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Americans Bitcoin

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The AmericansBitcoin network unites platforms for social network, payments, smart contracts, cryptocurrency university as well as an exchange with advanced features, creating a revolutionary ecosystem. Our proposal is to be more than just an exchange or payment network. We really want to allow people to enter the crypto world and bring the cryptocurrency use to day to day life. More than a set of platforms, AmericansBitcoin is an ecosystem in which people invest, pay, shop, get informed and learn about cryptocurrencies as well as uses services of the underlying technology, such as smart contracts. All of this powered by out token, AMEC, which is the currency with which services and fees are paid for within the network.
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About Americans Bitcoin

At the end of 2017, the world saw the Bitcoin hit a record high and this aroused the interest of a portion of the population that until then did not even know that such currency existed. In Brazil, it was not different. Along with a number of traders, there were also a number of new Exchanges that open to meet the demand of a country where the number of investors in cryptocurrencies surpassed the investors in the stock exchange or in the Treasury direct . 1

However, despite the emergence of other products related to this market, such as payment systems, in general, this sector has not been innovative in Brazil. More comprehensive and integrated solutions are an unexplored possibility.

The cryptocurrencies significantly change the way we know the business world and the business transactions nowadays. We must agree that this holds a great potential for transforming the society by being deeper than the pure trading market .

However, it is not to say that the trading market should be disregarded; on the contrary, its importance is such that it has given visibility and has brought the cryptocurrencies to the knowledge of the general public with its possibility of differentiated gains.

The market seems to be the gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies and it is open to very different profiles. At one end there is the experienced negotiator with complex strategies, seeking advanced features and varied portfolio; at the other end, there is the casual investor, who just wants to "buy bitcoins" in the simplest possible way and hope that their value rises.

We can take either advantage of this gateway and offer to those who go through it an integration to a complete ecosystem or as we approach in this project, inclusion on a network of people and complementary services.

Americans Bitcoin Roadmap

  • 2019 (Q1)

  • Social Exchange preview (early access);
  • 2019 (Q2)

  • Social Exchange public beta;
  • 2019 (Q3)

  • Social Exchange: syncTrader and advanced order types;
    Social Exchange: improved social features;
    Social Exchange: support for more trading pairs;
  • 2019 (Q4)

  • Social Exchange: Mobile app;
    Social Exchange: support for more trading pairs;
    Credit Card launch;
  • Read More
  • 2020 (Q1)

  • Social Exchange: support for more trading pairs;
    Smart Contracts Market launch;
    Payment Network launch;
    Payment Network: mobile app;
  • 2020 (Q2)

  • Social Exchange: support for more trading pairs;
    Social Exchange: integrations via open banking;
    Credit Card: more regions;
    Cryptoversity launch;
    Cryptoversity: mobile app;


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Americans Bitcoin Team

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Auvrahy Barão
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Luiz Nörnberg
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Paulo Diehl Franco
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Everton S. Silva
COO (Chief Operation Officer)
Renan Hartwig
Software Engineer
Anderson Freitas
Software developer
Aline Nörnberg
Software Quality Manager
Thiago Vernetti da S...
Front-end developer
Ronei Dorneles Macha...
Marketing and Branding Manager


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Luís Da Silva Neutzl...
Átila Emygdio Ança E...
Ramses Vidor
Matheus Saraya

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