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Jun 17, 2022

Artizcoin is created by Artizyou INC. a Montreal-based platform for creators of all stripes. Our platform has been providing blockchain intellectual property certificates to creators for years, and we’re looking to bring our expertise to the world of NFTs, helping creators address NFTs’ inherent legal issues with the introduction of the NFC, Non-Fungible Certificate. We have partnered with companies like Deloitte and Algorand to tackle intellectual property security, and we are launching our own coin, Artizcoin in Q3 2022.
Artizyou regulates all manner of creations using time-stamped IP proof-of-ownership certification immutably preserved in the blockchain and protect them with AI Plagiarism detection.
Private VIP sale
Aug 31, 2022
Sep 15, 2022
100% completed
$4 200 000
1680% goal completed
Goal 250 000.00 USD
Cap 100 000.00 USD
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Total supply
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Operational investment
Marketing 15,00% 2 340 000,00
Founding team 12,50% 1 950 000,00
Developement investment ######## ########
Ecosystem development 17,50% 2 730 000,00
Security reserve 10,00% 1 560 000,00
Liquidity 15,00% 2 340 000,00
Community rewards 20,00% 3 120 000,00
Sales 5% 780 000,00
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Artizyou inc
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Aug 31, 2013
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Yes , from Apr 5, 2022 till Jun 15, 2022

About Artizcoin

As creatives in Art, AI and programming, we teamed up with legal experts because we recognized that virtual intellectual property (PIV) is being violated and that there is no official right that protects our data on the web. Thus, we decided to create a solution that makes I.P. more accessible to creatives. This is how Artizyou was born in 2019, following Artizjob, which was incorporated March 14, 2013.

Over more than 5 years of R&D, we developed several cryptographic and data monitoring technologies. Then, we  exploited the irrevocable potential of blockchain to timestamp certificates. This was not enough, so we opted for the development of a plagiarism detector that uses AI and alerts the creative whenever their work is published online.

The community is growing. Using the NFT protocol, we are evolving the concept to allow creatives to tokenize their IP in order to create value. Everything will be backed by crypto currency, the artiz coin (art), which will structure the lifecycle of any IP.

Artizyou now has more than 18 partners, among whom we are very honored to include

ALGORAND, EncQor 5G,  ACET Capital, Timechain, and many others.

Together, we will change the world and end the monopolies of the giants.

How do investors make money?

Regularly increasing value of the coin by:

Implementing planned/strategic token burning policy:
We will burn a percentage of the tokens as every 25% of the $250,000 soft cap is activated: at each 62,500 we will burn 10% of the tokens, which will continue to increase the value of the coin.

Backing Artizcoin, which is supported by tangible and authenticated IP:
Investors make money thanks to the value of the token. Artizcoin is backed by intellectual property, the new gold. As this intellectual property generates revenue, the value and stability of ART coin will both increase.

Adding Artizcoin to additional listings:
The coin will increase in value as we continue with our strategy of additional listings at a higher price than that of the IDO. The token listing will be listed first in exchanges like Tokpie then Kucoin and Probit. Finally, Artizcoin will be listed for visibility on CoinGecko, CMC, etc.


The whole economy is based on intellectual property.

We consume brands and use products or invented and patented solutions.

Artizyou is a blockchain platform that allows for the generation of tamper-proof digital proof of creative property — a bIP (Blockchain Intellectual Property) certificate — which is tokenized in a few seconds in phase 2 of the project, transforming the bIP into a non-fungible certificate (NFC).

Unlike non-fungible tokens (NFTs), NFCs give investors the right to tokenize and market their assets or create a new commercial activity—not only in the virtual domain but also in the real world. Printing a creation, producing a limited series of works, and creating derivative products are all examples of this operation. We have also developed a plagiarism detection AI that informs the owner of the intellectual property if someone publishes their content online, and we employ specialized IP lawyers to support our clients with qualitative consultations, which can be paid for using Artizyou coin (ART).


Technical Info

  • The Artizyou protocol


The cornerstone of the Artizyou network is a claim. A claim is simply a message (arbitrary data) stored with the public key of the person who sent this message and a valid cryptographic signature for that message and the public key:

                    ClaimClaim > Public Key Signature Message


Messages store information that an actor or creative wishes to keep for future reference.

* Source: 


For scalability as a key strategic differentiator and to minimize transaction costs, Artizyou stores multiple claims in a single Ethereum transaction by hashing a full set of claims in an OP_RETURN output. While the Ethereum blockchain provides the most secure immutable data library that has ever existed, storing data on the blockchain is expensive. Instead of directly storing assets and metadata on the blockchain, Artizyou stores this data in a distributed hash table, using BitTorrent and the Kademlia DHT network.

Artizyou nodes chop creative works and advertise a BitTorrent magnetic link to the Ethereum blockchain. Other users are advised that this medium of new information is available for download, as other nodes are constantly monitoring the Ethereum blockchain to receive notifications about new claim sets they may download. The hash proves that the claims existed at some point. Artizyou could use any blockchain, or an aggregate of multiple blockchains, to publish this information in the future.

In the current data format, valid Artizyou transactions must follow these rules:

  • Have at least two outputs
  • One of the outputs must be a standard OP Return output with the prefix "0xf3" written in ASCII encoding, the torrent info hash containing the claimset information, and the BEP009 Tagged Info Hash, which should replace the use of SHA1 for SHA256.
  • An exit payment at the minimum price of 0.023630568 Ether, which is currently $40.27, to the Ethereum address of Artizyou, which will be rolled back during the first development cycle of the Artizyou era and replaced with a transaction group in a single hash in order to lower the cost by 90%.

The hash is a one-way function that proves the existence of a work, but one cannot retrieve the work itself using only the hash. Therefore, Artizyou uses the BitTorrent network to store the complete works in files and allows them to be shared via torrent.

Claim Set Ethereum Transaction

               Once a claim has been made, it can be queried by interaction with an Artizyou node or any other system  adhering to the Artizyou protocol.

         A process similar to filing a claim can be used by a notary to add another level of  claim (a certification), revoke a claim, or signal that the claim is available for license  (an offer).


  • The Artizyou node

A node is composed of the following micro-services:

ClaimSet Creator: An API for the creation of claims; several claims created by users over short periods (from a few minutes to an hour) will be grouped together into a single set of claims, hashes, and timestamps, which will be put on the blockchain and then passed to the torrent subsystem and, finally,  to the claim processor.

Backup service: Responsible for downloading and booting applications of changes and notifying other subsystems when new information is ready to be consumed.

Ether Scan: Scans the Ethereum blockchain (both continuously and retroactively) for valid Artizyou transactions.

Complaints Processor: Coordinates the Ethereum scanner and the change initiation subsystem, enriches the information of the complaint set with confirmation information from the blockchain, and stores the information in a database.

Trusted Claim System: Processes information from the claims processor and filters only claims certified by trusted notaries. The result is an organized database of reliable claims.

Plagiarism Detection Subsystem: Applies domain-specific rules to information collected by the trusted claims system and exposes the information with a RESTful API.

The micro-services inside an Artizyou node communicate with each other via the RabbitMQ, and Artizyou nodes communicate with each other via the Ethereum blockchain and the protocol.

Artizcoin Roadmap

  • 2019

  • Preparation of the white paper draft + Launch of the official website

    Development of Artizyou Application: MVP 1 + Testnet

    Generation of b-IP (NFC) Non-Fungible Certificate

    AWARD: Technology of the year selection by Collision Summit + Linkedin Awards : INNOVATION OF THE YEAR

    Development and engagement of a community of creatives (early adopters)
  • 2020

  • Innovation and optimization of the plagiarism detector (Artificial Intelligence) Version 1.0

    Investment and acceleration by Acet Capital

    Opening of the branch in Los Angeles

    Development of an API for law firms and legal departments and partnerships with four global leaders in legal specialization

    Webinars launch and collaboration with influencers +1K users
  • Q1 - Q2 2021

  • Expansion of the team to 30 collaborators

    Smart contract optimization add-on

    IDO infrastructure and Website development

    Membership in Crypto Valley

    Update of the Artistic Direction: Design Logo and Token

    Road Map update + Tokens transfer Functionality
  • Q3 - Q4 2021

  • White list registration and private IDO setting (Beta launch)

    Added functionality: protect a video and a song beta

    Launch of the plagiarism detector 1.3

    Partnership with Deloitte IP Boosters program to help startups located in North Africa

    IBC Partnership : Integration of online lawyer consultation

    polygon NFT Partnership : Community outreach and focus group to optimize Artizyou for NFT creators
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  • Q1 2022

  • Artiz NFC manager Beta development with POLYGON

    IDO Phase II: Seed Round Investing and Private Sale (Whitelist)

    Generation of a conventional certificate to strengthen the IP

    Collaboration to create Defixverse the 1st decentralized Metaverse casino and Game Fi incubation
  • Q2 2022

  • Integration of online lawyer consultation

    Launch of the wallet functionality and the use of Artizcoin (ART) + NFC

    Optimization and integration of the licencing functionality

    Launch of ArtizStore to exchange and market NFCs

    Recruitment of a new customer support team
  • Q3 2022

  • Artiz NFC manager version 1.0

    New DAPP Beta version + testnet

    Artiz store NFC exchange beta

    Plagiarism detection AI bot beta version
  • Q4 2022

  • DAPP version 1.0 + testnet

    Artiz store NFC exchange 1.0

    NFC Launch pad Beta

    Artiz NFC manager MetaVerse beta version

    Artiz Cloud Blockchain development

Artizcoin Team

Verified 7%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team


$4 200 000

Sam Drissi
Chief Visionary Officer and co-founder
Luc Paquette
Esquire - Legal Manager I Co-Founder
Marc Samoisette
V.P. Business Development, North American Market
Mathiou Houde
Junior CTO I Optimization Manage
Shaden Ghehioueche
Senior Artistic Creator
Sabrina Tokli
Artiz Europe Administration Manager
Chiheb Ghazouani
Esquire: ICO legal managing partner I Co-founder
Dorra Jalel
Esquire: CAG Law Firm lawyer, Financial ICO regula...
Abir Gaddes
Esquire: Law Firm lawyer, International ICO regula...
Deborah Lechtman
Esquire: OA Legal Junior Partner- Swissland ICO Re...


$4 200 000

Fabien Gillioz
Esquire: OA Legal Junior Partner, Swissland ICO st...
Michael J Wasco
Esquire: Patent Attorney
David Pocius
Esquire: Strategic Legal Consultation
Walid Bouzouita
Analyst I UX Designer I Co-Founder
Wassim Bichkho
Senior Artistic Director
Marc Litalien
Web Artistic Manager I Co-Founder
Maricar Sze
Maricar Sze Manager of Content Creation
Sarah Zurhellen
Remi Gagnon
Senior CTO I Co-Founder
Dominic Michaud
Chief Operations Officer I Integrator I Co-Founder
Nicolas Pinault
Blockchain Expert I Co-Founder
Bachir Sallami
AI Consultant
Muhammad Rizwan
Full Stack Developer
Akaash Mukherjee
Senior Blockchain Expert I Co-Founder
Hugo Lachance
Lead Blockchain Expert
Michael Tememe
Cyber Security Expert | CEO SNAPI Guard


$4 200 000

Thomas Melchior
ICO Management Expert
Ali Shahzad
ICO Finance Strategy

Artizcoin Interviews

Sam Drissi
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As a Co-founder, my role is to attract the maximum number of NFT, Game Fi project players and Metaverse platforms and creators without forgetting to negotiate agreements with strategic partners. For example, we have just signed a contract with one of the big 4 DELOITTEs to make Artizyou available to protect the intellectual property of innovative third world startups. very proud to help!
What do you think about idea?
We have launched the NFC Non Fungible Certificate which is the future safer NFT, protected by IP and against plagiarism and especially granting operating licenses which protects receivers and collectors and gives them the right or not to use the creations in the Metaverse or even in the real world.
Luc Paquette
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As a marketing assistant, my role is to help Artizyou perfect their message and maximize their visibility.
Marc Samoisette
What do you think about idea?
Artizcoin by Artizyou makes it easy, fast, and affordable for thousands of users to protect and monitor NFT creations. We provide authenticated evidence of a creation's ownership, custom licensing, and AI tech that alerts creators any time infringement is detected.
Sabrina Tokli
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am a business woman business woman with more than 15 years of experience in the creation and management of successful companies. I ALSO Works as a tax strategy consultant. I'm passionate about innovation and loves solving functional from. FULFILLS The Role of Artiz Europe Administration Manager
I take care of the European entity implemented in Switzerland. My mission is to meet the investing and manager of the Strategy of Operations for Artizyou in Europe.
What do you think about idea?
The idea is superb and its realization seduced me. So I decided to join Sam Drissi the founder of Artizyou and his superb passionate team. I believe that Artizyou and the NFC will revolutionize the economy and bear the fragility that the crypto and the NFT meets today. The future is the NFC without forgetting that the company is solid and that it exists for several years with Big4 customers like Deloitte.

Artizcoin Last News

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