We discussed it in the chat: There was a rumor but it is not backed by any evidence, that is why the project is still High Interest. Hype is big, the cap is low, good team. I didn`t change my mind about the project.
14-May. Key: I will pass on it because of red flags, that`s my opinion.
Sergey: It is hard to participate in the sale. They didn`t give allocation for pools.But the risk exists. Link
30-May. Sergey: It is a high idea. They have shown MVP. We have participated in the pre-sale. The cap for crowd sale will be small.
16-July. Aleksey: It opened up bad on exchanges, I will hold, I invested small size.

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